rousse It is a casino game that enjoys enormous popularity among players around the world. Many of our readers wonder what internet roulette really is and what it may differ from a typical live roulette in stationary casinos. In this article, we respond to these and other issues regarding on what terms roulette works in internet casinos. We explain all the details below!

A few words of admission about roulette

It is estimated that the inventor and a person who accidentally created a roulette game is the French physicist Blaise Pascal, who managed to do this at the end of the nineteenth century. What every novice gambling player should know is the fact that there are 3 main versions of the roulette game - American, European and French. Each of these versions has minor differences that are worth knowing when starting to play in the casino. In addition, there are many different modifications, developers create new versions to encourage new players to join this world. You can find more details about the rules and strategies on our website Roulette strategy. All types of roulette are based on the main versions, and the table and roulette are the basic attributes that we will meet every time, start playing any online roulette.

The route of the game online

Roulette has gained enormous popularity mainly because of its simplicity and a clear game mechanism. Each version of the roulette game begins with the same, at the beginning the player must choose the right bets and choose the stake for each of them. Basically, there are no time limits during the normal version of the video roulette game. The situation changes when playing live with a crumb, then players receive time limits to give their factories before turning the wheel to roulette. The online roulette game is limited only to clicking on the right places on the table, which are meticulously marked.

Algorithm guarding randomness

Serving and organizing games in online roulette is associated with meeting many technical challenges. The main point that should be mentioned is the RNG system, i.e. a random number generator responsible for fair gameplay. The task of this algorithm is to imitate the real wheel to roulette used in stationary casinos. In a continuous manner, it creates a numbers sequence, and when the wheel stops the last of these numbers is chosen as the one in which the ball lands. In practice, online roulette is more like casino machines than the real version of this game. What the player sees on the screen is only a visualization whose goal is to make the game more addictive and exciting. The algorithm that generates another number directly when clicking the spin button is responsible for everything. There is no form of manual intervention, which is why the result is a completely random event.

Does roulette in the online casino cheat?

No, the roulette in a licensed online casino does not cheat, because it operates on the basis of a unique algorithm assigned to the game software, which is practically impossible to break. There is no form of manual intervention in the game control software and algorithm, which is why the result is a completely random event. Special organizations and agencies testing games are guarding the correct operation of the software, including ecograpp.

In the case of live roulette online, the situation is quite different, because it is used for the game A real roulette wheel i A real dealerwho manages the whole game process. The way of playing is therefore the most similar to the one we receive in a real stationary casino: the place where the ball lands depends on many factors and this means that it is not possible to specify the next numbers drawn. The ball of the ball is influenced, among others, by the strength, speed or pace of rotation of the roulette, which can be different each time.

How does a random number generator work on online roulette

In fact, there are two types of RNG algorithms, the first of which are hardware systems and the second special software that uses algorithms for creating numerical sequences. Hardware systems can operate without algorithms, they are based on the use of a predictable pattern to generate random numbers. The probability of detecting such a number is practically impossible for humans, but it is believed that software -based systems are safer than hardware ones.

RNG software does not use artificial intelligence in its operation, and all numerical routes are completely random, this means that they do not take into account previous sequences to create them. Thanks to this, the generated results use the highest level of entropy and are as close as possible to those achieved in stationary casinos. It should be noted, however, that randomness and the RTP factor achieved are calculated in the long run of time. This means that there may be a noticeable statistical variability in a short and medium date, but in the long run the results should be balanced. What can this result in? When starting to play the roulette online, it is likely that in the first 500 RPs red will appear in 70% of cases. However, in the next 2 million turns, the result of the appearance of black and red will be definitely more even.

Types of plants in roulette

the roulette game, unlike other casino games, has a huge number of possible bets. they are divided into two categories: internal and external.

  1. Internal plants - The entire numbered part of the table, i.e. the one closer to the center, is referred to as internal plants. They are characterized by a lesser chance of winning, but definitely a higher percentage of returns compared to all other plants.
  2. External plants - As the name suggests, these are external plants, they have definitely lower payments than internal plants, but the chance to win is definitely higher. External plants include: black/red, even/odd, 1-18 or 19-36, a column or dozen plants. It is external plants that allow you to take advantage of many different strategies, thanks to which we can slightly improve our chance to win. This is due to the fact that the variance is definitely lower here as in the case of internal plants and the chance to win is close to 50%.


As you can see, playing roulette is not as difficult as it might seem. There are many different variations of games in roulette, but they are based on one of the three basic versions: American, European or French.

➡️ If you are wondering what type of roulette to choose, then the most advantageous for the user is the French version of the game due to much more favorable RTP factor.

Players can use both Roulette videoin which the game goes only with a computer or live roulettes, where there is a real dealer on the other side.

➡️ Below you will find a few more casinos worth recommending, where you can play an online roulette.

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