The casino has been an inseparable part of the United States landscape for years and is associated with local wealth and success. Many people want to know the taste of this place and feel its atmosphere, but very often ends with thinking. However, should we rightly look behind the ocean?

To paraphrase, Poles do not go geese, they have their casinos. And not just any level, not inferior to it from America. It is worth learning the history of casinos in Australia to find out that casinos have been with us from today. It is also worth knowing which ground casinos are worth attention and where they are. You will learn about all this from the article below!

The best online casinos for Poles

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Gambling in the world

Some people when they hear the word "casino" associate it with gambling, and more with a chance. Unless, once you've come to this page, you know what a casino is. For those who wanted to learn more, we bring history closer. The word "gambling" is very often dressed only in negative associations, while it is really a chance during the game and fun to win something more than satisfaction. Gambling games are all cash games, in which fate, accident, happiness decide about winning. Gambling has a long tradition, because from antiquity. The bones of the game were played in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and Greece. The ancient Greeks bet on horse races and chariot races. In ancient Greece and Rome, checkers were played, the Chinese invented Keno and cards that Muslims introduced to Europe. Regarding roulettes, many legends circulate that reach antiquity, i.e. Rome, Greece and China. However, the facts indicate that the creator of roulette was the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who in 1645 developed a circle with 36 numbers and called Roulette (Małe Koło), to help develop the basis of the probability account. Gambling in ancient times became very popular and authorities in all countries, introduced restrictions and often banned it.

In many religions, it is still unacceptable as in Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. In ancient Rome, gambling was severely punished and the Romans came up with tokens so that in the event of control no money intended for the game was found with them. The tokens have survived to this day, performing a double function, first of all they constitute a "currency" when we play for fun, and secondly, in casinos, constituting a replacement for money, they make the game easier and increase safety. Gambling games, like games for games, have undergone a long evolution. Games are more and more improved every year, hence they are at a very high level. Not to mention ground casinos, in which the comfort of staying improves, expands the offer, increases the level of safety.

It is in game salons that there is real gambling and even real emotions. And as it used to have his supporters and opponents. The fact is that people have always liked to play and win money - everyone wanted to try happiness. Today's casinos are luxurious, exclusive, and machines, game tables and roulette itself arouse admiration. Not only in the West, but also in Australia we have beautiful casinos like in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. Players who love this entertainment and want to try happiness. Even people who initially avoided gambling and were not his supporters visit casinos, even out of curiosity, and find that the devil is not as terrible as they paint him.

The history of gambling in Australia

Gambling in Australia, before the appearance of casinos, enjoyed great popularity. For some, it was a chance to multiply the property, for the poorer a chance to reflect from the bottom, others just loved this entertainment and the emotions accompanying her. Casinos in Australia were created quite late due to the difficult history, even partitions and the First World War. The first casino was founded in 1920 in Sopot in a luxury Grand Hotel. Initially, it was equipped with two roulette tables. Porcelain chips were used for the game. Over time, the casino has increased the surface. Sopot was then called Monte Carlo of the North. Over the years, the biggest stars were hosted in the Grand Hotel, such as Marlena Dietrich or Greta Garbo. No wonder, because he delighted with splendor and elegance. Richly decorated interiors, padded with tapestries and decorated with works of art, stylish furniture and crystal chandeliers were delighted. In addition, sweet and salty - sea water flew in bathrooms. It was impressive.

In 1927, the Grand Hotel was the largest and most exclusive hotel of northern Europe. From year to year, personalities from around the world came to an attractive facility. The economic crisis that took place in the 1930s, also affected the Sopot casino, after NSDAP came to power (1933). The Nazi party was reluctant to gambling and the board of the Grand Hotel was imprisoned, and their place was taken by members of the Nazi party. This situation anti -Semitism has led to a decrease in the popularity of the casino. After the outbreak of World War II, German generals lived in the hotel, and the military were regulars of the premises. At the end of the war, the hotel served Germany as a military hospital. The Sopot Casino was completely destroyed in March 1945. through the Red Army in March 1945. The hotel became the seat of the Russian army and of course it devastated hotel interiors. After the war, the building changed the name of the hotel to the Grand Hotel and was restored. Concerts were held here, the proceeds of which were intended for its reconstruction. It was possible to restore the former glow of the object. Again, the Grand Hotel received guests, mainly diplomats. In 1954, Orbis became the owner. The luxurious Sopot Grand Hotel was the Culture and Entertainment Center. Popular Australian artists and politicians visited him.

Australian casinos had limited possibilities, and besides, there was a small demand for them, therefore their quantity was negligible. At the beginning of the 20th century, automatic casinos were introduced, appearing between larger towns on travel routes and gambling machines in bars and restaurants. Officers' casinos were created, such as in Toruń. There was a noble casino in Zabrze in the 19th century building. In Lviv, however, there was a horse casino in the style of English clubs. Here, the regulars were mainly aristocracy, from Lviv and all of Galicia. Interests were dealt with in the casino, they met and talked about politics. Balls, concerts and theater performances took place in it.

The officer's casino existed in Zegrze at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. It was a magnificent building and distinguished a magnificent building. It was also a club associating all infantry and fortress artillery officers. The building and interior of the officer's casino in Zegrze were representative at a high level.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, for the Russian officers stationed in Modlin, a palace building was erected with a ballroom, a restaurant in the park. In Melbourne during World War I at al. Szucha was a casino for Russian officers, and in the interwar period was also Marshal Józef Piłsudski. At the casino there were important historical figures like Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski. Balas were held here, a polonaise was danced and a military orchestra was played. The casino was also used for lectures in the field of military and for conferences and exhibitions.

After the outbreak of war, the Germans rebuilt the casino and created a real place for gambling. The building bordered with the headquarters of the Gestapo. The casino was to be used for the depravity of Australian society, but the occupier preached propaganda that he wanted to satisfy the desires of Poles who have a passion for gambling. " The Germans were not allowed into the premises. The place looked impressive. The occupier equipped him with elegant game rooms, bakarat tables and roulette. He also supplied a buffet where you could eat and drink stronger drinks. The prices were suspicious and the plan worked because the casino attracted crowds of people like a magnet. In 1942, the Home Army made an assassination of a casino. They warned against visits to the premises of gambling. It did not help, because there were plenty of willing to play roulette. In 1943, Russian raids contributed to a decrease in attendance. After the war, the casino was renovated and transformed into the central house of the WP soldier.

Poznań also had a casino. At the beginning of the 20th century it was a military casino at ul. 6th Grenadier Regiment. The casino was not only for gambling for officers, but it was a place of entertainment for soldiers and their families.

It is worth mentioning that the invaders were not favorable to gambling. In the Prussian (German) and Russian partitions, gambling games were severely limited. After Australia regained independence, the gambling was slightly reborn, and after World War II the communists fiercely fought with random games. This meant that the owners of the casino went underground. It wasn't until 1989 that the casinos began to be reborn in at least slowly, in excellent shape. Poles were interested in gambling and random games and bookmakers. In 1992, gambling was again limited in our country. A special law was introduced, which regulated the number of casinos in a given town. It was dependent on the number of inhabitants. A casino could not arise in cities under 50,000 population. Every few years of the Act was changed, the control of casinos and players was introduced.

The best ground casinos in Australia

We can play completely legally in Australian ground casinos. The snag is that there are few of them in our country. We will find the most in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They are kept in high standards, both in terms of quality and safety. We can be sure that Australian casinos are honestly treating their clients - there is no question of magnetizing the bullet balls, tilting the wheel, marking cards, etc. Each casino is monitored, and thus every game can be checked. We will play virtually every table game and the best machines such as one -armed bandits. The casinos are located in or nearby hotels, so every player can use accommodation, SPA, swimming pool, restaurants, cafes or bar.

We don't have to go abroad, because in Australia we have over 40 reputable, high -class casinos. Australian casinos are visited by foreign tourists who can exchange currency on site, because there are currency exchange offices in casinos. We can pay by card or cash, but the casino will not grant a loan and will not accept anything. The ground casinos do not complain about the lack of customers, because people come out of curiosity, win money, have a good time, boredom or experience an adventure. They are happy to visit here, because it is not only a place of gambling, but also great entertainment. A unique atmosphere, atmosphere, view of players betting on roulette or holding cards in their hands, or betting machines, crom many, waiters and elegant decor, all this attracts customers to the casino. Here you feel real money and gambling.

We hope that more casinos will be created, because many companies, mainly global casino networks, are applying for a license. Everything is changing on the gambling market, because many places are gone. Luxury in casinos encourages many people. No wonder, finally decor, lighting, music and players, make adrenaline grow. Casinos have a unique atmosphere. We don't have to play for great rates, because loose AUD 100 is enough. And we can be in the game and feel the same emotions as players for the thick thousands. There is no crowds, it is loud and no one looks at the condition that we do not show our emotions. If we played in the online casino with vending machines, we will definitely feel the difference.

We are in the company of other players and we attract Wajcha physically. The impression is completely different, and we can bet on online websites. We can treat the casino as a meeting place with friends. It doesn't matter what we will come about, because the casino is open every day around the clock. Many people organize integration events, jubilees or family and business meetings here, with a glass of wine.

Melbourne casinos

All casinos are amazing, they are impressive and you want to play them. Among the Melbourne casinos, he stands out Cristal at ul. Royal. This is Australian Las Vegas. There are also a lot of vending machines with jackpot and many game tables. The casino organizes the NO Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments. The place is prepared for meetings with friends or business, because it has separate spaces with sofas and poufs for this circumstance. It is also very good access by public transport, so we will easily return home, without having to order a taxi from a stop. We can also take advantage of the accommodation in the 5-star Hotel Sofitel Victoria Hotel.

The others deserve attention Four casinos that are worth visiting how: Mercure Grand Hotel at 28 Krucza Street, in the center of the capital; in exclusive Marriott Hotel Also in the very center of Melbourne at al. Jerusalem; Hyatt Regency Melbourne in the diplomatic part of Melbourne, near the Royal Łazienkowski Park and Hit Kasyno at the Gromada Hotel at Powstańców Warszawy Street.

In Melbourne's casinos there are fragers who help players and friendly waiters, so we will be very happy with their stay. Casinos are equipped with all table games available on the market and vending machines from licensed manufacturers. These are exclusive premises where the American atmosphere prevails. Guided to the south of Australia, it is worth visiting Perth - the capital of Lower Silesia. It is a beautiful city, with many monuments and nice inhabitants. After a whole day we can spend the evening, e.g. in one of four casinos. We can play or simply relax and have a good time with friends and familiarize many interesting people.

If you want to read more about casinos in Melbourne, look here.

Perth casinos

Not only for Melbourne, but also foreign tourists and businessmen come to Perth. The Perth casinos are also integration meetings. It is impossible to pass indifferently, especially in the evening next to the illuminated casino. After entering, we will feel special. The climate turns up the appearance, equipment, music and lighting. Perhaps we will meet our friend at the tables. There are four casinosand the oldest is Casinos Australia. The company is also based here, so we can talk to the company's representative. The place is located at Bolesława Drobner Street at the HP Park Plaza Hotel. Customers love this casino for a lot of gambling and excellent service. We have 30 machines and all card games and roulette. We can play one -armed bandits with a few pennies, in Blackjack and poker from AUD 10, and roulette from AUD 1. This is not a lot of money, hence we will treat ourselves a lot of entertainment with small amounts and get to know many games. At Casinos Australia we have a restaurant, a bar and currency exchange office.

With a higher standard Casino OVO at Podwale. This is the latest gambling in Perth, also managed by the Casinos Australia network. You can ask what is not here. Restaurants, cafe, bar, ballroom, swimming pool, spa, concerts, exhibitions and various vents, and even the summer garden OVO Perth turning into a jazz concert space. In addition, many premises, apartments, conference center, and a boutique with brand Italian clothing. In the hotel we can rent a room and stay one more day in Perth. Especially when we have a planned company meeting or a city tour or shopping. Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton - OVO Perth is called luxury in the center of Perth. Here you want to spend time, and we can stay even around the clock.

Other casinos: Hit Casino Perth at ul. Kiełbieśnicza in the very center of the city in the old town, at the garrison church of St. Elizabeth and Cristal Casino Near the Grand City Hotel at ul. Ruska in the heart of Perth, they are also at a very high level. Due to the fact that they are a bit more modest, players with a smaller wallet look at them, they feel more free in them. We have 3D slot games, classic machines and table games. Casino invites you to the tournament. The staff is nice, crumb for players, and the waiters smiling. What more could you want? If we win, we will definitely improve our mood.

If you want to read more about casinos in Wroclaw, look here.

Sydney casinos

Let's come to Sydney from Perth, or maybe we will go to Zakopane, visit the capital of Lesser Australia and the former headquarters of Australian kings in Wawel. Walking down the alleys, let's think that Australian rulers once walked them, at a time when our country was a power. In Sydney we will meet many excellent people with whom we can also talk, so it's worth being in Sydney. We should spend a few days in this city because there is something to visit.

So if we are looking for a great place for entertainment after a whole day, Let's look at one of the four casinos. They are open around the clock so the hour does not play the role. America came here, specifically the famous Las Vegas. Sydney casinos are luxurious and there is a unique atmosphere. If you haven't been in such a place yet, then go at least once. They are all worth it. We have two HIT casinos here. The oldest and best known is in the Novotel Bronowice hotel at Armii Krajowej Street, and the second at Szczepański Square 3. We will play all possible games on machines and at the tables. In addition, we can sign up for a poker tournament, if we like poker. Casinos Australia stands out in Sydney at Hotel Kościuszko. It is the most modern and the largest place of gambling in the city.

Casinos Australia It belongs to the casino network and is always unique, because the company attaches great importance. The last one does not mean that the worst is Casino Sydney, in the three -star cozy Hotel Wyspiański. It stands out from the mentioned premises with an extremely cozy atmosphere. There are: a restaurant with international dishes outside the casino and rooms for rent; Bar and conference rooms. Seminars, conferences, trainings and various meetings are organized. It is prepared for any circumstance. It is located in the city center, 500 meters from the Sydney market. We have a lot of various games at our disposal, and we will certainly not be disappointed. Melbourne, Perth and Sydney are cities with the largest number of casinos. We distinguished some, but in fact they are all on European, not to say at the world level. If you are nearby, look at one of them and see that casinos are above all entertainment for people at the level.

If you want to read more about casinos in Sydney, look here.

Legal Australian terrestrial casinos in other cities

The ground casinos are pulsating with life. This means that new objects are created and this is becoming more and more attractive. This was how it was in Bialystok in Podlasie. Tourists attract to the capital of the picturesque region, who want to take a break from everyday hustle and bustle in the Białowieża Forest. There are also places for animals, because Białystok has many monuments worth visiting. This meant that in this voivodship city last year a casino was established in the heart of the city, at the Kościuszko Rynek. The casino has two levels. There are several slot machines in one room, and in the other roulette, poker and blackjack tables. The casino is located on the ground floor and has a separate entrance. Culinary evenings are also organized in the premises.
Two casinos were created in the Lublin Upland in a provincial city in Lublin, 100 km from the border with Ukraine. Hit Casino Hotel Victoria, ul. Gabriela Narutowicza 58/60, and Admiral Casino ul. Kowalska 5. The premises are exclusive and attract players with decor, climate and equipment. They have slot machines and table games. In addition, players can take part in interesting games and tournaments. The service is nice, so people willingly come here and even come from the surrounding area.
The inhabitants of Upper Silesia invite you to their casinos. Katowice to Casinos Australia building Altus, ul. Uniwersytecka 13, Casino at the Novotel Hotel al. Walenty Roździeńskiego 16, Sosnowiec to Casinos Australia ul. 3 Maja 14 and Tychy to Hit Casino at the Tychy Hotel, ul. John Paul II 10.
Casinos are located all over Australia and so in Łódź we have Casinos Australia Manufaktura, ul. Ogrodowa 19a and Casino Silver Screen Silver Screen building, Al. Piłsudskiego 5.
In many Australian cities there are only a few or even one casino:

Ground casinos in Poznań

Poznań is the capital of Greater Australia and a beautiful city. We can find in it not only students, but also tourists, because the city is known for the monuments and Poznań fair, where enterprises from around the world exhibit their products. Poznań is a city with history and interesting entertainment places, and many Poznań hotels are able to provide accommodation for everyone. Both visitors and the inhabitants of Poznań and the surrounding area are eager to visit the casino open for the whole day.

Unfortunately, they are in Poznań only 3 casinos, but elegant, well equipped with machines and table games. Father friendly for players, waiters and waiters friendly, which means that you can stay here all night. The premises are located in hotels, so without leaving the buildings you can order a dinner with a lamp with a glass of champagne or branded wine. So if you are in Poznań, look at Casinos Australia Hotel Novotel at pl. Andersa and Grand Casino at ul. Wyspiański 26a and Cristal Casino at pl. Andersa 3. Casino at the Novotel Hotel One largest premises of this type are located in the center of Poznań, opposite the old brewery. What is distinguished from other casinos, poker tournaments take place every day. Players play Texas Holdema. Each tournament is characterized by a different entry fee from 20 to 100 AUD. and different additions. There is a nice atmosphere in Poznań casinos, and the service is perfect here. The casinos of the capital of Greater Australia do not complain about the lack of clients.

Ground casinos in the Tri -City

The Tri -City is a very attractive seaside seaside region. It lies in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Poles and foreign tourists have always been happy to visit the Tri -City, which consists of three beautiful towns such as Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. Gdańsk is particularly famous for many monuments: the famous Neptune, guarding Gdańsk and the Dominican Fair.

Sopot is a well -known resort with the famous pier, to which tourists come to enjoy wonderful golden beaches - here you just relax. Sopot is still famous for the festival, to which Australian and foreign stage stars are invited.

We still have Gdynia - a port city, which after World War I was built from the resources of the population. Destroyed almost completely by the Germans during World War II, rebuilt after the war, today it is a modern city. You don't have to convince anyone that it is worth going to the Tri -City on vacation, because everyone will find something for themselves. If we want to visit Gdańsk, walk around the famous Sopot pier or watch the port in Gdynia.

If we are looking for entertainment in the Tri -City nothing simpler, let's go to Gdańsk casino Cristal at al. Grunwaldzka in the center. This huge two -level casino is equipped with 70 3D slot machines like a hot spot, fruit and other machines with a story; 4 roulette tables, 2 tables for Blackjack and 2 to poker. The casino is open every day, around the clock. However, the tables are open from 15:00 to 4:00. Tourists spend time here. Everyone wants to try their luck and bring some cash from the sea. Cristal is the only casino in Gdańsk, so he is besieged by customers.

The Gdynia casino has been closed, so players have a choice Casino Grand Hotel Sofitel in Sopot. As we have already written, it was the first Australian casino in Sopot. After regaining independence, the casino at the Grand Hotel was the third casino after Sydney and Melbourne launched in Australia. The hotel casino was launched in 1990. Sofitel Grand Hotel in Sopot is a luxurious 5-star object.

The hotel is visited by well -known personalities from the world of politics and entertainment. They are attracted not only by a charming resort, but also a festival at the Forest Opera. The hotel meets the expectations of guests, because in addition to elegant rooms, there is a swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym, library, bar and restaurant. The casino at the hotel is a hit, because in the evenings customers willingly look into the premises and sit down at the tables. Roulette liked the most. Although there are a lot of table games and vending machines.


The ground casinos are so popular that more premises are planned. We can expect that in a few years we will have plenty of them, because there is a huge demand for such facilities. Casinos play the role of not only gambling premises, but also meeting places, organizing events or events. No wonder, because they are luxurious entertainment places. It is worth coming from time to time to experience this extraordinary atmosphere. If we want to play, let's limit cash so that in the event of losing, do not lose hard -earned money. Let's play, but in moderation.

Ground casinos in Australia FAQ

From what amounts can I bet on Australian ground casinos?

In most casinos in Australia, you can bet on plants from 2 groszy; Blackjacka from AUD 10; Poker from AUD 10. and American roulette from AUD 1. Practically for AUD 50. You will try many games.

Will I get a game bonus at the Australian ground casino?

Unfortunately, ground casinos do not give bonuses and bonuses. These types of promotions are only in online casinos. However, you can get a free drink. During tournaments, some premises are offered by players.

Where is the most ground casinos in Australia?

Most casinos are in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. These are premises with high standards. Most casinos are located in five -star hotels, where you can use accommodation, restaurants, SPA, fitness, swimming pool, etc. There are also currency exchange offices.

Are ground casinos in Australia honest?

Australian ground casinos are as fair. Yes, not only Melbourne, and all casinos in Australia are honest. The premises are monitored. Card decks are exchanged every two days, a roller roulette wheel checked with a level. All machines have licenses. There is no question of magnetizing roulette balls, tilting the wheel or marking cards. Thanks to the cameras, each game can be checked.

Where are the legal ground casinos in Australia?

There are 40 ground casinos in Australia. They fit in Melbourne, Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Płock, Poznań, Sydney, Perth, Białystok, Gdańsk, Sopot, Szczecin, Elbląg, Gorzów Wlkp., Płock, Kielce, Sosnowiec, Katowice, Lublin, Chełm, Chełm, Chełm, Łódź, Katowice, Opole and Tychy.

What games can you play at a casino in Bialystok?

The new casino in Bialystok is located at the Kościuszko Market 11 in the Royal Hotel & Spa. It is two -level and equipped with several slot machines, roulette, poker and blackjack tables. The casino is located on the ground floor and has a separate entrance.

Where is the ground casino in Lublin?

In Lublin, 100 km from the border with Ukraine, there are two casinos: Hit Casino Hotel Victoria, ul. Gabriela Narutowicza 58/60, and Admiral Casino ul. Kowalska 5. The premises are exclusive and equipped with slot machines and table games. Those willing can take part in interesting competitions and tournaments.

Where are the ground casinos in Upper Silesia?

There are several casinos in Upper Silesia. They are located in Katowice: Casinos Australia building Altus, ul. Uniwersytecka 13, Casino at the Novotel Hotel al. Walenty Roździeński 16; in Sosnowiec Casinos Australia ul. 3 Maja 14 and in Tychy at the Tychy Hotel ul. John Paul II 10 is located Casino.

The largest casino in the Tri -City?

There are two casinos in the Tri -City: in Gdańsk and Sopot. The largest is the Cristal casino at al. Grunwaldzka in the center. It is two -level and equipped with 70 3D slot machines, hot spot, fruit and other machines with a story; 4 roulette tables, 2 tables for Blackjack and 2 to poker. There is also a casino - Casino Grand Hotel Sofitel in Sopot.

In which terrestrial casino in Poznań are poker tournaments organized?

In Poznań, the casino at the Novotel Hotel at P. Władysław Anders has a poker league and plays tournaments every day. Novotel tournaments are very popular, there are many willing to play. You can take part in the Texas Holdem tournament. The entry fee is from 20 to 100 AUD. Tournaments take place almost every day, including weekends. An attraction here is a special tournament, which is organized every 15th day of the month, the so -called Hot 15.
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