Online players in Australia have not been very easy for over 10 years. The government is still changing gambling laws, sometimes they are alleviated, but most often they are tightened. As a result, players must still keep their finger on the pulse so as not to expose themselves to the law.

This is not legal, and the Australian government threatens to be punished by anyone who violates the law. Interestingly, in the country we can observe a significant increase in the number gambling websites. Nothing will stop real gambling lovers.

What does the current law look like, what can you and what can not be done at the online casino? All information can be found in our guide.

You can find a legal online casino below!

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The genesis of changes in gambling law

Online gambling was not taken too seriously until 2009. In Australia it was not very popular yet, so the regulations were quite free. Are there regulations regarding online gambling in Australia? Well, the answer is quite ambiguous, because you can not find any specific definition of online gambling in any Australian legislation, although the popularity of internet gambling is growing in Australia from year to year. However, this rapid increase in interest in online games was noticed and it was decided to act more to the detriment of players. Online casinos legal in Australia were banned, and only the state had a monopoly. From that moment, only registered bookmakers and the famous were available to players Totalizator Sportowy.

Poles have a legal framework for their market of stationary gambling games, which in some respects has a direct impact on online gambling. The provisions on online gambling in Australia are clearly defined in the Gambling Act of November 19, 2009.

The first version of this document was determined Very harsh policy on internet gambling in Australia And she established rigorous requirements for gambling operators. The gambling act also provided for a strict punishment for anyone who could violate this law (the penalty was also imposed on operators and gamblers). Such restrictive standards have made the Australian market of gambling on the Internet one of the most limited in Europe.

However, the case changed slightly in 2017. The Australian economy suffered huge, multi -billion losses caused by the Act of 19 November 2009. The government understood this and began working on updating the act in order to improve the economic situation. The decision was made to change the rules and add several amendments. Firstly, The new gambling act legitimizes online poker for local, licensed operators. And that's not just that!

Currently Sports online plants are legal in Australia, because seven years after the introduction of very strict law, the official permission of online bookmakers became necessary. The Ministry of Finance is a structure that regulates all gambling in Australia and the body that has been licensing for online sports facilities for six years. But the number of operators in the country is still limited. In Australia, we have only four who can officially offer sports facilities.

In addition, the legal online gambling in Australia is also regulated by the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (Act on electronic trade). This document manages all services provided online in Australia and to some extent allows legal gambling sites in Australia.

According to the main legal acts on the Australian gambling market, the only forms of online gambling allowed by private entities in Australia are online plants and promotional lotteries. Other gambling games cannot be legally created by any private entities and only Totalizator Sportowy is a state -owned company that has the exclusive right.

Fortunately, this situation did not last long, it could be seen that the law is too sharp. So how is the situation of gambling in Australia now?

Gambling now

Poles still officially cannot become members of online casinos that do not belong to the state monopoly. Totalizator Sportowy recently decided to open a legal online casino, which is in accordance with Australian law, which is Total Casino - the only legal Australian online casino. Being a member at Total Casino you don't have to worry about the legal side, you can use any available game without fear that you will have on the stump with the law.

Is Total Casino the only online casino available for Poles? As it turns out, the matter is not so obvious. On the one hand, we have the only Australian online casino legal, which is the mentioned Total, but there is a certain raven! The state has established a monopoly, but it turns out that it is not entirely legal in terms of European Union law. This right says that every product created within the European Union and having the appropriate certificate, the best European legal casinos, can be freely used by all potential customers. As a result, casinos that have MGA certificate are completely legal.

There are many good MGA certified casinos that also accept Australian citizens, so there is plenty to choose from. It is of course the safest to use only Total Casino, because this is the first legal casino online, but The player cannot be punished for using the European product.

Are only such casinos legal?

Online casinobonusLicenses
✔️ Bob Casino€100Malta Gaming Authority oraz Curacao
✔️ Genesis Casino1000$Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao i UK Gambling Commission
✔️ Casino slots1500$ + 300 FSMalta Gaming Authority i UK Gambling Commission
✔️ Energy Casino1000 AUDMalta Gaming Authority oraz Curacao
✔️ Betchan€400 + 120 FSMalta Gaming Authority

However, there is a way in which online casino owners in Australia without a European certificate can make their pages legal for Poles. All they have to do is buy the appropriate license from the Australian government, several entrepreneurs have already tempted. Other pages are entered in Registry of blocked domains. Pages placed in the register in accordance with Australian law They are illegal for Australian players, and registration and money can be punished.

However, reality is a little more complicated, because some of these pages are still working. Some online casinos have been doing quite an interesting way. Instead of using the domain that has been entered in the register, they change it a bit, e.g. they add a few digits to the name. The new domain has not yet been entered in the register, so you can use it without a problem and without fear. It is not easy to control the Internet, so it may turn out that the new domain will not be found for a long time.

You, as a player, do not have to worry about the register itself. It is only important that you do not try to register on the online casino website that has been entered in it. The very blocking of the online casino website belongs to the internet operator and the owner of the casino itself. If the Australian online casino is available in Australian, it has not purchased a license, and its ads are in Australia, then the site should soon be in the register. It is worth noting that the register is still updated, so you may be unpleasantly surprised when you want to play you notice that the page is blocked. At this point you can use VPN, but remember that you risk it and you can be punished.

Additional fees incurred by online casinos players

It is worth mentioning taxes, because this is one of the most important aspects and it was here that the biggest changes took place. Every stake that is set by a given player is taxable 12%. So don't be surprised that a possible win will be less than you expected. The tax is immediately sent to the Treasury. However, the fees do not end there. Another tax is imposed on winning. If it is greater than AUD 2,280, then you must give the State Treasury another 10%. However, the victory tax is not calculated if the win is less than this sum. It is worth remembering when completing the PIT application. By playing and winning in games offered by an online casino legal, a large part of the money will be given to the State Treasury.

Advertising gambling has many restrictions

Owners of casinos and bookmakers must also be careful about how they advertise their casino. Advertisements cannot show gambling in a very positive light, they cannot indicate that thanks to gambling you can get rich. It is also impossible to understand that playing in the casino is intended for people from the upper classes. Dry information should be presented in the advertisement. It is also very important to put information on the consequences of playing an online casino in the advertisement, then it can be allowed to publish.

It is also difficult to advertise a casino on television. You cannot expose children to the fact that they will be interested in the subject and will want to play in the casino themselves. Advertisements can appear only after 22.00. In addition, paper ads cannot appear in visible places, unless it is the seat of the casino. All this in order to protect minors from addiction to gambling. The owner can be punished with a pretty tall fine for the casino advertising too much, so be careful.

Are casinos with free games also threatened?

There are many online casinos that offer completely free games, these are usually demo versions of games. In this case, until you use money, you don't threaten you. Australian legal casino has many free options to read. You can use the demo version at will, they are treated just like ordinary internet games. Although you choose Blackjack game, Bakarat the roulette, you can be completely calm. The same applies to the situation in which you use a bonus without a deposit. Theoretically, you don't use your money, but you can win a pretty interesting sum.

What concerns online casinos and ground casinos

It is also worth knowing a few facts about aspects, which relate not only to online casinos, but also a ground casino. Important changes occurred in organizing poker tournaments. Each assembly, which has more than 10 members, must be previously reported to the relevant instances. In addition, the law sets the maximum sums used during the tournament. It is worth remembering that even a regular meeting with colleagues must also be reported.

If you want to find out where you will play in a ground casino in Australia, read our guides:

Situation of vending machines in Australia

Slot fans must also be careful. Since the amendment to the Act in 2016, all slots in hotels, ground casinos and other places are illegal, if they do not belong to the exclusive monopoly of the state or the only official company, i.e. to the sports Totalizator. The good news is, however, that in the PIT application you do not need to indicate wins from machines, of course if the number does not exceed AUD 2,280.

You played in an illegal casino and what now?

What about punishments, which threatens the player who, however, breaks the law? Such a player will have to give away the treasures of all wins he won illegally, remembering that the rates will not be reduced in any way. In addition, the player may expect a fine on him, which can reach up to AUD 3 million. Fortunately, the fines are usually much lower, but it is better not to risk and use legal ways.

Our casino has information only about legal casinos and games. On our site you will find only versions of the demo of games that do not require the player to spend any money, they are used only to read the machine and other casino games. In our casino, the player can feel completely safe, because all his aspects are legal.

How do we evaluate and review Australian gambling websites?

Once we decide to play, we need to know what is the best legal online casino in Australia. How to choose the best casinos and enjoy playing online?

Every Australian online casino for moneywhich you can see on our list is thoroughly checked to determine if it is a place worth putting on the best list. Our ratings for the most recommended internet casinos are based on specific criteria. Only if the legal online casino encounters all requirements for quality, credibility and functionality, can it be added to the list of best evaluated on this page. The criteria that are set for the best and safest Australian casinos are:

  1. License. Permits are the most basic matter for any online casino, because it ensures security and avoids legal problems. Speaking of the best sites, it is necessary to understand that all gambling sides are prohibited in the country. The main body - the Game and Factory Control Commission - is not entitled to issue a license for online casinos in Australia, in accordance with the 2009 gambling act, which does not give legal power any of the websites. However, the Australian government does not oppose Poles visiting online casinos, which are licensed and approved by foreign gambling authorities.
  2. Differentiation of online casino games. Another aspect we take into account when we set the top 10 Australian online casinos is the choice of various available games. For most players from Australia, this is the most important factor when choosing a website where they will spend long hours. Each legal casino on our list has a wide range scope of gambling for everyone.
  3. Trustworthy software. We also focused on the credibility of the software that is provided. All this due to the fact that a wide range of games does not always carry high quality of the game tools. If you are looking for an online casino with trusted software, check our list of the best casinos. You will find the most respected on it: evoction gaming, microgaming and online casinos Netent, the EGT casino and Amatic casino, which are known for the best live options.
  4. Anyway. Some of the online players take part in games for the fun, and others visit leading sites in Australia in hope to win real money. This is why we focus on those casinos that offer progressive pools and give players a chance to break down impressive banks.
  5. Mobile compatibility. Many players from Australia prefer mobile applications as an opportunity to play on their favorite site, wherever they are using mobile phones and tablets. We also took into account The mobile casino option And when choosing casinos, we created a special list of the best mobile online casinos applications.
  6. Bonuses offered by the online casino. In order to attract more new players, all respected online gambling platforms that were on our list offer exclusive welcome bonuses and various add -ons that do not require deposits.
  7. Convenient online casino payment options. Below you will find more detailed information about the most convenient payment options and services available at online casinos. After reading information about banking options for Australian players, you will have the chance to choose the most convenient way to pay and pay money.
  8. Safety issues at the online casino. We are aware of the importance of security at the online casino. We are also aware that you play games for real money, so you need to share your personal and financial data and you want to be sure that the online betting site is secure enough. So all listed casinos offer the highest level of security of your data.
  9. Customer service. Any good online casino in Australia has an active 24/7 online support by phone or live chat in case you have any questions about account registration, payments and payments, bonuses, loyalty programs. Friendly customer service that is always ready to help your players is a big advantage of every online casino.
  10. VIP programs offered by a legal online casino. Not all online casinos offer their players special VIP programs. Knowing this, we decided to choose the most generous gambling sites in Australia. The list on this page contains the best bookmakers that reward their regular customers using VIP programs.

Banking options for players from Australia

When you visit the best online bookmakers in Australia, you should be aware of how to fund your account and how to pay the money you intend to win. Before you start gambling online, you need to examine online banking methods to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Pre -paid and credit options in Australia

Credit and debit cards with debit and pre -paid options can be very useful in every online casino and for every novice player. They more often choose online casinos with paysafecard payments and prefer to make pre -paid payments. Visa, Mastercard and Paysafecard have been serving players in Australia for years and are really good at what they do.

E-porthell options for players from Australia

The pages of casinos supporting e-portfers are an excellent choice for more experienced Australian players. E-Portfel is a place where every player can safely store their money, make payments, transfer money and exchange currencies (this is important for Australian players, because most online casinos do not accept AUD).

The most popular online casinos with e-portfers in Australia Paysafecard, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz and Entropay. Making deposits at Skrill casinos is very simple and can be compared with ordinary purchase in any online store. Almost all casinos that accept Ecopayz are popular among both Australian players, just like the highly rated Neteller.

Legal online casino in Australia → Frequently asked questions

1️⃣ Where can you legally play in a ground casino in Australia?

Legal ground casinos are located in every major city. They are usually placed in luxury hotels, but not only hotel guests, but every willing player have access to them. Currently, there are about 30 legal ground casinos in Australia.

2️⃣ Can you play online casinos in Australia?

For some time the casino monopoly has been taken over, this also applies to online casinos. Australian laws reject foreign legal casinos online and indicate the only casino that is legal, and this is Total Casino. According to European law, Australian citizens can still use casinos with a European license.

3️⃣ What license allows Australian citizens to use the online casino?

Each legal online casino that has obtained the MGA certificate is officially checked and safe, as a result it can also be the place of the game of every person in the European Union. According to Australian law, only Total Casino is legal.

4️⃣ Is money in online casinos taxed?

Yes, they are taxed twice. The tax for the first time is pulled away from the rate, no matter if the player will win. The tax is 12% on each sum. Another tax is calculated on each win, which is more than AUD 2,280, then 10%is pulled away from the sum.

5️⃣ Are free games also banned by the Australian government?

Free casino games are not prohibited or forbidden in any way. However, it may happen that some foreign sites with free games will be blocked. Free games can be found in many places.

6️⃣ What is Totalizator Sportowy?

Totalizator Sportowy is a group that organizes the popular Lotto draws, and is currently the only organization that can legally run online casinos in Australia.

7️⃣ What is Total Casino?

Total Casino is the only legal Australian casino. It is under the care of Totalizator Sportowy. All Australian citizens who are 18 years old can register to Total Casino.

8️⃣ Are there only legal casinos collected at Best-aucasinosites?

Yes, there are only reviews of legal casinos in Best-aucasinosites, which are additionally distinguished by high quality in every respect.

9️⃣ What deposit methods should I use?

Online casinos in Australia offer various payment methods and there is usually room to choose from. It is worth noting, however, that the best online casinos are offered by local payments. Players in Australia often prefer Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, Skrill and Neteller cards. It would be better to use one of these proven payment options at your favorite online casino.

🔟 Do I have to download software?

You don't have to download software if you want to play at the Australian casino. You can play any casino in Australia by clicking "Play now". However, you can download online casino software to play your favorite casino games without internet connection whenever you want, having a wider range of games than the one that allows websites and providing a higher level of security.

1️⃣1️⃣ Are there safe mobile casinos?

Yes, they are! Almost all online casinos in Australia have their safe mobile versions for Android and iOS devices. Most players confirm that a mobile casino is a convenient way to play your favorite games wherever you are.

1️⃣2️⃣ Can I play AUD?

Of course you can play if the casino accepts deposits in AUD. Check it before the game. Unfortunately, not every internet casino in Australia accepts deposits in AUD. Keep in mind!

1️⃣3️⃣ What is the age of consent to gambling in Australia?

As for the legal age at which you can start gambling in Australia, no one will be surprised that it is 18 years old, both in the case of stationary and internet gambling. Australian online casino legal requires that every player has a local bank account to be able to register on the operator's website.
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