Blackjack online This is a simple card game, which together with roulette and poker is the main trio of ground casinos and online casinos. In short, the purpose of the game is to get a better card system from the dealer's system and it does not have to be collecting the value 21. Learn how to play the eye in our guide.

The history and beginning of the Blackjack principle are not entirely unambiguous and it is rather a combination of several card games, consisting in choosing cards for a specific value. This suggests Blackjack's similarity to other games from various countries such as: Rules of playing the eye, Italian "Baccant", French "Vingt-ET-EN" or literally 21. Ultimately, it owes its popularity and name to American casinos. At the end of the nineteenth century, the highest bonus system paid at American casinos, the "Blackjack" peak, became the name of this popular gambling game today. You can find more about this game, as well as our valuable tips and advice in this guide. We invite you to read!

In these casinos you will play Blackjack Online

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On the one hand, Blackjack is considered a gambling or random game. On the other hand, mathematical calculations are created, trying to figure out how to win in Blackjack, which indicate the percentage chances of winning with various systems on the table. Blackjack Strategy using these calculations indicates the best possible way to choose cards to reduce the casino's advantage to almost zero.

Playing roulette, the casino advantage is 2.7%, and in the case of American roulette 5.26%. The Caribbean poker gives 5.22% for the casino. Game machines 3% -20% depending on the type. Bones with appropriate betting 1.36%. The bakarat is most favorable at the banker is 1.17%. And how to play Blackjack taking into account the advantage of the casino? It looks promising:

So know - blackjack rules of the game

CasinobonusEstablishment year
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At first glance, the rules of playing the eye are extremely simple. Blackjack is most often played with 6 decks of 52 cards. Cards in the 2-9 range have the value that appears on their T-shirts. Cards 10, J-Jack, Q-Queen and K-King have a value of 10. AS is counted as 1 or 11. The game can participate, at one table, up to 7 players and the game leaders.

Like pond? The dealer gives away to all players by one card, starting in turn from the left and ending. Then he adds a second card to the players. Players, in order as when distributing, decide whether they want a third HIT card (and possibly the next) or do not want another stand. Blackjack's rules indicate the goal of players, which is to get a better arrangement in their cards from the dealer, without exceeding the value of 21. Therefore, the game is against the dealer, the values of the cards of other players do not affect your result. By exceeding the sum of cards with a value of 21 you automatically lose the hand and wait until the end of the rest of the players. At the end of each hand, the dealer from the right compares his cards with cards remaining in the game and, depending on the result, pays, takes or we have a draw. The layout of the first two cards consisting of a card worth 10 and AS is the desired blackjack paid in a 3: 2 ratio. Blackjack's rules explain that the other winning plants are paid one to one.

Blackjack's rules strictly determine how to select subsequent cards for the dealer. This boils down to one Blackjacka principle that with the sum of 16 and less, the dealer selects, and for 17 or more stop. This means that the dealer does not compare his cards with player systems and does not choose, thinking how to win in Blackjack, but acts according to the scheme. So how do you play Black Jack, if you have 15 in cards and Krupier 16? This does not mean your loss. In this case, one more card is intended for the dealer, and it decides about the result of the game. The main advantage of the casino is the fact that the croupier decides about its fate at the end. You will observe a lot of hands in which the casino wins without lecturing a second card for the dealer, because all players will exceed 21.

Blackjack strategy of space at the table

Perhaps you are wondering which place at the Blackjack table is the best. It seems that the last player on the right has the most important position because it affects the layout of the dealer cards. However, the probability account is presented in the Blackjack Table Chances of losing the dealer:

Exposed dealer cardThe probability of exceeding 21 by a dealer
10, J, Q, K21%

The rules of the Black Jack game indicate that the place at the table and the number of players next to him do not matter when only blackjack basic strategy is involved. Without counting cards, the last player only has an intuitive impact on the fate of the whole table. When you count cards, it's good to sit on this honorary, last boxing. Knowing about the advantage of low or high cards, you can then intervene properly.

Blackjack in English, or how to better understand black jack rules of the game

Among the online casinos, offering a game in Blackjack also for fun, you will certainly find concepts in English. In Australian ground casinos, the blocks also use these concepts, so it's worth getting acquainted with them. Here are some basic terms in English that will help you understand the commands:

European, American or maybe Spanish? Blackjack rules of game varieties

Blackjack European and American are the main varieties, and the rules of the game are basically the same and often mix with each other. The basic difference is the number of cards that the dealer lectures for himself.

W American version The dealer lectures two cards for himself: one covered and one open. In the event that the dealer's card gives the possibility of Blackjack, it checks the second card. If there is an eyelet, the players of players lose immediately, without playing individual boxes. Black Jack Principles in the American version are a more favorable option for players and prompts them to conquer, separate and give up. We are sure that the dealer has no blackjack, so we can risk more. In addition, every two cards can be doubled, we can separate up to 3 times except for aces (once). Giving up, i.e. giving up the game, losing half of the funds, can occur at almost any time. A lot of options, but counting cards is difficult, because 6-8 waist participates in the game.

Rules of playing black jack w European version They are much poorer. You can only conquer when the sum of the first two cards is 9, 10, 11, and only cards of 10 can be separated. District of one card for a dealer means that the game goes on each box, players conquer and separate, and ultimately Blackjack He takes everything at Krupier. For the counting cards, the European version is very attractive, because only two decks of cards take part in the game.

Blackjack Switch This is proof that the gambling industry is constantly developing and looking for new ways to earn more millions. The game was created in 2009 and actually a table and rules are similar to the standard eye -catching principle. We bet on tokens of the same value two boxes, so that after the cards are able to replace the cards among themselves, creating better systems. Therefore, Blackjack is paid 1: 1, the croupier having 22 draws, and loses only when he has 23 or more in the cards.

Double Exposure Blackjack This is another interesting variety in which the dealer reveals two cards for himself. Unfortunately, each draw causes our defeat, so in the case of the sum of points 20 at the dealer, we are forced to choose on every boxing looking for 21. In this version, many additional options are inaccessible. In Australian casinos it is called open blackjack.

Pontoon - The British version, where the player gets one card and only then decides how much he wants to bet. The whole game continues to be familiar with the exception of the situation in which we collect five cards and win-win is double.

Spanish 21 - Blackjack rules in Spanish version. 6 to 8 decks devoid of tens participate in the game. Wins depend on the number of cards collected. 5 cards with a sum of 21 give a payment of 3: 2, 6 cards with a sum of 21 to 2: 1 and 7 cards with a sum of 21 gives 3: 1. 6-7-8 and 7-7-7 gives a payment of 3: 2. In addition, there are options, whether it is all in one color or not and it is great fun.

Best games in Blackjack collected for you!

Additional options in the eyeball game

Split This is the separation of two cards of the same value. The only thing you have to do is add an additional plant equal to this placed earlier. If you get in the first two cards, e.g. 6 and 6, after adding tokens you get two bets on each six -six, to which the dealer automatically adds one card. Usually, you can make a maximum of 3 separations from one field.

Aces split This is a unique separation offered for two aces. This is accompanied by the command "one split", "one card" and "without blackjack". It can only be separated once, and after the appearance of another ace, this is no longer possible. Only one card is added to ASA. In the event that the card with a value of 10 comes, unfortunately there is no blackjack.

Double This is the next option to diversify the Blackjack rules in which you add the equivalent of the previously set up establishment. You will only get one card. Sobility is most often used when the first two cards give a total of 9, 10 or 11. We expect a cards of 10, which is not so obvious.

Insurance This is the insurance from Blackjack hit by the dealer. If an unveiled card at the dealer is AS, this option can be offered to us. We can put half of our factories. If the dealer at the end of the hand is obtained by Blackjack, the insurance will be paid in a 2: 1 ratio, which in practice means reimbursement.

Surrender This submission. When you have a total of 16 points in the cards, and the dealer is 10, anticipating a defeat, you can give up the further game losing only half of the rate.

Use additional options with caution, because most of them are in favor of the casino. Cruggles are trained to always announce them loudly and offer players.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

The magic of numbers that can bring big money attracts the most powerful minds. While mathematicians did not come up with anything interesting when it comes to roulette, the Blackjack strategy was created to minimize the casino's advantage to almost zero (0.05%). Any possible arrangement was analyzed and converted, thanks to which a Black Jack Table was created, which suggests how to win.

On the left, all possible systems that can be distributed to us. At the top we see a card with which the crunch is played. The point connecting our "hand" with the dealer card sets our move. We may not choose (stand), h - select (hit), d - double (double down), SP - separate (Split). We use a blackjack table and select cards until the stand tells us. Blackjack Table Basic Strategy

Counting cards - Blackjack for professionals

Let's assume that:

The whole art is about settling all the cards that the crunch in a given hand, according to the above assumptions. Then we count the next hand and the next, until at some point we get current value, which tells us whether there are more high or low cards in other cards. The current value will be the more accurate, the more we play, so do not get excited about the result +16 in the first hand, after shuffling.

True value This is the current value divided by the number of deck of covered cards. Counting the cards, we are interested in the moment when we reach a positive current value. The most accurate results will be achieved a dozen or so hands before shuffling, when there are a lot of these cards. For example, the current value of +8 must be divided by cards remaining to give away (in the "shoe"), we estimate into "eye", for example, 2 decks. The +4 result should lead us to raise the rate.

Having an advantage over a 2% casino, the question "for how much to play?" Normal game mode should take place at 1% of our financial resources. By achieving a real value +2, add 1% of your budget. Add and subtract so many % of your budget if the true value increases or drops. For example, with a budget of 1000 AUD, start playing for 10, when the true value reaches +4 play for 40, and when it falls to -1 play again for 10. For the counting cards, additional tables of the basic strategy were created taking into account the true value. As you can see, this is not a spectacular way of getting a fortune, but a monotonous seat and counting.

True value-5-4-3-2-1012345
Casino's advantage3%2,50%2%1,50%1%0,50%0%-0,50%-1%-1,50%-2%
Player's advantage-3%-2,50%-2%-1,50%-1%-0,50%0%0,50%1%1,50%2%

Blackjack counting cards really works and what does the casino say?

a ground and internet casinos are particularly careful to players to catch a threat to themselves. blackjack counting cards is not forbidden, and it is also difficult to prove them, but it is not welcome by casinos around the world. in a situation where pit boss (casino manager) suspects that the player is trying to count the cards can use several disturbing means:

Blackjack. You ask, we answer. FAQ

1️⃣ What is the card smoking?

Smoking of the card is used on some tables served by the dealer. This means that after potassing cards, Krupier puts one or several cards from above, which players will not see and will not participate in the game. This is to exclude the first cards from the game, which can be accidentally observed during the shuffling by players. If you count the cards, add burned cards to the other unsuccessful.

2️⃣ Which Blackjack table to choose for counting cards, and what to the basic strategy?

For the use of cards counting tables in which you know exactly how many decks of cards participate in the game. In online casinos, choose tables with a crumb and look carefully about how cards are shuffled. You can use the basic strategy everywhere, but online casinos give you more peace and time to think. In addition, on-line you don't have to learn everything by heart. You can have the right tables in front of you and choose cards according to them.

3️⃣ Can anyone learn to count cards?

On the one hand, counting cards is not so difficult, but the game is usually conducted at a fast pace, which means little time to think. The whole difficulty of counting lies in the consequences when everything around you distracts you. It is not difficult to learn the blackjack game strategy, all the difficulty is to use it.

4️⃣ What is the difference between counting cards and a basic strategy?

Counting cards is focusing on the value of cards and waiting for a situation when more high cards appear in the game than the lower ones. Then the player's chances of winning increase and there is the right time to raise the rate. Blackjack The basic strategy is a specific behavior (hit or stand) depending on the specific layout of the player's card and the dealer card. Counting cards only gives results at the end of the "shoe", and the basic strategy should be used in each hand.

5️⃣ Can I use the basic strategy and cards counting at the same time?

This is the perfect combination. By using the basic strategy, you reduce the casino's advantage to a minimum. By counting the cards, you learn when there is the perfect time to raise the rate.

6️⃣ Can I occasionally move away from the basic strategy and trust intuition?

Blackjack The basic strategy is the best behavior in the game from the point of view of mathematics. If you leave her, you do not make the optimal decision you should make in a given situation.

7️⃣ How should I start learning to play blackjack using a basic strategy or counting cards?

The best way to learn is an internet casino offering free games. You can then calmly spread out all "teaching aids" and analyze the emerging systems after the distribution. Don't count that you will do it well in a few minutes. Get ready that big money will not come after one, turbulent visit to the casino.

8️⃣ What factories should you bring when counting cards in Blackjack?

There are several complicated designs, the use of which in a dynamic gambling can cause a lot of difficulties. The easiest way to play for 1% of your budget and add 1% for each increase in true value. With 100 tokens, start the game from 1. When the real value reaches 3 play for 3 tokens. When the true value drops to zero or below, lower the rate to 1 again.

9️⃣ How to win in Blackjack?

Take learning basic strategy and counting cards as preparing for an important exam. Before you start playing in Black Jack Online for real money Exercise for hours at the online casino in demo mode or give away cards at home yourself. These techniques require a lot of discipline and consequences of the player to achieve good results in the game.
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