Redulet played in real time through the network has recently been gaining a huge group of fans in Australia. Well, it's easy to understand this state of affairs. The game itself is a combination of randomness with a cool, numerical calculation - the perfect choice for gamblers looking for exciting experiences. In addition, people spending time in live -broadcast roulette competitions can feel the atmosphere of a real Las Vegas without the need to spend a fortune on a flight ticket to the United States. Nowadays, players can play for great amounts of money with real crisps in the comfort of their own apartments!

Online casinos, where you will play live roulette

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The best live -roulette casinos and our assessment criteria

On the Internet you can find a huge wealth of pages offering roulette parts played in real time. Our service will allow Australian players to choose the best of them and get the best of the game. Here is our live roulette reviews, where readers will find:

Casinonumber of games with live rouletteLive game bonus
Betway Live Casino2Do 250£
Leo Vegas Live Casino55Do 250£
Energy Casino170+AUD 20 without a deposit
Bob Casino28Do 100£
Genesis Casino70Do 1000£
Invoice Live Casino3Do 300£

Given the popularity of table games and the fact that more and more players want to feel real gambling emotions while playing an online roulette, a huge number of internet casinos decided to add a real -time version of this entertainment to their permanent offer. As a result, there is a huge selection before gamblers, and stopping in one, best casino becomes a real art. The right decision will not only affect our experience and pleasure from the game, but will also decide on the security of our personal data and the amount of potential winnings!

Our Best-aucasinosites team meets users with a list of carefully selected casinos, which are worth the time and attention of every gambler. What's more, below we present a prepared list of criteria that should be followed when assessing a potential place to play. We invite you to read:

How to play live roulette?

The gameplay in the best versions of online roulette run in real time is very similar to playing in a real, ground version of this entertainment. If you are a new casino user, looking for strategies and ways of winning both in free and paid varieties of the game, the programs will help you. In turn, experienced gamblers can easily choose their own game table, follow the dealer's instructions and enjoy the party. However, there are some details that are worth mentioning. We present our short live roulette guide in the best network casinos.
  1. Choose your favorite casino and register. The first step to playing roulette online in real time is choosing a website and passing a quick process of creating an account in it. Usually, the player's tasks only include following short and simple instructions that will conduct him through registration. Also remember about our guide about choosing the best casino to avoid disappointments and unpleasantness!
  2. Choose your favorite type of roulette (European, American, France). Then the user must choose one of the live roulette variants, in which he would like to play. The three most popular versions are European roulette, French and American. The European roulette is equipped with 37 compartments numbered from 0 to 36. It is characterized by a refund coefficient of 97.3 percent, which ensures its great popularity among gamblers. The French roulette is very similar to its European version. However, there are some different rules that are a factor for some players, which indicates the superiority of this version over the original. American roulette is also called double zero roulette. This is because one more compartment marked with numbers 00 is added to the board. This additional possibility of winning means that the number of possible results is increasing, which slightly hinders the winning plant. Despite this, the return factor is at a high level of 94.7 percent.
  3. Fold plants. Once you have chosen your variant Online roulette, it's time to submit your plants. This is done by choosing where you think the ball will stop. The player also receives tokens of different values. A minute of time has been planned for each user, during which he can spread his plants. We recommend acting quickly and in accordance with the strategy set up in advance. It is better not to hear the voice of Krupier, which takes on further plants in the middle of its own actions ...
  4. Turn the wheel and start winning! When all the plants have already been placed, the croupier will turn off the wheel. At the moment, the only one should observe the result and counting on his Strategy and happiness will result in. the winning number will be released when the ball stops spinning on the board. then the money is sent to the account of a happy winner.

Advantages of playing live roulette live for real money

As with any version of gambling in the network, also live roulette gameplay is associated with a specific set of benefits. As lovers of this entertainment assure, real -time parties allow you to feel the atmosphere of real casinos, without having to buy a flight to Las Vegas and provide amazing experiences. What's more, users pay attention to the sense of security and justice according to which the game is conducted.

It should also be added that playing network roulette in real time on the best casino services is associated with the use of the latest technologies on the online gambling market. Below we will discuss each of these aspects.

Disadvantages of playing live roulette live for real money

Despite the growing popularity of online roulette games, there are also disadvantages of this entertainment to remember. They mainly relate to the number of productions offered by network casinos available in Australia, which is very low compared to such titles as even playing machines.

In addition, it should be remembered that modern productions, which are live roulettes, are more exposed to failures and the appearance of technical problems. In the case of high bets, sudden jams of the game can be associated with high stress. What's more, games of this type can be ruthless in the event of sudden drops of the quality of the internet connection. Below we have listed defects in live roulette game, which should be kept in mind when deciding on this type of entertainment.

Live roulette in the mobile version

The best gambling centers have created a live roulette offer in a mobile version for smartphones and tablets.Probably we described the benefits of playing in the live roulette game have long convinced you to try. But what if I say it could be even better? From now on you can take your favorite casino games wherever you want! Today, you only need a fairly good internet connection, charging battery in a mobile device and a few minutes of time you want to spend on gambling. Why is it worth trying your luck in the mobile version of live roulette? Mobile live roulette reviews below!
  1. Game portability. From today, casino users do not have to spend time in ground gambling centers or even sit in front of their computer. Live roulette crosses these limits and enters the phone screens. You can play from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. A break at work, waiting for a plane, queue at the doctor. You have full freedom.
  2. You get the same quality on a smaller screen. Thanks to modern technologies, you can play a roulette with a real crumb on every mobile device without losing anything from the quality of graphics, sound and gameplay itself.
  3. The variety is great. Even live games can become boring when you play in a long time. Mobile parties will introduce the desired changes in your gambling routine and allow you to try something new.
  4. Mobile players receive more. To encourage new users, some casinos offer special bonuses for people trying to play on their mobile devices. For example, you can get a larger bonus than a complex deposit or access to the latest productions. The possibilities are huge.
  5. Mobile games are more popular with each day. What's more, they have already won more lovers than stationary versions of games with live crunchies! Do not miss the chance to join them and try live roulette on your own phone or tablet. Thanks to our list you will choose a casino that offers mobile gameplay at the highest level.

Developers creating live roulette

rousse He has more and more lovers live, and the number of casino software suppliers creating this type of titles is also growing. Today we can distinguish several of them who are characterized by the greatest professionalism.

Evolution GamingEvolution Gaming offers one of the richest collections of various versions of live roulette in the European, American version, as well as a more complicated roulette with two balls or Speed Roulette.
EzugiAt this moment, the company has prepared for players only one version of live roulette, which, however, is also available in a mobile version.
NetEntThis company has gained fame with its video slots. Netent mastered the art of creating games in a masterfully mobile and those conducted in real time. Special bonuses and high -quality graphics are a guarantee of good fun provided by this supplier. It is definitely worth devoting your time to him.
PlayTechPlaytech casino Creates different types of live roulette conducted live. It is one of the few companies that introduces the latest technologies to its offer, further improving the experience of real -time roulette.
MicrogamingFirma Microgaming He always does everything to impress his users. She even created a special edition of games in cooperation with Playboy!

Types of live roulette

Most types of live roulette are quite similar to each other. However, there are subtle differences depending on the casino type and version of the game itself. We present below a list of the main types of roulette, which we can find in every best online casino.

American roulette online live

The European roulette is considered a classic version of this game, while the American is different from it in the design of the circle. An additional compartment marked with double zero appears on the board. This means for more options for betting. The chances of winning are slightly reduced. In addition, the numbers of this type of roulette appear in logical order.

European roulette online live

This is the original version of this game and probably the most popular one. It has only one field marked with the zero number, and the numbers are placed on a circle in a completely random order. There are also some features characteristic of this type of game, such as the "en prison" principle, which allows players to save the losing plant, if the ball stops on compartment 0. Considering the small contribution captured by the casino, European live roulette lives is recognized For the best version of this live game for both beginners and professional gamblers.

Live roulette with high rates

If we have people who love risk and high bet, there is a special variety of unlimited roulette on the market, which will satisfy even the most demanding players. Do you have the courage to submit a factory of $ 50,000 for one live route live? If so, try happiness and play one of the games of this segment and win millions!

Do you still have any questions about playing roulette in real time? We have prepared a list of questions most frequently asked to us about this game with answers straight from experts.

The most frequently asked questions about live roulette

1️⃣ What is the difference between online roulette and live roulette?

When you play live roulette, you can watch the whole live game process from a real studio. The dealer accepts the rates and distributes the cards. This means that by playing live roulette you can feel like in the famous Las Vegas.

2️⃣ Are the rules and rules of live roulettes the same?

You can always check the rules and rules of live roulette on the casino website where you plan to have fun. Usually, however, the rules do not differ from each other at all, and live roulette in every gambling center is exactly the same.

3️⃣ do all casinos offer live roulette?

It won't take much time, and online roulette will appear in every online casino around the world. Now, however, the number of gambling centers that offer this entertainment is very limited. On our website you will find a list of the best online casinos offering live roulette, also in a mobile version.

4️⃣ Do casinos prepare bonuses to be used in live roulette?

Yes of course! Each online casino with live roulette has something interesting to offer their players. Some of these offers are truly exciting!

5️⃣ Can I give a tip to a croupier while playing live?

Georriness always pays off, even during the gameplay in the internet roulette. Most of the network casinos provide players with the possibility of paying tips, so you can repay the dealer for a good card.

6️⃣ What happens if the dealer makes a mistake?

Playing live roulette is led by people, and people always make mistakes. However, this is not a reason to worry. The game is always directed by real professionals who know their work perfectly. Even if something goes wrong, the problem will always be solved.

7️⃣ Can I play live roulette for free?

Unfortunately, a payment is needed for live casino, because you play for real money. However, if you want to play for free, there are a lot of such possibilities prepared by online casinos.

8️⃣ Will the dealer see me while playing live roulette?

You don't have to dress up - only you will see everything playing live roulette. Only your crucible see your nickname and real -time chat through which you can communicate.

9️⃣ Can I speak to the crisps?

The aforementioned live chat allows for efficient communication between players and a crimp. Remember, however, to always remain focused during the game!.

🔟 What languages can you use in a live casino?

Always the most convenient is the game with a crucifier, which speaks in your native language. Fortunately, today's casinos operate in a whole range of languages. Players can play in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Swedish and sometimes also Australian!

Remember that the results of gambling and factories are partly or completely dependent on the case. Play responsibly.

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