Revolut is a very young player in the arena of digital banking. This method was born in June 2015. Since then, however, the company managed to gain the trust of thousands of loyal customers and made a sensation thanks to the convenience of use and the simplicity on which the company's activities are based. The main feature of Revolut is international range, through which the payment method initially became the favorite tool of travelers.

It is accepted In over 130 countries, and attractive exchange rates save users huge sums of money. Revolut is a kind of hybrid between electronic payment and the use of a physical payment card. Customers can easily order a card that will be delivered by courier and then use it at ATMs and stores around the world.

The introduction of the Revolut method into internet casinos allowed users from every corner of the globe to enjoy network gambling with the help of convenient and trouble -free payments. It is also worth mentioning that currency exchange via this method is deprived of the commissions hated by all!

The best online casinos accepting Revolut

Below you will find a proven list of casinos accepting Revolut payment for Poles.

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What is revolut

CasinobonusEstablishment yeara
UnibetAUD 4001997
CasinoeuroAUD 5002002
BetsafeAUD 4,0002006
Betsson1000 AUD2003
Playama100 EUR2016

What else does Revolut offer its clients, in addition to the options described in the previous paragraph? Namely, the company has also prepared for users Purchasing and controlling the courses of various cryptocurrencies, enables safe storage of savings and even buying insurance! The undoubted advantage of Revolut payments are also instant transfers, which can be made in 30 seconds.

Ordering the Revolut payment card also allows you to pay with the ATM to up to 200 euros. How to start your adventure with Revolut? All you need is a very simple registration in the company's system. The opening of the bill is completely free, it is enriched with currency exchange courses and free transactions.

Interestingly, Revolut also offers paid accounts Premium and metal. The first of them was enriched with a silver payment card. The difference between the premium and standard option is that the paid version increases the payment limit from the ATM to 400 euros. Such a convenience costs a customer 7.99 euros per month. This price also provides health insurance while being abroad and compensation in the event of a flight delay or luggage loss. The perfect solution for people who travel often!

Another option to keep an account is Metal. This option equips the user with a steel payment card, which can not be destroyed. In addition to all functions offered by Premium, the Metal account gives the customer Cashback 1 percent of the funds spent. This applies to all currencies served by Revolut.

The payment card received by Revolut customers can be both in the form of Visa and Mastercard. It is worth mentioning that the safety and privacy of users are extremely important for Revolut. In use there is, for example, an encrypted SSL protocol, which provides protection for all those used by the service. It supports currency exchange, all transactions, but also the exchange of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Ether and much more. Revolut also boasts a dedicated application created for Android and iOS operating systems. Using mobile devices, customers can top up their account, make transfers and check their account.

Why choose a revolut in gambling?

Revolut is almost an ideal payment method for use in online gambling. It is not only very easy to use, but also its transactions take place with amazing speed, unattainable for ordinary banks. The intuitive application allows for simple operation, which does not require users a lot of learning. When discussing the use of Revolut in casinos, you cannot forget about the Vaults function.

This option, which can be understood as safe, supports the so -called Responsible gambling. It allows you to set a monthly expenditure limit and control your funds. This solution will ensure the safety of every gamble, and will also make sure that it does not fall too deep into the abyss of casino games. Ease of use, cheap transactions and customer care - Revolut gains the sympathy of players at every step!

The best online casinos Revolut

As you can easily see, Revolut is one of the best and most interesting payment methods currently available on the web. It is used by the most popular internet casinos on the market, including the gambling center cooperating with our website. Pages such as Unibet, Casinoeuro, Betsson and Betsafe deserve to be distincted. As we have already said, Revolut offers instant transactions and bank transfers and trouble -free exchange of currencies, which encourages casinos creators to cooperate with this company.

To use the payment method in question, just select Revolut in the options for submitting a deposit in the appropriate department of your network gambling center. In less than half a minute we will get our funds, which we can use to play and get more money. Exactly in the same way is the payment of winning amounts, which of course we wish you immediately! Let's hope that over time there will be more and more opportunities to play in a center such as Revolut online casino.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Revolut

The undeniable advantage of Revolut is so many times the mentioned currency exchange function. Thanks to this solution, casino players can easily invest their funds in any form, also in so often required by euro services. Another of this payment method is the speed at which transactions take place. Revolut also makes it easier to control their gambling asleep due to the fact that players have the ability to place only as many funds on their account as we want to spend on entertainment in a given period.

However, it's time to discuss the disadvantages of this very good payment method, which is Revolut. The biggest problem is the fact that the company has not yet established cooperation with a lot of internet casinos. This may mean that in most favorite gambling services players will not be able to use Revolut cards. Let's hope, however, that over time this payment method will become more and more common.

Summary about Revolut

Revolut is a great payment method, which, however, is still in the development phase. The company's owners carefully approach the issue of network gambling, which is considered a fairly risky maneuvering field for young enterprises. After all, the fact that Revolut is an increasingly common way to finance is in favor of introducing this method to more online casinos. One should not forget that the Revolut payment card is the perfect solution for travelers and people with bank accounts in many currencies.

As many casinos do not allow investment in AUD, the method in question also becomes a very good proposition for all gamblers. As a curiosity, it can be mentioned that the international exchange of currencies without unnecessary commissions was an idea that guided Revolut creators in 2015! I must admit, this goal is as glorious as possible. Players are left to keep their fingers crossed so that as many Revolut casinos as possible appear on the network in the near future.

Casino Revolored

1️⃣ Is the Revolut method popular in online casinos?

Yes, it's worth having a Revolut account, because many online casinos accept this form of payment. Thanks to it, you will quickly and conveniently supply your account with a casino deposit and quickly pay your winnings.

2️⃣ What are the deposit deposit limits in online casinos using Revolut?

Each casino has its own separate rules and limits of money payment using individual payment methods. Before making a deposit, check what are the Revolut payment method and payments.

3️⃣ Is the Revolut account for free?

Yes, having account, card payments, national and international transfers, conversion and payment at ATMs up to 200 euros per month are free.

4️⃣ What is the cost of the Revolut card?

The fee for providing a standard account to the account depends on the selected delivery method and will be given when placing the order. Usually amounts to approx. AUD 24.99. The standard delivery time is up to nine business days.

5️⃣ What is the difference between the Premium account and Standard in Revolut?

The difference between the premium and standard option is that Premium is a version that increases the payment limit at ATMs up to 400 euros, i.e. 1600 AUD. Such a convenience costs AUD 29.99 per month. This price also provides health insurance while being abroad and compensation in the event of a flight delay or luggage loss. It is an ideal solution for people who travel often and regularly use the account card.
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