There are many payment methods on the Internet, and one of them is the Trustly service. The name itself comes from the English word "Trust", and thus the company focuses primarily on trust, which in the Internet era is very important. All the time you hear about how valuable data and funds deposited in various financial services are stolen. That is why it is worth focusing on a company that will provide us with complete network security.

Attention! Using Trustly can be limited in most online casinos - below you will find a list of casinos where operators offer Trustly payment for Poles.

We will follow the situation, and in the meantime we recommend looking at these alternatives:

Trustly Casino - current list of casinos with Trustly payment for Poles

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Trustly service

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Trustly was founded in 2008. To this day, it is a very well -developed payment form, which is used by millions of people in 29 countries throughout Europe. Earlier, the gambling market was subject to a significant part under Przelewy24. However, by virtue of changes in law, players switched to other payment methods and one of them is also the Trustly.

The operation of this service is not overly complicated. The intuitiveness of the whole reigns, which is very well testified to the creators of this method. First of all, it helps the legible and easy to understand interface, both on the computer and on mobile devices.

How does the Trustly payment method work?

All you have to do is choose your bank and log in as you usually do it. Another activity you need to do is simply make a payment. Of course, to maintain security, you need to confirm the payment of your choice with a form of authentication. There is a choice in front of you, whether you decide as an ID card or other ways to confirm your identity.

What can you use Trustly for?

On its main page, the service provider presents two applications of the method, i.e. online games and online shopping. Trustly payments have a specific purpose. This is definitely an option useful for people doing a lot of shopping online and playing in network casinos.

How to pay money to the casino through Trustly?

After creating an account in your online casino, choose Trustly as a preferred payment method. Note that on some websites we described the service can still be known under the former name - Insabank.

Then you should complete the information necessary to make payments in the appearing window and generate a one -time code required to confirm the transaction. After completing these activities, your money will be immediately sent to your gambling account in a safe and rapid way. As you can see, you don't have to go through any multi -stage registration or you won't be redirected to any additional website.

As you can easily see, lots of internet casinos offer the possibility of payments via Trustly. It is hardly surprising - after all, it is one of the fastest and safest payment methods currently available on the online game market! What's more, operating in this service is not associated with any additional fees. Remember, however, to always check if your casino does not collect commissions for making deposits using Trustly.

How to withdraw money with Trustly?

In casinos accepting Trustly, such as 888 Casino, withdrawals are as simple as deposit payments. First of all, the player should choose one payment method between the thicket of options. As we have already mentioned in our article, Sometimes Trustly hides under the name Insabank.

In a pop -up window, provide your data, payment details and confirm the operation. The best casinos using Trustly provide the option of immediate payment. However, if you do not see such a possibility on the website, the transactions will last from 1 to 3 days.

It should also be added that Trustly is very popular among mobile software suppliers. This is because many of the functions of this payment method have been adapted especially for mobile devices. If you like to play gambling on your phone or tablet, Trustly is a service for you!

Why choose Trustly in gambling?

In the case of online payments, of course, security is an important issue. You certainly don't want something to happen with the means that you have deposited on your account. Trustly is a licensed payment institution that has all the necessary permits to conduct its activities, for example, paysafecard payment if PayPal payment methods. In addition, to ensure even greater security, it is supervised by the Swedish Australian Financial Supervision Authority. It also has a European license of PSP payment service provider, which is required by the EU directive. Trustly meets all norms and legal requirements.

Trustly services can be used without registration. The company itself ensures that it does not store any information that could be used to break into someone else's bank account. In addition to banking security systems, Trustly also uses the best encryption standards.

Trustly, like many other financial services, has its own website, which can be used via a computer. However, if you are a person who prefers to operate on mobile devices more, then there is no reason to worry. Trustly also functions in the form of Android and iOS applications.

Trustly in the world

Trustly allows transactions in 29 European countries. To this day, about 250 banks support the use of this service. Dozens of network gambling centers offer Trustly as one of the proposed payment methods. Since the establishment of the company in 2008, the Swedish service has opened its offices in Spain, Malta, Greece, Germany and Great Britain.

In 2018, the company was noticed by such well -known casino operators, such as Royal Vegas Casino, which decided to create new, revolutionary functions in cooperation with Trustly. In this way, even a well -known and popular Pay’n Play option, which significantly improves the entire process of internet gambling.

There is a great probability that the Trustly services will soon go beyond the borders of the European Union. As you can see, it's an incredibly rapidly developing company. That is why Trustly will soon be available in more countries.

Pros and cons of using Trustly

Benefits: <>high common payment method, <>clear and legible interface, <>quick cash transfers, <>payments are safe, you don't have to worry about any threat, <>a method proven and used every day by many people, <>Trustly is available both in the mobile version, i.e. on Android and iOS systems, and in computers version, <>presence in many online casinos, <>Your financial and personal data are not made available to anyone.

Disadvantages of using Trustly

In most online casinos, there will be no possibility of making payments, because there will be a request for payment to the account, instant payments very often end in a deposit, high fees charged from the bank, It operates mainly in Europe, it is not available all over the world.

Casino games from Trustly

What games can you play in paying with Trustly? What do Australian gamblers play this payment method playing? In this short list we will present you the possibilities that people use this service. Enjoy the best games and win a lot of money!

The best online casinos Trustly

Trustly appears in several popular Australian casinos and include, among others: Forbet, Lvbet, STS, Totolotek and Fortuna. In addition to these, there are also international ones that we mentioned in the table above. Trustly in the history of the Australian casino already had its 5 minutes. It was a very popular payment method. Why? Trustly was mainly appreciated for quick and secure payments. The company's operation is quite interesting. This service consists in intermediance in the transaction because it is made by the bank.

What then does the Trustly casino do? Well, he is primarily responsible for encryption of payments. What for? Do you have to complicate it so much? Well, such action is a guarantee of the privacy of your financial and personal data at Casinos from Trustly. Thanks to this, they are definitely not made available to other people.

Alternative payment methods to Trustly

Some payment methods are very similar in terms of action to the Trustly we described. It even happens that sometimes it will be better to use them. The first and most important reason for such a decision will be the fact that a given player lives outside Europe, thus going beyond the reach of Trustly. Perhaps the User Bank does not cooperate with Trustly, which also prevents you from using this service. It also happens that casinos offer bonuses only when using the payment methods selected by them. We do not want our users to escape anything, which is why we present a list of possible alternatives to Trustly.

  1. PayPal. The main difference between Trustly and PayPal is that the latter method can be used all over the world, while working with any type of bank account and all types of credit cards. Folding the deposit and the payment process are fast and trouble -free. Unfortunately, casino bonuses usually do not apply to PayPal. Despite this, this method provides a very high level of security and is considered by many as the best electronic portfolio in the world.
  2. Clear. This is another Swedish company. Unfortunately, just like Trustly, it only works in Europe. The account is recharged through bank transfers. Unfortunately, the service is quite popular and few internet casinos use it.
  3. Bank transfer. If you care about simplicity, use traditional bank transfers. The main advantage of such action is the fact that this method is available in exactly every online casino in the world. Unfortunately, the service is also quite long -lasting, and sometimes it is even associated with unwanted commissions and fees.

Trustly FAQ

1️⃣ What is Trustly?

Trustly is a payment service just like Przelewy24, which the goal has chosen as much as possible simplification and acceleration of transactions made while maintaining a high level of security. It is a licensed payment institution from Sweden under a Swedish license. Basically, Trustly is an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and works on the basis of the customer's bank account.

2️⃣ Where can I register?

Trustly is used without registration because it is one of the payment systems like Przelewy24 or Bluemedia.

3️⃣ So what do I have to have to use Trustly?

A bank account that supports payments from Trustly, because it is from it that you will make transfers.

4️⃣ What exactly is the use of Trustly?

Trustly is an alternative to traditional transfers. However, it is based entirely on the bank account.

When making a payment transaction, we can choose different payment options. Trustly should appear on the list if only a given shop or Casino online Australia They honor them.

Then we will be redirected to the further part of the payment, as usual we choose our bank. Then choose the exact bill from which the payment will be made. As soon as we do this, a window will appear in which we will confirm the payment.

5️⃣ Are my transactions safe and anonymous at the Trustly casino?

Your transactions are completely safe because they are still based on security used by your bank. Trustly additionally encrypts the transaction, but the money still comes out of our bank account. However, they are much faster. When it comes to anonymity, we don't have it from Trustly, because the money comes out exactly from our name account.

6️⃣ do all casinos use this form of payment?

No, due to many different factors, not all of the casinos honor transfers through Trustly. However, more and more casinos include this service in its offer precisely because of the speed and convenience of making transactions. The player does not have to register additionally, all he needs is his bank account.

That is why Trustly is a great alternative to other payment systems.

7️⃣ Are there bonuses in the casino for transfers using Trustly?

No casino gives bonuses for a transfer made through Trustly as it is, e.g. in the case of Skrill, where it is sometimes honored with a slightly higher deposit. However, it is worth tracing the regulations of the promotion in the casino so that the bonus in this respect does not bypass us.

8️⃣ What is the cost of using Casino Online Trustly?

The amount of the fee for using Trustly is equal to the amount of fees your bank charges for transactions.

9️⃣ What is the duration of payments and payments?

You deposit money from Trustly within a few minutes. However, payments due to the fact that it is still a simple bank transfer, can sometimes last from two to even five days.

? How can I return the transaction?

Due to the fact that it is still a simple bank transfer and Trustly is only an intermediary, it is possible to withdraw each transfer on the principles adopted in your bank - sometimes such an operation is free, and sometimes it costs you 20% of the amount transferred. If the transaction fails, the money returns to our account.

1️⃣1️⃣ What is the limit of payments and payments via Trustly?

With Trustly your payment and payment limit depends only on the rules of the tank in which you have an account and casinos in which you play.

1️⃣2️⃣ When can I have a problem using Trustly?

Trustly, like many other payment methods, is regulated by the law of a given country. It is impossible to use this payment system in the casino, which operates in a country that has not allowed this system to function, even if we play in a country that allows it.

Before playing in the casino, when you want to use Trustly, it is worth making sure that this system is allowed for use there.

There are no other contraindications to using Trustly.

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