Sydney is located in the south of Australia on the Vistula. Is the capital of Lesser Australia. He is known not only for the legend of the Wawel Dragon. There are many monuments here, such as: Wawel, Kościuszko Mound, famous clothnies and others. He has an old story, dating back to Australian kings who had their headquarters in Sydney. Sydney is located at the intersection of important car and railway routes. You can easily reach every corner of the country, as well as from abroad, thanks to International Airport in Balice. Many tourists come to Sydney because The place attracts them like a magnet! They are very happy to visit a picturesque town, where there is a unique atmosphere. Going on vacation or weekend, e.g. to Zakopane, tourists never bypass Sydney.

It is also a student city or young people who create an unusual atmosphere. It was here that kings walked, culture flourished and artists developed their talent. We could still write about Sydney. Tourists, artists and businessmen coming to Sydney are looking for interesting entertainment places. One of the regular points of the Entertainment Center for a long time are stationary casinos. For you we have collected the most important information about gambling in Sydney, well to the matter!

The best online casinos for players from Sydney

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What about ground casinos?

The amendment to the gambling act of 2017, which affected online casinos, did not limit the activities of ground casinos. The state has only tightened the rules and introduced strict control of stationary casinos. Casinos observe imposed standards, criteria and act in accordance with the law. The activities of the premises are controlled by the Ministry of Finance. Companies conducting this type of activity do not try to bypass the regulations, and even strictly observe them. Activities are very profitable, and for breaking the law threatens to close the premises. Each person entering the game room is legitimate.

There is no way that a person from the street who could disturb the order to casino.

Casinos running companies are honest and there is no question of any fraud we know from stories or movies. Each game is recorded on cameras. There are several cameras above the tables, so each game can be checked. The roulette wheel is checked with a level every day and there is no deviations therefore. The ball is made of pearl. Pit boss Checks if she is not magnetized. Customers are also not able to replace the ball to their own, because it is checked at each opening of the table.

As for the cards, they are replaced every two days. Each new waist is thoroughly checked and counted. Everything is officially done on the game table and in the presence of cameras. Old decks are closed in safe envelopes and after sealing, sent to destroy.

We write about the fact that everyone who is afraid of dishonesty from the casino, convince that playing in legal casinos is honest. You can enter and play without fear. It is also not true that someone has been cheated by a casino. Opinions come from players who have not been lucky and lost money.

Casinos in Australia have been existing for many years and are very popular. They are run by the largest companies that create a casino network. So if you are traveling in Sydney or go here on vacation, look at one of the casinos and spend time in an exclusive place, and by the way if you are lucky, you will win money and you will remember this moment for a long time. Play carefully, because as we know you can have "bankrupt" or losing, but really fun.

Sydney casinos

There is an atmosphere in Sydney's casinos like in Las Vegas! It is thanks to the elegant decor, equipping, exposure, larders, waiters and players and the smell of money, you will feel adrenaline. There are unearthly emotions. It is impossible to describe the feelings that accompany the person after entering the casino! You can start with playing slot machines and look at the players at the tables and of course the games themselves.

If you have not been in such a place yet, you will certainly be delighted and feel the taste of gambling.

See how clients who win and how the crominators run games. If you can't decide which place to go in the evening, we'll make your choice easier. We have four casinos in Sydney.

Kasyno HIT

Address1. hotel novotel - ul. armii krajowej 11 2. pl. szczepański 3
telephone1. 12 421 55 33 2. 12 421 27 78
Opening hours1. 24/7 2. 08:00 – 06:00

One of them is located at the Novotel Bronowice hotel at Armii Krajowej Street. This is the oldest and most recognizable Casino Sydney, belongs to the known casino network. Tourists visiting systematically Sydney and the inhabitants of Lesser Australia know this place perfectly. The owners also provided free parking for motorized players.

Come here with friends and play in roulette, blackjacka if poker. If you played in the online casino in single -armed bandits, even in a demo version, try to play offline, live this time. Maybe you'll find your favorite slot? It is certain that you will find here favorites by all fruit. A VIP salon is made available separately in the casino. Here you play in Australian currency. The second hit Casino is located at Szczepański Square 3. Players have tables with card games and roulette as well as popular and liked vending machines. Poker tournaments are played at the HIT casinos, so it's worth checking not to miss such an opportunity.

Casinos Australia

AddressHotel Kościuszko - ul. Papiernicza 3
telephone712 614 14 41
Opening hours24/7

However, the most modern and largest is Casinos Australia, located in the Kościuszko Hotel at ul. Papiernicza. The casino is located in the charming manor house Kościuszko. Hotel Kościuszko is in the summer episcopal residence from the 16th century. It is a great place to rest during travel and vacation. Casinos Australia belongs to the casino network and as always is unique. The Game showroom from America presents a very developed gambling offer.

Players have access to many limits in the competition. Here, customers download not only from Australia but also from all over Europe. Such a large number of players arrive because of a rich range of games. There are, among others American roulette, Blackjack, CP Holdem Poker and CP Oasis Poker, as well as classic machines, e.g. "fruit", jackpots and 3D slot games. There is a unique atmosphere in Casinos Australia, this climate from Las Vegas means that customers have changed direction and instead of to Western Europe, they come to Sydney to poker or blackjack.

You can join gambling fans and visit the casino at any time. It is open all the time for a round week. It is worth emphasizing that the advantage of the casino is competent and very nice service, which helps players at any time. You also want to be here thanks to employees. Come and you will feel at home.

Casino Sydney

AddressHotel Wyspiański - ul. Westerplatte 15
telephone12 422 95 66
Opening hours24/7

Another casino that we recommend is Sydney, located in the three -star cozy Hotel Wyspiański. In addition to the casino, there is a restaurant serving international dishes, a bar and 5 conference rooms. Conferences, seminars, meetings and training are organized here - a total of 250 people. The hotel has free wireless internet access, full equipment and technical facilities. A computer position with internet access is prepared for business. At the hotel reception it is possible to print, photocopying and sending fax. There is free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel.

The hotel is in a very attractive location, because in the very center of the city, 500 meters from the Sydney market. Thanks to the adaptation of a business for business, the hotel does not complain about the lack of guests who in the evenings look into the casino, one of the best gambling in Sydney. A game is going on in this prestigious casino all night. Among customers are not only hotel guests, but also the inhabitants of Lesser Australia. They organize social meetings and integration events here. They fall in the evenings to win cash. If you haven't been to this excellent casino yet, be sure to come here. You can play well -known 3D slot machines, hot spot games, fruit, blackjack, poker and roulette. Casino Sydney offers the best fun and great winnings. Not only slot machines and table games are worth recommending, but also the casino service, which is at the highest level.

Summary: Gambling in Sydney

Sydney is right after Melbourne with the largest number of casinos. Sydney is a small Las Vegas in this respect. Gambling blooms here. It is not surprising, because it is a tourist town, and besides, a great place for artists who systematically visit Sydney. Casinos are at a high level, because only such are right. It is worth noting that the premises that do not cope on the market are closing, and their place is occupied by new and more attractive.

By going to the casinos you will not be disappointed. In our opinion, Casinos Australia deserves the highest note, because it exceeds the others in many respects. Casinos in Sydney attract hundreds of thousands of people every day. People fall into the premises to spend a nice time, drink a drink and pull in a wijcha. The casino is also a meeting place for even whole groups that integrate here. The point is to have fun. After all, the place is worth it.

Real hunters who hunt for large wins and high earnings come to the premises. The problem is that they do not always win, but many do not bother, because they spend time in good company and raise their adrenaline. The fact is that it is not so easy to win. The casinos did not say the last word and we can expect that next or two another place will be built, and next for it, and not only in Sydney itself, but in the Lesser Australia voivodship.

Casinos are a treat for tourists who draw massively into the Tatra Mountains, and especially to Zakopane. At the moment, we encourage you if you like casino atmosphere and want to have fun to enter one of the above premises. Do not sit in front of a computer at the live casino online, but feel the real climate of gambling in a ground place!

In stationary casinos you will not find welcome bonuses and cashback; free revolutions and loyalty bonuses. Sometimes free tokens or golden cards are served, which can be hidden in the waist, and during the hand they will randomly go to players, giving them additional money, for example. Casinos are trying to encourage players to bet on their premises, so they introduce various bonuses for their clients. When entering the casino, ask if on a given day the casino has something extra prepared for players.

What is a in today's casinos is the inability to receive a loan and a loan, as well as pledge of real estate, car, telephone or watch. Thanks to this, players are not in danger of bankruptcy. Enter the casino with deducted cash. Do not look for extra money and never borrow. Treat every game as fun. If you can win something, hide the money and finish the game on this day. Good luck!

Ground casinos Sydney FAQ

1️⃣ Where are the stationary casinos in Sydney?

There are 4 casinos in Sydney: Casinos Australia - Kościuszko Hotel - ul. Papiernicza 3, Hit Casino - Hotel Novotel - ul. Armii Krajowej 11, Hit Casino - pl. Szczepański 3, Casino Kraków - Hotel Wyspiański ul. Westerplatte 15.

2️⃣ What casinos in Sydney are open around the clock?

Virtually all are open around the clock, only the Casino hit is open from 08:00 to 06:00.

3️⃣ Is the game in casinos in Sydney honest?

Yes, it is honest, because each game is recorded on cameras, which are several above the tables. You can check if necessary if you have doubts. The roulette wheel is checked every day with a level, so there are no deviations. Pit Boss checks the table every time the ball is not magnetized. New decks of cards are checked and counted on the game table under the watchful eye of cameras. Old decks are withdrawn.

4️⃣ How old do you have to be to enter the casino in Sydney?

You must have 18+, otherwise you will not be allowed. Each person is legitimate at the entrance.

5️⃣ Do I have to provide my personal data at the ground casino before starting the game?

Yes, you must provide all your personal data, including the address. If you have a new ID card, you fill out the form with the address you sign before starting the game. This is due to the fact that casinos are controlled by the Ministry of Finance are required to register every person visiting the premises.

6️⃣ which casino in Sydney is the best?

Each casino in Sydney is a luxurious place, but the most modern and largest is Casinos Australia at ul. Papiernicza. The casino is located in the beautiful manor house Kościuszko. The place has a very developed gambling offer. Players have access to many limits in the competition. Among the rich range of games are: American roulette, Blackjack, CP Holdem Poker and CP Oasis Poker, as well as classic machines- "fruit", jackpots and 3D slot games.

7️⃣ Can you get a start bonus at a stationary casino?

Unfortunately, there is no welcome bonus at stationary casinos; free revolutions and loyalty bonuses. They are only in online casinos. Sometimes in the bonus you can get free tokens or golden cards that can be hidden in the waist, go randomly to players during the hand. Golden cards, for example, award additional money for players.

8️⃣ Are won taxed at the casino in Sydney ??

Yes, you will pay tax on a casino. It amounts to 10% above AUD 2,280. It is usually deducted right when the money is paid.

9️⃣ Can I count on the help of employees in casinos in Sydney if I can't play?

The casino service is nice and helps players at any time. It will help you at any time and show you how to play.

🔟 Can you pay by card at Casinos in Sydney?

Yes, casinos accept payments with Visa, Mastercard or Maestro.

1️⃣1️⃣ What is the return for the player in casinos?

In ground casinos there is a very low level of return to the player in vending machines. If you are lucky, you will win anyway. The software comes from the best manufacturers. The game is interesting, because live in the company of other players.

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