Playing roulette is one of the first things that come to mind when you talk about gambling. This transparent and entertainment game has always attracted a number of players to ground casinos, and now to online casinos. Despite the huge popularity, many people still don't know how to play an online roulette, especially in Roulette for real money. That is why we are here to answer all your questions about playing roulette on the Internet.

On this page you will find all the necessary information, including history, roulette rules, and advice and tips for beginners, as well as a long list of free roulette games that players from Australia can play for fun. And when you end up with free practice, check the list of online casinos carefully prepared by our team.

Here are online casinos offering roulette games. Check!

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What is roulette?

Casino Roulette from French is literally small circle. The popularity of the game roulette from ground casinos quickly moved to the internet. From that moment you can play roulette without leaving your home at any time. The on -line roulette game is located in every online casino. In one place you can choose different varieties of roulette, for what rate you will play or whether it should be a free roulette simulator.

By going to the site Internet casino With roulette you will see the wheel and board where you will bet on. The game panel is placed at the bottom of the screen and there you will find tokens of different value, and the first step will be to choose the denomination.

Types of roulette

Roulette game is divided due to the type: French, American i European. Another division due to the way of playing roulette and RNG.

RNG This is a roulette simulator that imitates her faithfully. We have the same wheel, board and rules. However, we must remember that on the wheel the numbers are drawn by a random numbers generator, and the ball only marks the selected number. The big advantage is the fact that you can play it for fun. Free roulette is available as an online roulette demo even without registration.

Live roulette This is a video coverage of the studio or casino in which a real dealer leads the game. There is a circle where he throws a ball and a board with numbers. The betting and payment of winnings take place using the software, which is provided by the online roulette casino. The presence of a dealer, usually a nice and elegantly dressed crunchy, makes the game look like a real ground casino. Live roulette games in online casinos are as a rule only in the option for real money.

French roulette The first appeared in ground casinos, and its expansion began with France, which is why all inscriptions are in French. The board has 37 numbers from 1 to 36 single zero. In the event of a zero falling out, the player on simple chances does not lose everything, only half the rate (La Partage principle). French roulette may have RTP 98,65%. This is the best option to play in Roulette for real money.

American roulette It was created when double zero was introduced, increasing profits for casinos. The board has 38 numbers: from 1 to 36 two zero (0 and 00). The arrangement of numbers on the roulette circle has been changed, but the payment structure has not been changed. In the event of a zero falling out, we lose their whole chances in full. On the side, you can recognize the introduction of player -friendly and more intuitive naming in English. American roulette RTP is 94,74%, which is the perfect online roulette for free to play.

European roulette It is a combination of French and American. The European roulette game has a simple American roulette game board and a French roulette circle layout. You can often find casinos that apply the La Partage principle, so European roulette RTP is perfect 97,3%, and the game itself is incredibly fast and exciting.


RTP is a very important indicator that says how much money is statistically left to us every time we bet. On American roulette with two zeros with RTP 94.74%, we will have 94.74 from the 100 -folded tokens. On roulette with a single zero (French and European roulette) RTP 97.30% means that from 100 tokens we will get 97.30.

How to achieve The highest RTP in online roulette? You have to play roulette online games with a single zero, only simple chances, paying 1: 1 (red-black, even-non-pepper, low-wysokie). According to the La Partage principle, we will lose only half of the plant after zero. Then, from 100 tokens, the casino will return us 98.65.

Online games roulette less known:

  1. Roulette mini - Mini Roulette board resembles a classic European roulette board, but contains fewer numbers, from 1 to 12 0.
  2. Multi Wheel Roulette - The variant is played at one roulette board with several wheels.
  3. Roulette Deluxe/Premium - Has additional options to facilitate betting.
  4. Ruletka multiball - There are several balls on the wheel, and the plants are divided by their quantity.
  5. No zero roulette - As the name suggests, there is no zero here.

How to play roulette online

Choose at the online casino table games or section Live/ live casino And roulette online game. Then decide on what kind of roulette you want to play and what the amount of the plant will be. You will learn all the types of plants and the way of betting below. We will also present online roulette strategies to increase your chances of winning. Always remember about the online roulette option for free, which will help to test knowledge and in practice learn the rules of playing roulette.

The course of the game after placing the plant on the board is very simple. A ball is spinning on the wheel, stopping the wheel causes the ball to land in the issue on the wheel. Wins are paid to each player depending on the bet.

How to bet in roulette

You bet on the board. The board is divided into an inner part with numbers from 0 to 36 Internal plants and the outer part External plants. Placing in online roulette is extremely simple, because by dragging the token above the board it automatically illuminates to us what numbers we bet. You don't have to know all payments by heart, it will calculate the casino software for us.

Types of plants

Internal plants On the board it is simplified different connections of numbers. It is worth knowing that the fewer numbers are betting on, the larger the payment. For one full number you will get 35: 1, and for six numbers (Six Line) bet on one 5: 1 token. Each bet on the wheel has its name and pays respectively:

External plants These columns, dozens and simple chances (1: 1 payment) with payment:

Racerack - Advanced Roulette Games Busters

Racetrack It allows you to bet the entire sector of the circle, it is an additional game board on which the numbers are organized in exactly the same order as on the wheel. In addition, they were divided into the most popular sectors. He is betting in different ways, because they were made to be able to bet as many numbers as possible with a few tokens. At online casinos, we bet on a racetrack almost the same as on the main board. Remember, however, that playing for 1 euros for a large series will go 9, a small series 6, and on Orphelins 5.

Here are the best free roulettes, play roulette for free!

Roulette game strategies

Casino roulette game is random, but you can take your betting tactics.

How to win in roulette

Although the online casino roulette is mainly a game of happiness, there are several secrets, especially important for beginner players that can facilitate the game process and increase the chance of your win.

It's quite obvious, but we still have to say it. Always play only in reliable casinosTo make sure that your money is safe and quick payments at the casino will be carried out without any delays. In online Best-aucasinosites we only have the best casinos with the highest rankings and millions of players from Australia and other countries who win every day.

online roulette for free

The best on the internet is that you have full freedom and you can do many things without leaving your home, and playing roulette is one of them. Playing without downloading online Best-aucasinosites has some indisputable benefits. First, we have List of free roulette games, so you can get free practice and understand the roulette rules of the game and the options of the betting, and thus go to bets for real money whenever you are ready. Secondly, every player will find a suitable game for themselves. We follow all industry updates to be the first to offer the latest roulette and other casino games from the best casino software suppliers. Game of online roulette means that you can do it anytime, anywhere. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and everything you need is an internet connection. Finally, let's emphasize it once again that roulette games can be really free. This is enabled by an online demo roulette available in every casino.

Discover the rules of the roulette game before you start playing.

How to choose a roulette game?

Roulette online demo or for real money? Demo mode, or electronic roulette, plays for fun, is a great way to get to know every new game without registration and the risk of losing money. You will get to know different types of roulette. Roulette for free American, French or European, or maybe a mini roulette? Or maybe it is important for you to roulette games mobile versions? See for yourself which one will like the most. You will get as much time as you need, no one will urge you and stress you. Only live games are not available in this way.

In roulette plays money, pay attention to the limits. Each roulette table has a different minimum and maximum plant. With 100 tokens, you don't have to play on the table, where the minimum is 25. The roulette game is available from beta 0.10 to the number, just look for an online casino in the offer. We also recommend this article, talks about predicting the results of roulette.

Safe roulette playing online

The results on roulette are determined by a ball thrown out by a crunch or random number generator. Visiting the live game section in the online casino at one table there are several or even several dozen players. The largest brands offering live casino to Evolution Gaming, PlayTech if NetEnt. With their reputation, they guarantee that everything is done on safe terms.

In the case of roulette RNG, to Random Number Generator (random number generator) determines the winning number. Almost the same mechanism works in online vending machines, with the difference that there are whole sets of numbers. Visiting online casinos with international licenses and certificates, we are sure that the mechanism of roulette game has been tested and protected against any improper interference.

A short history of roulette game

There are those who claim that the devil himself is mixed up in the creation, because the sum of numbers on the wheel gives Satanic 666. In fact, playing roulette we know today comes from France. Roulette was created on the occasion of work on the probability account of French mathematics and physicist Blaise Pascal. During the search for Perpetualuum, Mobile created a board consisting of 36 numbers. Two hundred years later in 1842, 0 was added, which made a real perpetual mobile to earn money. The 20th century is the huge popularity of roulette in Las Vegas. There was an American roulette with two zeros and greater profits for casinos.

Online Casino Roulette in Australia

Australian roulette is available in two ways. The first is to get up from the chair, dress and go to one of the largest cities in Australia to visit the stationary casino. The second is to choose the online roulette casino available immediately in every place with internet access. Nobody will pay you attention to you that you have the wrong outfit or too little money. Of course, roulette games for free are also a great choice, demo roulette is available on our website, check.

On you will find only the best online casinos available for players from Australia. This means that they have a license to conduct casino activities of international organizations and gambling committees. They guarantee secure payment methods and the security of your personal funds and data. Hundreds of thousands of people every day around the world visit online casinos to play roulette and others gambling.

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Online roulette - frequently asked questions

1️⃣ What is an online roulette?

Roulette online game for free or for money is a digital version of a popular casino game. Roulette for fun is a game in which the ball lands in a specific place on a roulette circle, while players focus on the result. There are many possible plants in roulette. In addition, internet roulette allows you to play in various variants (French roulette, American roulette, free European roulette online).

2️⃣ Why does online roulette have limits?

If suddenly a rich oil sheik appeared and to effect the plant to the black, he would finally win and even beat the casino. Thanks to the limits, such a plan will fail.

3️⃣ Why does each roulette table have different minimum and maximum plants?

One player would like to play for 1 token, and the other for high rates for 100. Minimum and maximum bets are properly selected amounts to quickly achieve the maximum value by playing progression.

4️⃣ Will the casinos cheat me during the game roulette?

Licensed and licensed ground and internet casinos do not cheat. More would lose their reputation and concession on gambling, and it is very difficult to find it. Casinos do not have to cheat, all they need to do is visit them regularly, and profits will generate 3%, which is their advantage.

5️⃣ Can you cheat in an online roulette game?

Roulette is a random game and the whole team of specialists cares for it, and the player's actions are constantly monitored. There are cases of fraud with cameras and computers in ground casinos, so you can predict with great effectiveness where the ball will fall. Therefore, it is forbidden to use mobile phones at the game tables.

6️⃣ Why are the strategies of the roulette game on the Internet not working?

No strategy guarantees effectiveness. In the case of progressive by double, you reach large amounts to recover your 1 token. By winning you take a few small steps forward, until you hit one powerful step back, because the roulette game relies on happiness, it is a random game.

7️⃣ Can you earn a living when playing roulette?

As in any gambling game, you can win a lot of money in roulette, especially if you skillfully control your bankroll and know the rules, you know how to bet on and what to avoid. However, this casino has an advantage and in the long run it would be difficult to maintain the same level of game, even if you are very lucky.
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