Website Best-aucasinosites (hereinafter referred to as the "website, company, website, website"), represents the system of interactive services provided in real time via the Internet and contains services and data provided by the website administration, the mobile version of the Website and other products, including services and data provided by third parties for the use of the Best-aucasinosites website.

The following conditions for using the service (hereinafter referred to as "conditions") determine the rules and conditions used from the services of the Best-aucasinosites website.

The term "website user" means every person using the website.

Website users declare that they are 18 years old And they have a legal ability to sign contracts and make decisions regarding the use of games and game services that can transfer various forms of advertising. Website users also declare that information about their current location is true in each case and that they will not use any methods aimed at changing the indicated location or for transfer to another legal jurisdiction.

The user of the website is responsible for making sure that internet gambling is lawful in his current place of stay and verify that his actions meet all the requirements of legality.

The following conditions are binding on all users of the Best-aucasinosites page.

The user should carefully read all the conditions of using the website. Using the website of the website means that the user has read, understand, accepts and undertakes to follow all the conditions specified in the text.

The conditions may be comprehensively or partially modified by the website administration at any time without the need to provide special information. The updated version of the conditions will apply from the moment they are published on the website Best-aucasinosites.

These conditions are an open and public document.

By using the website's services, the User accepts the provisions of these Terms of Terms, undertakes the rights and obligations specified in them related to the use and functioning of the website.

By accepting the provisions of these conditions, the User agrees to review promotional materials while using the website in the quantity specified by the website administration.

Conditions for using the materials available on the Best-aucasinosites website

The website serves as a supplier of independent information and recommendations for people interested in gambling in online casinos and is not a provider of online gambling. All information available on the website is used only by information purposes and will not be treated as a legal consultation under any circumstances.

The site contains links leading to other external pages. The site has no influence on the content of other websites and does not bear any responsibility for such content. We recommend that you carefully read all the conditions of using external websites before starting any gambling.

The site contains materials protected by copyright, trade marks and other legally protected materials, including lyrics, photos, video materials, graphics, music and sound recordings.

The provisions specified in this section of the conditions provide protection of the interests of the website administration and third parties with rights related to the content of the site. In addition, all rights holders may exercise their rights specified in this document at their own discretion.

The website user is not entitled to make changes, publish, transfer content to third parties, participate in sales or order the creation of derivative products or to use in a different way, completely or partially, from the content of the website.

Unless the provisions on copyright and related rights provide otherwise, no materials taken from the website cannot be copied, distributed, transferred to third parties, published or otherwise used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the website administration or other legal owner established sole law.

  1. All content available on the Website, including images, films, articles and graphic elements (the list is not exclusive) are the property of disposers represented by the service operator or companies and third parties.
  2. The content posted on the Website may refer to characters and names as well as/or titles belonging to third parties for information purposes, i.e. in order to determine the relationship between names and a specific service to refer to products reviewed on the website and to describe a specific service/product to which the website refers.
  3. The Website User is not entitled to make changes, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in sales or assignment, create derivative products or other use, in whole or in part, any content and materials placed on the website.
  4. Under no circumstances of using the Website gives the user the rights to intellectual property owned by the website or any other third party involved in the website's activities.
  5. Any use or reproduction of trade names, trademarks, logo or other content or materials presented on the website is prohibited.
  6. The User bears sole liability for any damage, costs or expenses resulting from or in connection with any prohibited activities related to the use of materials or content published on the Website.

Statements on placing information (content) on the website violating the rights and legal interests of the ownership holder

The holder of the exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities (hereinafter referred to as the "rights holder") is entitled to ask the website's administration if the information (content) is identified on the site, which was placed without the authorization of the rights holder and notify about the violation of it / its exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities.

In order to address the website's administration, the rights holder should use the return form via the link: //

The application with a declaration of violation of the exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities for the administration of the website must be well justified and contain other information indicating the possession of exclusive rights to content.

If the declaration of violation of the exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities is submitted by a person authorized by the rights holder, a statement should be attached to a copy of the document (in writing or electronic) confirming his rights.

In the case of incomplete information, inaccuracies or errors found in the statement of violation of the exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities, the website administration is entitled to send a notification to the holder of the rights / his authorized person within 24 hours of receiving such a statement with a request to update the provided information.

Within 24 hours of receiving a declaration of violation of the exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities or information updated by the holder of the rights / authorized person, the website administration undertakes to remove content violating the rights of the exclusive rights holder.


This website, the content of the website and services will be provided in the state they are in, without any clear, alleged, statutory or other statements, guarantees or conditions. Users use the website, its content and services at their own risk.

The website hereby clearly excludes all statements, guarantees and conditions in any form, in any content and services established at any time, taking into account their guarantee. Commercial usefulness, usefulness to a specific purpose, lack of violation of intellectual property rights, accuracy, timeliness of providing information, completeness of information, compatibility, appropriateness, integrity, safety, confidentiality, clarity of property rights, practical usefulness, quality and free access, as well as all other guarantees Which may arise on the basis of applicable rights.

In addition, the website administration does not provide any statements, guarantees and conditions regarding the following:

In the event that no statement or waiver of liability cannot be applied, the expiry date of all applicable, alleged and statutory statements, guarantees and conditions limits the period of thirty (30) days from the date of use of the website, its content and services by the user. No guarantees apply after this period.

As long as the content of the website and its services provide the user with digital materials provided via an intangible medium, under no circumstances can the user question these conditions.

Limitation of responsibility

The user confirms that he understands and without any restrictions takes all responsibility and risk, which may result from using the site.

Website administration, employees, management, partners, shareholders and agents are not responsible for any defects or the end of the website's activities that would lose business information, profits or other financial losses in connection with all claims, losses, petitions, activities or other events resulting from the use of these conditions and their jurisdiction, including those resulting from navigation on the website, using it, access to any files or parts thereof, as well as as a result of all laws provided for in this, even if the website administration has been notified of such potential losses , regardless of whether such an event or defect occurred as a result of attacks on intellectual or other property, whether it was caused by a crime, neglect, violation of contractual obligations, or whether it took place due to similar events or situations.

The total total liability and compensation related to the use of the site, in whole or in part, or its materials, will be limited in cash categories to an amount not exceeding ten euros (EUR 10.00).

By entering the website, the user agrees that these conditions are subject to England's law.

The validity, interpretation and enforcement of these conditions, all legal relations arising in connection with the implementation or violation of these conditions or related to them, as well as all related legal relations are subject to England's law (regardless of collision norms). All legal or judicial activities regarding the validity, interpretation and enforcement of these Terms, all legal relations arising or related to the implementation or violation of these conditions, as well as related legal relations, will be conducted by courts in England. All parties accept the exclusive jurisdiction of these courts and renounce any reservations regarding the rationality or convenience of such competences. The United Nations Convention on contracts for international sale of goods (Vienna Convention 1980) will not be used to these conditions or in no way concerns them.

In the case of discrepancies between the provisions in the text in other languages and English, the English version will be decisive.

The user should accept and consider all necessary notifications sent to his e-mail address provided during registration on the website, if these types of functions are available on the website.

The user renounces:

General provisions

The User confirms that in addition to the provisions of these Terms, he has read the terms of use and other contracts referred to in these terms, and accepts the restrictions imposed by them.

Lack of results from funds regarding organization or control over strict compliance with the provisions of these Terms or related contracts by the website administration should not and cannot be interpreted as a waiver of any rights or provisions.

The User may not allocate these conditions for the provision of services and / or transfer the rights and obligations of the User under this contract to third parties, in whole or in part.

The website administration has the right to limit and / or prohibit the user at any time to use the site without prior notification based on their own internal rules.

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