What you want to know about roulette, but nobody will tell you. Roulette - tips for beginners.

roulette game She is considered the queen of gambling and, as a real queen, can be capricious and unpredictable, but for centuries she has been governing among devoted players. It is surrounded by a special setting, but also the magic of numbers, which also gained the nickname of the devil's game.

Once traditional roulette took place only at stationary casinos. With the development of the modern gambling market, traditional roulette It became available regardless of the place and time for all willing online players. Internet, software manufacturers for internet casinos and online casinos themselves, apart from greater availability, gave a chance to get to know the tactic roulette through playing for fun before the player starts playing roulette for real money.

You will play roulette in these casinos!

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Traditional roulette - what is this game?

Although the first roulette strategies can be found in ancient Greece, her The contemporary version was invented in 1654 by French mathematician Blaise Pascal. Based on his interests, the likelihood and during the search for Perpetual Mobile created a board consisting of 36 numbers. Two hundred years later in 1842, to increase the chances of the game organizer, 0 was added and the first casino in Monaco was founded. Americans, wanting to make the game even more profitable, added a second zero. For decades, many have tried to come up with the right roulette winning strategies to defeat the casino and many looked for special buttons, with which the dealer would control the spinning wheel and a spinning ball.

Avoid suspicious places offering roulette, as well as other gambling games. It is worth taking care of your safety and possible winnings. In Australia, you can legally play in over 50 ground casinos, and their current list can be found on the pages of the Ministry of Finance.

Similarly, in the case of online casinos operating based on licenses, the player's security and his money, both payments and payments of winnings, are taken care of. In addition, online casinos give a large range to choose from: from roulette a simplified mini gameplay plays, through more dynamic forms and types, such as a variety of French roulette, to live roulette games with a crumb.

Primer of concepts - traditional roulette

Dealer a Croupier - Both names concern the dealer, leading the game and the host of the bets, but Croupier is a French term. Spin - a ball throw, from the moment of throwing into the wheel to closing the plants. BET - a plant that can be for a single number (single number bet or straight up bet), on the line (Row Bet or Street Bet), red or black (Red Black Bet), even or odd (Odd and Even Bet) , for a column (column bet), to the corner, i.e. 4 numbers at the same time by placing the token at their point (Corner Bet). Low i High - Low numbers (low) from 1 to 18 or high (high) 19 to 36. Chips - Roulette tokens.

Discover the construction of roulette to know how to play

Two elements are closely related to roulette: Game and board wheel with numbers. The roulette was placed on the wheel 37 (French roulette i European roulette) the 38 pockets (American roulette), which a ball falls into. The pockets are alternately red or black, and zero is green (American roulette has two zero).

It would seem that the numbers on the circle are arranged chaotically, but they have their regularity. Mostly behind the high number is low, and behind the even number of odds. The numbers placed opposite each other are of a different color, and their sum is 37 or 39. The American roulette game has more transparent numbers on the wheel. On the opposite pages of the circle there are numbers: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, ..., 35 and 36.

Devil's roulette rules of the game

The sum of all numbers is 666 ? In addition, adding three numbers next to each other, regardless of whether it is straight or diagonally, until one number is left, it will always remain 6. For example, three last numbers: 34+35+36=105 going further: 1+0+5=6.

the same numbers as on the wheel are placed on the board. in three columns, divided into three dozen. numbers from 1 to 10 and from 19 to 28 odd are red and the other black. in ranges from 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, the odd numbers are black and the other red. by joining the roulette, we exchange money for tokens, which we bet on the board selected by us numbers. we can put one token on a full number, two numbers, maximally betting on six numbers. the more numbers we bet with one token, the less our win will be at the time of hit. roulette of betting and payments is as follows:

In addition, we can bet dozen and columns, twelve numbers with payment of 2 to 1 and external opportunities (red and black, high and even as well as even and odd) with 1 to 1 payment.

Where did such payments come from? It's simple, but let's assume that there is no zero.

Plant for one number: Let's say that we will put 36 tokens on 36 full numbers. There is any number, 35 tokens loses 1 stay. 35 do 1

By betting six numbers to bet all numbers on the board, 6 tokens are enough. We will lose 5 tokens and stay at the plant. 5 do 1

If you want to quickly attach numbers from 1 to 6 after one chip, you don't have to put them on each number, just put 6 tokens on the bet 1-6.

Roulette game is a fast and exciting gambling game. We bet our tokens on the board when the spin is on the ball, and when it falls magical „no more bets” We should finish the bet. A special marker called "Dolly" appears on the winning issue, after which the table is cleaned of lost plants. In a terrestrial casino, Krupier must quickly calculate the victory in memory, which is not so easy when we have e.g. 35*5+17*17+8*3.

3 main types of roulette

French roulette This is really the first, original version of traditional roulette. It is characterized by single zero and 36 red or black numbers, and inscriptions in French are placed on the board. The advantage of the casino is 2.7% tempting lovers of all kinds of strategies. In French roulette, after Zero falls, external opportunities lose (or, as the crucifiers say "retain") half of the value or stay for the next spin to resolve again. Using these roulette, the rules of the game casino drops to 1.35%. Roulette strategies based on external opportunities have, from a mathematical point of view, the best chance of success.

European roulette This is the most popular variety of roulette gambling combining a clear board from American roulette with a favorable arrangement of numbers on a wheel with a single zero. The numbers on the wheel and on the board are arranged in almost the same way as in French roulette. The small difference is in the way external opportunities are arranged.

American roulette. Not all of America is the best. The greedy friends from across the ocean added one zero so that casino profits were even greater. The casino advantage reaches 5.26% and if you do not treat this game as curiosities, avoid double zero tables.

The best roulette games

Roulette game - less popular types

MultiBall roulette, or roulette game, in which several balls are spinning on the wheel. It wins several numbers, and the plant is divided into several parts.

Roulette plays without zero. There are 36 numbers without zero on the wheel and board. Casino and player's chances are equal.

Mini, or roulette game containing 12 numbers.

Roulette strategies - 5 most popular

CasinobonusEstablishment year
Bob Casino€1002017
Genesis Casino1000$2018
Casino slots1500$ + 300 FS2017
Energy Casino1000 AUD2013
Betchan€400 + 120 FS2015

Roulette Martingale Strategy - It consists in double the plants in the case of losing. By putting 1 AUD on red, when we lose, we put 2, 4, 8 ... until the inevitable win. Everything may look beautiful if not for table limits. In addition, after the tenth unsuccessful attempt, playing in this way, we must put AUD 512 to get a win of AUD 1. In the case of losing, we lose AUD 1023 and we should consistently put AUD 1024.

Inverted martingale It is betting in the same way, i.e. double the plant, but after winning.

System the Oldelerte'a It is betting up or down by one fixed unit. If it is AUD 10 after each defeat, add AUD 10 (then 20, 30, ...), and after each win we subtract the unit (30, 20, 10, ...).

System Fibonacci This is a roulette strategy of betting according to Fibonacci 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ... Each subsequent betting is the sum of the previous two plants.

System 3/2. A way of betting on external opportunities as well as columns and dozen. It requires good knowledge of the number of numbers on the board.

Can you overcome mathematics? Game tactics

Tactics roulette was created as a result of mathematics on the probability account. The advantage of the casino is 2.7%, which means that when the group of players statistically places 1000 tokens on the table, after the game they will get 973 in payments, and the casino will earn 27 tokens.

Among the players in roulette there were and there are many excellent mathematicians and physicists. Albert Einstein himself struggled with this problem and He gave two crazy strategies Roulette to win: bet after falling the ball into the pocket with a number or stealing tokens when the dealer does not see. Of course, he summarized all the strategies he met in a humorous way.

If you were tempted by a casino attempt to fraud then remember about numerous security. In online casinos it is almost impossible. In stationary there are cameras everywhere that follow every traffic and it is forbidden to use phones or other electronic devices that can disturb the randomness of the game. If you are caught in fraud, you will probably find a special list and you won't let you into other casinos.

Roulette - tips for beginners

  1. Don't play roulette with two zeros. On a circle with one zero, the casino advantage is 2.7%, and using the external opportunities, respectively, drops to 1.35%. In roulette with two zeros, the casino advantage is 5.26%, and for the plant on 5 numbers, i.e. 0-00-1-2-3, it reaches up to 7.9%.
  2. Choose a table with the right minimum for you. With AUD 100, you don't have to start playing with a minimal value of 25. Look for one for AUD 1 and enjoy 100 tokens.
  3. Take advantage of external opportunities (red and black, high and low as well as even and odd). The payment ratio to the insert is identical to the other factories, but in the case of falling 0 you lose half of the plant or the fate of the plant decides the next throw with a ball (then the casino's advantage drops to 1.35%).
  4. Remember that the result of previous revs does not affect the next throw. If the black fell 10 times in a row, in the 11th game they still have the same chances of falling as red. Traditional roulette is a random game.

If you are planning a visit to a ground casino, take your ID card or passport. Each person joining the casino will be asked for an identity document for registration and confirmation of the age of majority. This is a statutory requirement very strictly observed by casinos, so as not to lose the license to run a business. Casino licenses are issued for 6 years, which is why their locations change often.

The situation in online casinos is slightly different. Players who want to get to know the roulette play and only play a demo version often do not have to undergo registration procedure. This one is required for real money. The advantage of online casinos is to choose a place to play roulette, which really depends only on you and your convenience. Good luck!

Tactics roulette - the most common questions. FAQ

1️⃣ What is the best way to test roulette strategies?

If you analyzed various strategies and decided on one of them, start by trying it in demo mode. Almost every internet casino provides roulette tables for free and there you can test the roulette strategies and check your capabilities.

2️⃣ Is there a roulette strategy of the game giving a 100% profit guarantee?

There is no one. Each roulette is a risk of failure. When sitting at the table, you should know how much you are able to lose and then move away from the game.

3️⃣ Can I play for free with a crumb at an online casino?

I don't think so. Free games are made available on tables where the roulette game takes place automatically. Roulette plays with a crumb is directed to players in Gambling games for real money.

4️⃣ Do online casinos offer the same roulette as a stationary casinos?

Yes and even more. In a real casino you have several roulette tables at your disposal and usually on each of them there are the same roulette rules of the game (they differ mainly in game limits). Internet casinos offer much more, because they are not limited by the size of the premises or the number of crisps. You will meet various types of roulettes there, so you should first test them in demo mode.

5️⃣ Roulette Strategy in action, which casino is better for testing and use, internet or ground casino?

A ground casino is a place full of emotions and amazing sensations. You will meet many people there who will distract you with the conversation, and alcohol served by the staff will certainly not improve your concentration. An ideal place to use your method, i.e. a tactic roulette in the game, is an internet casino. In addition, online casinos have many options for automatic re -betting, according to the scheme you adopted. This is a great convenience in the game.

6️⃣ American roulette, French roulette or European roulette - which one to choose?

Of course, choose French roulette or European roulette with a single zero. In addition, choose those tables, where, after zero, external chances lose only half of their value.
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