Blik today is the most popular online payment method in Australia. It is used for shopping in stores, mobile transfers and also to pay money at ATMs all over Australia. The huge popularity of this form of payment means that it enters the payment with increasing momentum in online casinos pl. In this guide, we tell you how to use this Australian payment system in the world of gambling. We will tell you which casino BLIK to choose and, most importantly, how to deposit with this method.

In these online casinos you can use a mifinity blik

At the very beginning, we would like to point out that this typical Australian payment method is unfortunately not very popular in online casinos. Only in Total Casino can we use it directly. In several other operators, we can use it indirectly - by connecting BLIK with Mifinity. This means that the casino provides the combined form of payment, when we include our Mifinity account through BLIK.

Casinos accepting BLIK and BLIK from Mifinity

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What is Blik?

BLIK is a completely Australian system, developed in 2015 by the Australian standard of payment (then 6 banks were created: PKO BP, MBank, Alior Bank, Santander Bank Australian, Bank Millenium, ING Bank Śląski). The National Chamber of Settlement is handled and supervision over payments. So this is a reliable method, behind which the biggest players on the market. In terms of safety It is difficult to find a more reliable and convenient method in Australian casinos It is difficult to find a more reliable and convenient payment method at Australian casinos than BLIK

Today, several hundred million BLIK payments per day are recorded in Australia. Many of them take place at internet casinos. Why? The reason is simple: BLIK payments are a method used in a banking application that enables transactions in stationary and online stores, ATMs, as well as making interbank transfers with one click. Transaction authorization using a six -digit PIN code takes literally a moment and the payment is made in less than a minute. All this means that it is used by players all over Australia. The ambitions of the owners of this platform reach further and already takes the first steps in international markets.

Blik in a nutshell

♠ ️ Date of foundation2015
♣ ️ seatMelbourne Australia
♥ ️ Contact with serviceOnline form
♦ ️ Page

BLIK in Australia and Europe

Although Blik is a Australian brand, it can be used on foreign pages such as online casinos. The reason is simple: thanks to the enormous popularity and mobility, Australian players willingly choose the payment products they know. They are associated with safety and when they use them on a daily basis on other occasions, it is easier for them to use them when submitting a deposit.

We will meet Blik deposit in casinos from Gibraltar, Malta and Curacao - the most online game homes for Australian players come from these regions.

How to create an account and how to use BLIK?

The use of BLIK payments requires having an account in one of several banks in Australia that are associated in the program (including Alior Bank, mBank, Santander Bank Australian, Bank Millenium, ING Bank Śląski, Getin Bank, Credit Agricole, Spółdzielcza Bankowa Grupa , Bank Pekao SA, PKO BP, BNP Paribas, SGB, T-Mobile Bankowe, Noble Bank).

The second important condition is to have a mobile application of this bank and an account in one of the above banks. These two conditions are necessary. BLIK works regardless of the operating system on the cell or tablet. Holders of Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, BlackBerry OS and other systems will easily benefit from this payment.

BLIK is used to make payments in AUD using a bank mobile application. Foreign currency accounts are not supported yet. To submit a deposit in the casino, we need a one -time code to confirm the transaction and we will present the whole procedure below. It's really easy!

Other applications BLIK include online payments and cash withdrawal from ATMs without a card, immediate transfers to the phone to other BLIK payment users and BLIK checks. If we use several bank accounts and have several mobile applications, we can use each of them at the same time. In the case of this payment, it is important that we do not have to register anywhere and set up accounts. This will certainly please people who are discouraged every time registration. All you need is a bank account and a banking application.

Blik at Australian casinos online

Why has Blik become so popular in casinos? This is due to safety and mobility. Most of us have a bank account and use electronic banking every day. It is hard to imagine paying in cash for all bills and shopping, the more on the Internet.

Online casinos are not ultimately different from ordinary stores - we also pay for a specific service there. The only difference between the store and the casino is that we can pay won - we will go in a moment. First, let's focus on submitting a deposit.

How to submit a deposit to the casino with a BLIK?

If we already have the app of one of the listed banks, we must log in to one of the casinos where you can pay BLIK. We will present the list of recommended game houses in a moment. So how is the payment process in the casino?

If we make payments at a mobile casino, it is worth authorizing the browser on the phone to approve such transactions. We will not have to enter the code later at subsequent deposits.

How to pay a win with a casino?

BLIK banking owners with the BLIK payment option probably wonder how you can pay the prize with this method. And here comes the disappointment: Unfortunately, the BLIK operator only allows for quick transfers between two BLIK users. The cash transfer from the casino to our mobile account is impossible. We admit that this is a great difficulty, because players like to use one and the same method during a visit to the casino. In this case, however, this is impossible.

Players remain using alternative methods, such as cryptocurrency or e-portfel. You can also pay a win by bank transfer or credit card - it all depends on the specific casino.

Fees related to the use of BLIK at the online casino

The huge advantage of BLIK is the lack of additional fees for using this payment. We put the deposit for free and the casino does not even download the proverbial penny from us. This is due to the fact that the cost of the transaction takes on the casino.

Blik payment from Muchbetter

We will not find BLIK payment in every casino. However, it may happen that the payment with this method will be available under the banner of another of payment operators, e.g. Dotpay, Przelewy24, Ecard, BlueMedia, PayU or Muchbetter. All these operators work with the BLIK payment system. These intermediate methods are checked and allow you to quickly top up your casino account. One of the most popular is the mentioned Muchbetter service. Using BLIK, we top up the Muchbetter account and go to the casino deposit - isn't it easy?

The bridge created in this way between Blik and the Casino is an interesting alternative, where you can't use BLIK directly in a given game home. One of the casinos in which you can use this facility is of course Energycasino. You can make payments at Energy Casino by using BLIK and Muchbetter. Below you will find a list of casinos using Muchbetter - so indirectly and Blik!

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The most common problems when using BLIK in the casino

Blik is one of the simplest methods of payment in casinos. Just open the banking app, generate a payment code and enter it on the casino website, and then approve the payment. Players rarely meet any problems. When the 6-digit code expires, you can immediately generate another one, so even in a place where there is a poor internet connection or bad range, we will be able to top up the account without any problems.

Blik at the online casino and security

In terms of safety, BLIK has no competition. The National Calculating Chamber and leading Australian banks are probably a sufficient guarantee that our funds will not evaporate when submitting a deposit in the e-cassinus. Two -stage verification means that an bystander does not gain access to our money while making payments. We really shouldn't be afraid of anything!

Blik Casino Bonus

Can you count on a small casino bonus for paying funds using a BLIK? The chances of a bonus in the form of free spins or several AUD exist, but they are not large. Players must be patient and check the most popular game houses in terms of promotion. The biggest benefit is rather immediate top -up at the online casino account. We advise you to look for an honest casino with a favorable bonus and deposit funds there - in this way we will gain much more.

BLIK mobile casinos

Blik is the essence of mobile payments. We realize everything with a mobile phone and mobile application, without a visit to a bank or at an ATM. When making a deposit at the online casino using BLIK payments, we have full access to the offer of games, from slots to roulette and playing with a lively crumb. Playing for real money also means the benefit in the form of real winning winnings, which we can easily pay with another method.

Why choose BLIK while visiting the casino?

Inhabitants of Australia and Poles abroad, who have an account in one of several banks on the Vistula, can easily submit a deposit with the help of a cell - this is the advantage of this method over even cryptocurrencies. Instant payments are mega secure - similar systems in the world like Soft or clarna have made a sensation in casinos and it is no different with the houses of the game for Australian players. In addition, BLIK does not require us to provide sensitive data, such as the address or credit card number.

Advantages and disadvantages of using BLIK in online casinos

We wrote about the advantages of Blik wider floor higher. As you can see, this method is not only popular, but also a certain, fast and safe. Our review, however, would not be reliable if we did not bend over the disadvantages of this payment system for a moment. And unfortunately there are several of them. Firstly, With the help of BLIK we will not pay the win - We must use an alternative method to make the payment. Secondly, BLIK does not support foreign exchange accounts. To pay with this method, we must have a zloty account. Third, we must have a mobile phone and an account in one of the selected banks.

So let's take a look at all the pros and cons of BLIK casinos:

Advantages Blik
No registration
Deposit without commission
Rapid payment
Possibility to submit a deposit from anywhere
A very safe payment method
The ease of use will satisfy beginner players and the elderly
Blik defects
No possibility of paying winning
The need to have an account in one of the banks cooperating with BLIK

How to find BLIK casinos?

Our sets of recommended casinos are created after a thorough analysis of all pros and cons. We spend a lot of time by testing all payment solutions, customer service and read the regulations (which does not release readers from this obligation!). We catch favorable and unfavorable entries in the regulations and evaluate bonuses in terms of their attractiveness. In a word, we do hard work so that our readers have access to legal, honest home games with a good bonus offer and a rich selection of BLIK automatic.

In the casinos below you can submit a deposit with the help of BLIK. So before we type "Australian BLIK casino" in Google, let's check the games below.

Online casinoRatingminimum depositMinimum paymentPut onAustralian side
Spinia Casino★★★★★50 AUD50 AUD2018
Volcano vegas★★★★★20 AUD20 AUD2012
Cosmic Slot★★★★★50 AUD50 AUD2019
SuperCat Casino★★★★45 AUD500 AUD2018
Agent Spins★★ ★★★20 EUR20 EUR2019

Alternative payment methods

Man is not alive. If we prefer greater discretion, or we have dollars or Norwegian crowns, Blik unfortunately will not meet our expectations. Other payment methods at Australian casinos come in the form of a bit, which is fortunately quite a lot.

Players have at their disposal a full range of mobile payments and cryptocurrencies, and among them popular Skrill, Paypal if Neteller. Some casinos also offer prepaid cards, for example Paysafecard, for which we pay in cash in popular chain stores - the latter method is especially recommended for people who, for various reasons, prefer to avoid the appearance of information about the banking transaction from the bank. Naturally, you can still use online games from classic credit and debit cards, although they are not free from defects.

However, e-portfers are undoubtedly the most popular. Comfortable services such as Revolut, Skrill or Neteller allow for a quick transfer without commission and without delays. The choice ultimately belongs to the players!

SUMMARY BLIK in online casinos

Australian BLIK payments are a young system and a method that requires an account and a bank mobile application belonging to the group associated in the BLIK program. Despite this, the number of transactions carried out by this method reaches hundreds of millions. In 2019, every 8 seconds someone paid BLIK for their purchases, services, or removed cash from an ATM. The availability of the service from the phone level provides great comfort for BLIK users in Australia. Some gambling sites already provide the BLIK Payment Casino option. Safety and speed of transactions are additional advantages. If the service continues to grow and goes beyond the borders of Australia, we predict its further successes. At present, she obtains a recommendation of our editorial office.

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Blik in online casinos often asked questions?

1️⃣ How can I find a BLIK casino in Australia?

First of all, we recommend the casino rankings on our website - you can find only casinos selected by us with an important license and a solid promotional offer.

2️⃣ What is BLIK code?

The BLIK code consists of 6 digits from 0 to 9, it is one -off and each time generated by the bank's mobile application, when we choose this payment method. The code is active for 2 minutes, at this time you need to enter it in the payment terminal, at an ATM or on the casino website to confirm the transaction.

3️⃣ Are BLIK payments related to additional fees?

It is worth checking the fees and commissions at your bank, because the BLIK payment system itself does not generate any additional fees.

4️⃣ Do I have to have a bank account to be able to pay with the BLIK casino?

Yes, it is necessary to have a bank account and bank mobile application. It should also be a bank included in the BLIK payment group.

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