Internet casinos offer A wide range of gambling For players from around the world. Roulette, video machines and card games are the basis of a good Online casinos. There is also a poker and online video -cooker in this set. The huge advantage of poker video over the traditional one is that Video poker will always pay us a certain amount for a given arrangement. In online poker, even with an ambulance, we can't be sure of winning. Video poker free games can provide you with really strong poker emotions without bluffing.

Choose one of many video games online from Best-aucasinosites, and we will tell you how to play the best in a video -cooker.

Here you can play a video -cooker for free or for real money

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What is online poker video and how does it work?

A good bluff can be won much more than excellent hand cards. Poker online This is an exciting game between players who try to outsmart each other, while keeping a poker face. Wins depend on the pool collected during the distribution and the ability to pull the tokens from opponents.

Wideopoker It is a game for one person in which only poker systems count. There is no element of competition, and the winnings are granted according to the machine's payout table. You can be sure that no one will outsmart you and you will not be fooled by someone else's winning strategy.

Video poker online This is an amazing combination of a machine and a regular poker. If you are a fan of both, you will certainly find yourself in this game. Cards often do not look like in a regular poker. They have interesting symbols, and the game in the video poker itself is graphically attractive. As a result, you are accompanied by many more emotions while playing than on a regular machine. The combination of these two games turns out to be the best choice for many players. Especially if you add happiness, needed in slot games and you also have poker skills. In the video cooker, the gameplay is based on the principles of a poker. Even if you meet various variations in video poker online you can rely on basic rules. From 5 received cards you can exchange any of them, and the winner will be paid by a video -coo machine depending on how strong your final hand will be.

Video poker terminology

The video poker automatic online has its own control panel. There are several functions on it, which will allow you to get to know a trouble -free game.

Five cards at the player (9, 5, 7, 8, j)District of cards by a device or a dealerSelecting cards that will be on your handsreplacement of cards not marked by the playerresignation from the further gamefunds for the gameWild card replacing othersaward*

* For the best layout in the table or additional pool collected by players.

How do you play video poker?

The rules of playing in video poker are not difficult. As in all casino games, we start by bringing a plant, most often by choosing a coin value. By joining the game we will be informing about the minimum and maximum bet.

Usually there are 52 cards at the waist and the player gets 5 from them (Deal). Our task is definitely which of them we will leave (Hold). We can select all or none of the cards. The cards that we decided to exchange will be replaced by others (Draw). Finally, we have a card layout, which is compared to the payment table. If our system is on the payment table screen, we will get the right win. Before playing the game in the video -coo, you should read the table and learn about its rules. Interesting information is the weakest hand giving payment and what a joker is.

✔️ Remember. If you have a pair, color, stit you need to mark these cards (Hold)! Otherwise, the whole winning system in the videoker will be replaced with another, probably weaker.

Basic strategies of the game in the videoker

Instinct with experience is important here.When getting 5 cards, we often don't know which one to leave and which to replace. Although we are not able to predict which cards will give the best arrangement there are some tips that allow optimal choice. Before starting a video -coo, check what the least paid layout in the table is and whether we play with Wild. Among the 2.6 million combinations of cards, you can arrange several regularities. familiarize yourself with this materialif you want to deepen your knowledge.

  1. Do not replace the cardswhich they gave at the beginning Poker, carriage, fula, color, stit if Three, it's probably an obvious advice.
  2. You have 2, 3, 4 cards matching Royal poker? Boldly List the othersand maybe you will hit a big win or high A couple.
  3. You lack 1 middle card for low streta. List allbecause you have a better chance of high then A couple than on Straight. If you have 4 cards to Straightwhich are high, replace one card.
  4. If Straight is open 8 cards will give victory, take a chance and replace this one.
  5. You already have A few, two couples the Three. Always try to strengthen the layout by mentioning the other cards.
  6. You got 5 different low cards. List them all And keep looking for happiness in a video coach. When there are some tall cards among the cards, leave them on a high pair.

Card layout, opportunities and plants in poker video

Before starting a poker video game, you should know What poker systems will we complete and get to know their hierarchy. This will allow us to make the best decision and avoid unnecessary replacement of cards. Looking at the table of payments in the video poker, it is worth noting that often a high card pays the same as a pair of aces. Most poker games have a similar ranking of systems. If we remember it once, it will be useful to us many times (sample combination in brackets).

High Card (High Card) - without a system, the highest card counts (K, Q, 8, 6, 3) countsPara (One Pair) - two cards of the same value (4, 4, J, 5, 3)
Two pairs (Two Pair) – (4, 4, 5, 5, 3)Trójka (Three of a Kind) - three cards of the same value (4, 4, 4, 8, 7)
Strit (Straight) - five consecutive cards (4, 5, 6, 7, 8)Kolor (Flush) - five cards of the same color (Kiery/Karo/Piki/Trefle)
Ful (Full House) - Three and couple in hand (4, 4, 4, 5, 5)Kareta (Four of a Kind) - four cards of the same value (4, 4, 4, 4, 5)
Poker (Straight Flush) - five cards following the same colorRoyal Poker (Royal Flush) - Poker consisting of cards from ASA to dozens

Crifting to playing in video Poker Online we ourselves determine what amount we will transfer from the casino to the machine. The amount as loans will be available as Ballance. We can allocate from 1 to 5 loans for each hand, and we will see the appropriate winnings in the payout table.

See how we've gathered for you in video poker!

Video poker varieties

Video poker free games are a whole series of various vending machines that offer interesting variants that diversify the game in poker. Most often we play 52 cards with a waist and we can stop or replace them with any amount. Depending on whether there is a joker or wild, the payment table may be different.

RTP of the most popular game games

Jacks Or Better97,3%PlayTech
Jacks Or Better98,4%NetEnt
Deuces Wild Power99,38%Microgaming
Deuces Wild97,97%NetEnt
Joker Poker98,6%Microgaming
Joker Poker96,07%Wazdan

After reading the various varieties of poker, it's time for questions. Which video poker to choose? Which video poker is the most paid? It is best to suggest an RTP indicator and compare in this respect all Video Poker Varieties. It is also worth noting that the same game can be released by two different manufacturers, and then RTP can be different, such as examples in the table.

How to win in a video coach?

It is difficult to find an online video machine offering such high RTP values as a video -cooker. It should be noted that these are maximum values if we make the best decisions. Trainer On is one of the most interesting options available in casino games. We will find it, for example, in the Jacks Or Better video coach from microgaming with a very high RTP 99.544%. This is the right way to test your strategy in the videoker.

What else will help you win in a video poker?

Video poker mobile games

Video poker is available in the phone and tablets. The mobile poker video is usually created very intuitively in such a way that every player can immediately understand which button to choose to start the game or a given function. You don't have to know the exact poker rules to play a mobile poker video. However, this knowledge will be useful to you when you decide to play for money. However, as long as you play a mobile video poker in the free version, because it is also made available, you don't have to worry about your funds. They will not be violated. You can learn a lot about this game with the help of your phone or tablet. If you don't have access to your computer, the mobile poker video is an option for you.

Video -cooker for free or for real money

You are ready to play a video poker, but you don't know how to do it? A video -cooker for free, without registration, is something that is available to every novice player. Try for free video poker automatic Deuces Wild, Jacks Or Better or Multi-Hand Poker paying with virtual tokens. When you lose everything, nothing will happen and you learn the rules of the video coach in practice.

Video -cooker for real money is the best next step. Choose one of the casinos available at the website and check the welcome bonus that awaits you for the first deposit. By using the casino offer we have for you, you don't have to worry about your choices. Best-aucasinosites has a list of reliable and safe sites with the best games.

Widepokera history

the history of the video poker has gone through the same path as the development of personal computers. the first primitive version of the game appeared in the seventies. draw poker was produced by igt in 1979, and its popularity increased in the eighties. the transformation of poker from the stationary version into an online version was not difficult, and with the appearance of online casinos in the mid -nineties, video poker gained its online version, e.g. free online poker without registration. advanced players have learned to choose the right game and properly use bonuses in the online casino to gain game and develop the right strategies. the online game has become more beneficial than playing in stationary casinos. check out other casino games: Black jack, roulette, Casino bone plays, poker, LOTTO, keno, bingo.

Video poker - frequently asked questions

1️⃣ What is the online video -cooking game?

Video poker online games is a combination of a machine and a regular poker. In the corner of the screen you can see current rates and information about the payment for individual cards combinations with interesting symbols, differing from the cards of traditional poker. When the player gets cards and decides whether he leaves or exchanges them. You can pick up your win or continue the game in the next round. Sometimes he can play additional rounds and win 2x more or lose everything. We recommend playing in video poker for free before you play for money.

2️⃣ Is there wild in video poker?

Yes, in some versions poker video on the Internet has Wild cards. The wild symbol replaces individual cards, but it is worth using them.

3️⃣ Is online video poker for free a simple game or complicated?

Online poker video is a simple and expected game. It cannot be compared to a traditional poker. Everything ц пкяу poker video online referred to by a random number generator called in RNG. Video poker has less possible strategies, you don't have to train too long to play. The player has the advantage of calculating a possible return before starting the game. The opponent in the video poker is a computer, but it is not possible to cheat it.

4️⃣ Can I play in video poker online for free without registration?

You can play the free version of the game and learn its rules before you play poker online for money. You will gain practice and skills playing in free video poker. You can even play for fun, because it's great fun. In casinos you can find different versions of the video poker. Some versions of the game are very complicated and differ definitely among themselves, so it's worth practicing video poker free first.

5️⃣ Can I play on all devices in video poker, also on the phone?

Yes, in video poker you can play on stationary and mobile devices for free. All you have to do is have a smartphone with internet access and you can play literally everywhere. This is possible thanks to mobile versions of games. You will play some titles after creating an account in the video poker casino.

6️⃣ How do I know whether to replace cards or stop in a video poker online?

Checking cards that appear on the screen of Poker online video machine is the most exciting moment. It is worth having a royal poker, which consists of ace, king, lady and 10 in one color. Then we will win and we do not have to replace the cards. We do not mention all the highest video -coo -videopoker systems, in the lower exchange is a chance for a better final system. When you learn card systems, you can easily recognize the hand -off hand.

7️⃣ What is the difference between mobile poker video types?

We get 5 cards and we can replace some of them for others or all. The decision belongs to us. In some versions we can play jokers, the joker replaces a given card and winning can be easier. Jokers, for example, are in poker joker poker. Another game is Deuces Wild, which has programmed Wild cards. Wild symbols replace other cards. Still other versions of the video poker are: TENS or Better (RTP 99.00%) and All American (99.37%). In the video poker versions we have a function known from vending machines - Gamble, which allows you to win really good money, but we take risks. The casinos also include video poker games online with progressive jackpot and the wins are huge. Video poker for free is a good option for the very beginning.
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