Delete the account in Vulkan Vegas casino You can in two ways. We invite you to read!

Players register at the online casino to win money. They must undergo the verification process and of course deposit the game. When choosing a service, they are primarily guided by a welcome bonus and this is the right decision, because it is possible to play the service of the site and receive free turns, with the possibility of winning funds in them. However, we always repeat to read the regulations thoroughly On the pages. Information on registration, data storage, security of bonus agents and security conditions is important. They visit the instructions when they have a problem and it turns out that they can not do anything about it, right is on the platform side. You can file a complaint, but this will not change much if the operator works in accordance with the regulations.

Dissatisfied players leave the website, sharing sometimes harmful opinions on internet forums. We always tell our readers that if the online casino broke the rules, they did dishonestly, they can apply to the institution issuing a license. Returning to the bonuses, players are looking for them on websites. Due to the fact that the welcome bonus is awarded one time, users register on several websites. In this way they become the owners of several, and record holders of up to a dozen or so accounts. After some time, they decide to close them, remaining only on one website.

You can delete an online casino account at any time, because this is the regulations of each site:

  1. If they do not log in to the casino for 6 months, it will be removed automatically.
  2. There are also so -called self -confusion, which involves ing with customer service [email protected]

How to close your online casino account Vulkan Vegas?

If you are a client of the Vulkan Vegas casino and you want to move to another operator, offering better bonus conditions, customer service or players enjoying good reputation, You can delete an account. You will do it using the buttons in the user settings. It is often the case that you have to resign in writing by directing it to customer service. You don't have to look for a special form, but all you have to do is send a message about your decision.

Personal data protection at the Vulkan Vegas casino

Be sure to mention that you want your personal data to be deleted from the system. If you have any reservations, you can mention them, but you also don't have to give reasons. Ask for information confirming that you are not in the customer database. This is very important, so make sure. Wait patiently for an answer, because you can only receive it after a few days. Remember, however, that the Vulkan Vegas casino defines in its terms that Customer data after closing the account can be stored for several years. However, they are protected and, in no case, not given to third parties.

Operators use this practice because it often happens that players come back and ask for account activation. They do not have to undergo verification again. Another reason is the desire to use starting bonuses. In this way they block users for a long time. The Vulkan Vegas website also stores data as part of activities against abuse. Some procedures are not possible to bypass, but the most important thing is that you remember to send information at [email protected], the decision to completely delete personal data from the system.

How to withdraw funds on the player's account in Vulkan Vegas?

On the player's account Money can be paid at any time. There are several ways, but you need to choose one method for payments and payments. Go to your profile and click "Pay"And follow the instructions. Within

Payment amount over EUR 30,000 (or equivalent in a different currency) will be paid to the customer's account within 30 days, starting from the date of the application, except for weekends and holidays, but not more than 75,000 EUR. In the event that the player plans to close the account in Vulkan Vegas, before he reports his customer service decision, he must first of all check the state of funds in the deposit. It is necessary to remember to keep the order, Payment first, then a message for technical support.

The platform reserves in the regulations:

"[...] The right to charge fees, subsidies or costs incurred before the account is liquidated. In the event that your account is blocked or canceled, the return is not granted, no other loans will be posted or converted into cash or other form of return, and you will no longer have access to your account. [...] The company may cancel your account, including username and password, immediately and without notification: if for any reason we decide to stop providing services at all or in particular for you; If your account has been completed; In the case of cancellation, suspension or closure, no returns will be granted, no other cash loans or any other form of return will be granted. "

For the above reason You should pay the funds earlierbecause they can simply be canceled. This is not dishonest, as some people think, because the player decides on the conditions that the regulations specify. It is therefore worth preventing the loss of funds.

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