It starts similar. We are looking for an effective method to win in online casino. Google comes to the rescue. We discover that there are groups where players exchange algorithms. Click, we read more sensational guides. Finally, a site with a recipe for winning seems credible and we like it - the number of comments speaks for itself.

The problem is that a person who reveals his secret demands from us a dozen or so percent from the win obtained at the casino. Ultimately why not? We agree. We log in to the online casino, using the given link, we read the instruction instruction and we make a bet. First one, then the other, then another. As a result, the deposit evaporates and we don't even have a few AUD for Cola in the wallet. And yet it didn't have to end.

The problem is that the algorithms that guarantee winning the online casino do not exist. There is no shortage of naive and every day someone can catch the promise of rapid enrichment. Yes, in the mechanical times of machines there were lucky people who managed to work out one or another bandit game. There were cases when several Americans managed to accumulate even good property before they were worked out by the FBI. In the time of online slots, the game is outlined virtually impossible.

Fraudsters use various methods to get money from us. Some time ago You could read on the excavation About fraudsters from Russia and Ukraine, who promised the generous wins after submitting a deposit in a specific casino. Of course, the guarantee of winning was own contribution - usually several hundred AUD. The winnings actually went to the casino account, but along with the request to pay with the beaters. "Invested" money was lost.

So how do online slots work?

Everything has its order in life. Each online casino game works according to a previously written program and has its own algorithm guaranteeing winning. But between Jackpot and our financial contribution are:

Casino mechanics may seem simple. We choose a game machine, put the bet and observe the spinning drums. If we are lucky, we win.

As the digital technology began to enter casinos, the process of determining payments also changed. Pulling behind the levers was no longer necessary, because the software replaced gears and latches. Modern algorithms of online slot machines work on a completely different principle than their mechanical predecessors. In 2021, the winnings no longer depend on where the latch on the gear will stop. Program calculating the result Games on online slots " guarantees that Everyone and each turnover has an equal chance of hitting the win. It stands behind everything RNG, that is Random numbers generator (Z ang. Random Number Generator – RNG).

What is RNG and how does it work?

RNG is a program that works based on the ruling algorithm. This is the main element of the game machine, which in the blink of an eye generates random numbers (although mathematicians would claim that these are pseudo -numbers) from 1 to 10 to the power of 220. Immediately after pressing the button for the RNG casino button, the RNG casino saves several numbers to determine, where the drums will stop. In video machines found in stationary casinos, the generator works both when the game is running and when it is not used.

This distinction is important because many players believe that RNG works only after pressing the button or pulling the handle. In this case, the random numbers generator constantly provides a new random machine to the machine and when we press the drums button, the slot receives the last few numbers determining the system of symbols on the drums.

Are these really completely accidental numbers? Yes and no. The RNG algorithm assumes a certain determinism, so in theory it is possible to break it. But this is only a theory - in practice it is extremely difficult.

No casino wants to risk their license or clients, cheating on a small advantage.

Do casinos cheat?

Yes, it happens. The perspective of "overclocking" games is tempting because it increases the casino's advantage and, consequently, its profit. However, most of them do not earn money on falsifying games. They just have to be sure that the mathematics used to generate random numbers works in their favor. This does not mean that no one can win. This simply means that the chances work in favor of the casino.

Who controls the effectiveness of RNG in online casinos?

RNG algorithms are checked for accuracy. This is dealt with by impartial research organizations that issue appropriate certificates of both game suppliers and casinos themselves. These include, for example, Casino Control Board, ecograpp or a Canadian company TFT. This gives sure that the program works correctly and eliminates the risk that one of the players will be cheated.

Can the RNG generator be hacked?

Each pseudo -numbers generator can be theoretically having: It is enough to understand the way it is actions and provide further results with some probability. In practice, it is more difficult than it may seem. Is it virtually impossible because of the technique of "permutation".

The basic numbers from the RNG algorithm are theoretically defined and cannot be changed. However, in order to provide better protection against hackers from the outside, from time to time these numbers are replaced by random numbers. At this point, the algorithm stops working and rotates 90 degrees. After this event, tracking results is impossible. There is no device that would be able to determine at what moment another number replaces a given number. Nobody has enough time and computing power to do this.

Is there any way to manage winning?

Theoretically, if we know the RNG result by understanding the algorithm, we get to know the winning field in the video roulette or the winning combination in the game machine. But it is only theory. In fact, it is more difficult than it may seem.

Random number generators (RNG) are regularly verified. Although the game has been fully verified in the testing phase, the audit is carried out by independent companies. They must be approved by the same jurisdiction in which the online casino operates.

The most trusted companies on this list are Technical Systems Testing (TST), ecograpp and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). Most often, verification is confirmed by an appropriate certificate in which you can find RTP values (return for the player) of all games (card, table games, slots and so on).

Access to the certificate can be obtained by means of a link located on the main page of the casino. The link is used for a reason. By clicking on it, the user is redirected to the company's website that deals with verification. How is RNG verified? A series of tests is carried out that should confirm the randomness of the results. In addition, it should be remembered that large audit companies are extremely sensitive to their reputation and are unlikely to be left and left with certificates.

Conclusion: Selling casino algorithms is just stretching the player

☝ So, if next time we find a "sensational" jackpot method in the chosen casino and slogans in the style of "proven machine algorithm" or "an easy way to earn on casino algorithms", remember that the money invested in this way will stay Simply lost.

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