RTP, i.e. the rate of return for the player, is one of the most important aspects of vending machines. If you are a beginner, you certainly focus a lot of attention on the graphic design, the motive and the simplicity of using such a mechanism. They are all important, but it is better to pay attention to more important aspects, which are, for example, Volatility and the rate of return on the player. In the article below we will focus on returning, because it is the players who should be particularly suggested during Choosing the right slot game.

You will learn what exactly the RTP coefficient is, what is the meaning, what games to choose and why it is so important. We invite you to read.

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RTP definition and what does it matter

The RTP factor indicates the exact refund of all money used to play in a given slot.RTP is an abbreviation that comes from English and can be developed as Return To Player. In Australian, RTP is simply a turn for the player. This definition should tell you how this factor works. It is expressed in percentage and usually is from 92% to 99%. Most of this money returns to players, only a few percent remain in the machines. It is worth choosing games that have the largest RTP, so look for a game that has a rate of return of at least 95%.

This factor is calculated on the basis of a thousand or even a million spins. This means that if a given game has, for example, RTP of 96%, you will not automatically get 96% from what you put in the slot. It would be illogical and this is not the case. From experience, you can already know that sometimes all the money is lost, sometimes you win up to 20 times more than you put in the slot. Sometimes the win is small, but large enough to regain your plant. So you see that the return is not the same in every case. It is possible that a person who plays after you will get what you lost. It also happens that one person gets money put in by 10 more players.

Game nameRTPSoftware supplier
Goblin’s Cave99.32%PlayTech
Ocean Princess99.07%PlayTech
Mega Joker99%NetEnt
Ooh aah dracula99%Bacrest
Cosmic Quest II98,95%Rival
Jackpot 600098.86%NetEnt
Joker Strike98.11%Quickspin
The Catfather98.10%Pragmatic play
1429 Uncharted Seas98.6%Thunderkick

This is because RTP is calculated on the basis of many spins, as a single player who will perform a maximum of several hundred spins, it will not work in this way. It is worth knowing, however, that you can feel the results of high RTP at your winnings. That is why It is better to choose slots with a high rate of return. In this case, there is a better chance that you will get a lot of cash back and it happens more often.

It is interesting that RTP can also be talked about in the case of card and table games, not only for vending machines. However, it is worth noting that this information is provided in a little opposite way. The casino advantage is given, i.e. 3.4%, for example. In this case, this means that the rate of return on a given game is 96.6%. This factor may change because of the various combinations and choices that the player undertakes.

What games to choose based on RTP

Each game has a different RTP coefficient, a different return will be different from NetEnt, Microgaming and vending machines from other manufacturers. This means that you need to check this aspect with each slot. We have already mentioned that it is worth choosing games that have at least 95% RTP. This is a kind of standard thanks to which you can count on more winning. As a rule, it is harder to win good cash from games that have a smaller rate of return, but does not mean that it is impossible, you just need a little more luck. However, if you have a choice, choose slots that guarantee a rate of about 96% to 98%. The game with a record RTP is Mega Joker, but it is worth be careful, because the 99% return is only granted when the player decides on a special game mode in which he will have to pay an increased bet.

Best online machines for the game now!

Not always high RTP means a good game

Game nameRTPSoftware supplier
Jokerizer98%Yggdrasil Gaming
Rainbow Riches98%Bacrest
Blood Suckers98%NetEnt
Blood Suckers II98%NetEnt
Kings of Chicago97.8%NetEnt
Pay Dirt97.50%RTG
Bonus Bears97.12%PlayTech
Jack Hammer 297.1%NetEnt
Thunderstruck II96.65%Microgaming
Immortal Romance96.86%Microgaming
Where’s The Gold94.90%Aristocrat
Mega Moungah88.12%Microgaming

However, there are some exceptions to the rule we are talking about, and in this case we refer to slots with jackpots. These types of games often have a very low rate of return. However, this is not for no reason. Games with jackpots They work in such a way that they take part of the player's plant and pay relatively less than other games.

It happens because Money slot machines These types are prepared by very high winnings for players. In this way, one or several players can win a lot of cash, and it is created because other players play and pay money. In other cases, however, it is worth paying more attention to the return and not to ignore its significance.

Not only in the case of vending machines

You already know what RTP is in relation to machines and card and table games, but it is worth remembering that the return is also used in relation to casinos, and it is calculated on the basis of all games and winnings. Not all internet casinos publish such information about yourself, so if you see such data, it means that you can trust him because he doesn't hide anything from your players.

Just like in the case of vending machines, it is best when you choose casinos with the highest return factor. Then you have a chance that you will succeed in this casino and you will get a pretty good amount to your account.


As we have already mentioned, RTP, i.e. the rate of return must be taken into account if you are serious about winning. It is thanks to the information about the rate of return that you will learn what you have to win and whether you should decide to play. Although such information is created on the basis of millions of spins, you can use it for your own facilitation.

Before the game, be sure to check the rate of return for the player, you can even try demo playing to see how RTP looks in a collision with a real game. If you know how to use such information, you will be a more aware player and it will be easier for you to choose the right games tailored to your style of play.

RTP machines online faq

1️⃣ Why do some win in the casino despite the unfavorable RTP?

RTP is a long -term statistics, which is why a single visit to the casino is too short for statistics to work. With a bit of happiness, it's not so hard to win. Only frequent visits to the casino and long sessions at the machines limit the case element (happiness), and the general results of the players are approaching the RTP of a given game.

2️⃣ How to check the RTP online machine?

RTP is often in the description or video machine reviews. In addition to the basic information about the game and payments, there is almost always information about RTP. For example, in Netent games, just click the "I" button in the slot. If you have difficulty, go to the Best-aucasinosites.com website and find the game you are interested in. We try to ensure that the games we describe have a table with the most important information about the slot, including RTP.

3️⃣ Why are some machines excluded from bonuses requirements?

You probably have encountered that when you get a casino bonus you have a list of vending machines on which you can turn bonus means. Slots in high RTP and a return for players are excluded, where turnover is easier.

4️⃣ How can we be sure that the RTP of online vending machines is correct?

Game designers mathematically calculate the thorough theoretical phrase for the player. Games must also be tested before they are released and after updates that can affect their parameters. Then millions of spins give information on how accurate calculations of programmers were and how large deviations are. In addition, online casinos are obliged to monitor the performance of the offered games. The main goal is to ensure the honesty of products powered by a random number generator (RNG) and achieving a planned return for the player (RTP). By playing in licensed online casinos from the Best-aucasinosites website, you can be sure that the whole process is done correctly.

5️⃣ can RTP be above 100%

RTP above 100% would mean that the return for the player is positive, and players paying 100 tokens to the machine systematically pay more. On slot machines it would be a mistake, very expensive for operators. However, there is a casino game that RTP 102%offers. It is a black jack using basic strategy and counting cards.

6️⃣ What about Casino Games with Live Klpier?

Like any random game, you can carefully calculate games with a crumb. For example, the return factor for the player in roulette is a payment of 36 tokens (35 Straight Up + 1 token on the number) divided by 37 number on the wheel. 36/37 x 100% = 97.3 and this is an RTP European roulette with one zero. For casino operators, Live Casino has a significant impact on the RTP of Live Casino games. Accurate shuffling of cards, their proper distribution and daily measurements of roulette wheels provide them with reliable RTP live games.
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