Wazdan is a relatively new brand that has been on the market for only 10 years. It is a valued company because it focused on development and innovation from the very beginning. The creators are game enthusiasts who show incredible creativity. Theme, graphic design, animations, music and functions - all these aspects encourage players to try the production of the Wazdan production. The developer is still growing in strength and focuses on creating products with great visual and high quality. The company employs 50 people who enjoy specialists in the field of game production. The study director is a Pole, and his team powers many of our countrymen. It is not surprising, therefore, that this company is colloquially called the Australian. Studio employees are open to suggestions and new suggestions, so players can the studio in the event of problems or to offer them new solutions.

All inklane slots are refined and you can see that a lot of attention has been paid when creating them. Each title has a unique theme, so every player will find a favorite game for his style. As the company's employees say: Games are our passion, and our fuel is imagination. The founders combined their knowledge and experience, which translated into success. Today, the company has an important market position and is included in high -ranking. Online casinos are eager to post on their websites Games And it is not surprising, after all, they are often downloaded.

Why are the games from the Wazdan so popular?

Video machines from the developer are most often chosen and have fans. Simplicity and speed of gameplay are also behind their success. Slot fans say that Wazdan is one of the few companies that knocks you down often (and sometimes after one drums!). High RTP is one thing, and the other is payments. The studio offers over 130 slot machines and is working on subsequent ones. All games are compatible with stationary and mobile devices, because they use modern HTML5 software.

The developer focused on sharing his games with various players, an example of which is many unique functions or "modes"which contain slots. Thanks to the modes, we can choose our own level of variability. With a slower internet connection or using an older generation device, we can turn on Ultra Lite mode in online vending machines, thus activating special animations and flashy functions in games. However, there are no progressive jackpots available, which compensates for the high rate of return on the rate, which ranges between 95-98%. The manufacturer's games differ from other market proposals, among others the possibility of changing the frequency of winning. We can choose smaller, more frequent, or larger and rarer wins. This operation allows us to adjust the level of variability: low, medium or high. In practice, this means that games give great opportunities to people with a small budget, as well as those who invest in machines more cash. What makes us happy - new and improved productions, which is not unnoticed, because the company often receives awards for the best product. Web casinos that have signed contracts with Wazdan achieve good results.

What distinguishes the slots from the Wazdan?

Games from Wazdan They are an offer for all users, regardless of their age. Interesting proposals will attract both young and old people here. The simple reason is that the manufacturer is not limited to creating slots for the young generation or one sex - the Wazdan focuses on diversity. Thanks to this, it attracts players who are also fascinated by classics. Great motifs, the highest quality graphics and great animations allow users to stop for long hours with free slots. The creator refers to popular and ancient and contemporary culture. Classic arcad, adventure, film and literary machines provide a lot of emotions and fun. We do not have to turn on the computer, because all you need is a smartphone with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and we will run the game in virtually everyone in place.

Slots from Wazdan have many original functions, which make the game extremely interesting and profitable. We have basic functions such as: Wild, Scatter, Gamble, but also bonus rounds, multipliers and many different options, such as: Volatility Levels - adjustment of the variability of the game to your own preferences, Buy Feature - allows you to buy additional bonuses in all games and increase the joy of the game, Ultra Fast - accelerates the rate of drums, Ultra Lite - intended for players with slower internet, Big Screen - expands the machine to the whole screen.

Wazdan productions are not only modernity, a multitude of functions and attention to audiovisual issues. We can buy special bonuses in them, which is an excellent option when we want to play longer and win more.


Wazdan is on its way to conquering the gaming market and reaching the position of one of the leaders in its industry. The very fact that he was in a short time so many successes testify to the huge professionalism of slots. The company is guided by original ideas and focuses on modern and original solutions. In addition to the excellent quality video machines, 3D, it creates new machines such as: Sun of Fortune, Burning Stars 3, Clover Lady, Unicorn Stores, Gem Splitter, Reel Joke, Power of Gods, Telly Reels, Choco Reels and many others. It is worth trying these games in a free or paid version, especially since the products have bonus rounds, multipliers and Multiways mechanism With thousands of winning options. Slots are easy to use, so everyone should easily find themselves in them. The developer also creates games for novices who do not know to the end what the gameplay on one -armed bandits is. And for those users who played in their youth on stationary machines, classic fruit is waiting, also available in the free version of the demo.

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