Each player is afraid in the back of his head that he can be deceived by his own casino for real money. This is rare, but you can really find cases in which we would undoubtedly go to the player's website. Each case is completely different and depends on many factors, but it is worth knowing what rights you have in this case, How to prevent you from being cheated and what are your possibilities. This is a very important topic and even if you completely trust your website, you always have to be prepared for such an uninteresting eventuality. We invite you to read to broaden your knowledge about gambling.

Avoid cheating

It is hard to say, but a large part of the matters that players call the "not fair" casino behavior, is really in line with its regulations. Unfortunately, some players, especially those experienced who are already members many online casinos, omit the step in which it belongs read the regulations of a given casino carefully. It describes every situation that a player has, what are his duties. If you don't like something or you don't agree with something, you can immediately skip this casino to avoid any problems. You can always find another casino in which the regulations are more friendly to players.

So we encourage you to study all points in the regulations very solidly before you register on the page of your choice. In case of any doubts about the content, you should immediately Contact customer service, you can do it even if you do not have an account on a given gambling page.

Remember that even if you discover something that bothers you after registration, nothing prevents you from deleting your account. Worse, when you can send money to the site, you will have to turn it. However, we always recommend Choosing proven casinos, you will find many of them on our website, all you have to do is get to know them and you decide.

How to prove a fraud

When it happens that you have been cheated at the casino, although there is no speech in the regulations on a given topic, secure all evidence at first. Take a screen photos, collect all payment confirmation. If you have come across a particularly dishonest casino, which we do not wish you, it may try to alleviate the matter by removing evidence, so you better not to get to this and prepare for this situation. If it is a good casinos, for example, on our list, it should not happen to you, but it is always worth being cautious, and the screenshots will be useful when you try to explain the situation of customer service.

This is the first step of every player after you get the impression that something is wrong. Present everything in the simplest way. If the fault lies with the casino, a good website will decide in some way fulfill your mistakefor example, it will propose Free spins or other bonus (of course, except for the earlier error). It happens that this casino was right (for example, the omitted entry in the regulations), then nothing can be done.

Unfortunately, casinos that are characterized by lower quality will rather try to displace everything, but will not show a point in the regulations or show one that is not related to your case. At this point you can turn to the institution, which has issued a license. Currently, each casino must be equipped with such a document. If it is not there, do not even consider the possibility of registration on such a site. One of such pages is, for example, https://www.mga.org.mt/. So do not think long and send a message to the license institution.

Check what license the online casino has. Contact the casino customer service, present them to them and write that if the case is not resolved, you will ask their licensing institution to clarify the situation. In many cases it helps. However, if casino agents still refuse to help, then put a letter to casino jurisdiction (i.e. an institution that has issued a license - most often it is Curacao or Malta Gaming Authority) with a request to look at the matter. Do not forget to join your evidence (which we mentioned above). Sometimes it is the final (but also effective) way, how to recover money from the online casino.

Depending on what actions such an institution goes to, you can always get something or at least warn other players (In the event of a casino, the license is very often received). Sometimes, unfortunately, the license has no right to force the casino to give you money. In this case, you have one more option.

Court proceedings

If you necessarily want to recover your money (and it was a large sum), it is worth fighting for it in court. Lawyers should know what to do in such a situation and what exactly can be called. However, it is worth knowing that If the sum was not too big, this is rather a game not worth a candle and you will lose more than you gain. However, when you mean not only money, but also about honor, it is worth taking a chance and lose some time and money, but only as part of reason.

Be sure to share your experience

Don't be afraid to tell about your negative experiences to other players. Describe your problem on forums and on known gambling pages that allow comments. Your situation for sure will help other playerswho, for example, were trying to create an account in this casino. It is also often the case that the gambling side, which can help you and be a negotiator, can be included in the dispute. Such a function, for example, performs Askgamblers, there are many other pages that work in a similar way. You yourself, before choosing a casino, you can suggest not only our review, but also with opinions on this type of pages to never have problems at the selected online casino.

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