Frauds in the world of gambling spend their eyes from many players. Online casino They quite rightly raise doubts with enthusiasts of vending machines or roulette - how can you check if our next bad run is the result of a lack of happiness or "overclocked" software? In itself, the loss of money does not scare players - it is an integral part of the bet. Worse, when suspicions of the integrity of the operator himself are born.

Virtual game machines You can hack the same as their mechanical counterparts. For what purpose? To increase the advantage of the game house. The player joining the machine with an RTP coefficient of, for example, 97% unknowingly throws money into the left casino piggy bank with a return factor of 80%. Contrary to appearances, this is not a rare practice. Honest, legal casinos, therefore, care about their image and allow independent inspections by specialized services. Such casinos, apart from having a license from one of the casino jurisdiction, like Malta Gaming Authority or Curaçao, also allow independent auditors to conduct software tests.

Among others, the organization belongs to them ecograpp. ecogra (ecommerce online gaming regulation and assurance) is an international testing agency based in london and an organization dealing with protection and standards of gambling. The company was founded in 2003 in Great Britain and introduced the first formal self -regulation program in the online gambling industry in 2003. ECOGRA is also a leading independent and accredited international arena test laboratory, a control and certification body specializing in the certification of online game software and information security management systems.

This company is not the only audit body that watches over security and honesty in online casinos, but as one of the few it allocates certificates honored around the world and controls the compliance of software with standards. Her tasks also include enforcement of the EGAP protocol. What is that?

EGAP, i.e. widely accepted practices in online casinos

The EGAP system puts special emphasis on Honest and responsible gambling, and EGAP requirements are enforced through on -site checks and continuous monitoring of online game houses. One of the criteria that players should pay attention to when choosing a casino on the web is the EGAP certificate - its logo means that we are dealing with trustworthy, reliable and safe online casino.

Ecogra’s Safe and Fair Seal - visible in the form of a logotype on the operator's website - is awarded to online game operators who meet the requirements of Ecogra’s Generally Acceptted Practice (EGAP), including Player protection, honest game and responsible behavior of the operator. Candidates are evaluated annually by compliance inspections carried out on site by ECOGRA specialists.

The ECOGRA CERTIFIED SOFTWARE SEAL mark is granted to software suppliers who are able to demonstrate compliance with applicable EGAP requirements. The creators of software or platform suppliers are assessed annually for the requirements of software. Controllers pay special attention to the IT procedures prevailing in a given company and the safety environment.

The company's activities in the field of self -regulation focus on the following policy goals:

How to find an honest casino?

Although players can never be 100 % sure that they will not be cheated, the ECOGRA certificate is a good sign. His presence means that the operator agreed to undergo an independent audit and that the result of such control was satisfactory. Because none of us can check if this or other machine has not been illegally "improved", this is one of the best ways to make sure that we play in a safe place.

This applies not only to the compliance of the declared wins with the facts, but also by payments. Many players feel concerned about playing in the online casino due to the moment of payment and payment. It is then that information about a bank account or credit card via the network is sent. If the page we choose is approached by Ecograph, then we will multiply on a safe connection with the cashier.

Ecograph in Australian casinos - summary

Not all frauds are immediately captured by law enforcement agencies. However, the ECOGRA logo on the website is a quality sign that guarantees that the player is dealing with a certified operator, which gives us an additional sense of confidence.

in case of problems with the operator, we can easily complete the dispute form on the ecogra website. of course, there is no guarantee that the case will be resolved in our favor and the ecogra organization claims that it cannot be released for losses caused, for example, by games with live dealer, even if they have their quality sign. however, with the support of a strong, independent partner, we increase our chances not only when reaching our rights, but also in the online game.

Casinos with the ECOGRA seal

Below you will find some casinos that have an official ECOGRA certificate.

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Remember that the results of gambling and factories are partly or completely dependent on the case. Play responsibly.

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