Legal internet casino works on the basis of a license. So if you want to set up an account and play, let's pay attention to whether the license number is given on the website. We can easily check it, just like the website owner. Permissions are the basis for the game, because the operator must meet the restrictive requirements to receive them gambling jurisdiction and pay a fee that is quite high. The entrepreneur must also secure funds for payments to players.

Receiving a license gives you the possibility of signing contracts with the best developers on the market and financial institutions. No self -respecting company will establish cooperation with an illegal online casino. If products are available on the platform from well -known gambling suppliers and proven payment methods, this is a sign that the website works in accordance with the law.

Players often approach licenses with a grain of salt, thanks to which they are really protected. We should know that everyone Internet casino subject control and audio. They are never left alone. If the controlling authorities find exceeding the rights, breaking the regulations or dishonesty, They suspend the license to the operator, which is associated with large losses, and sometimes the company's platform. Sometimes we are disturbed by the verification process during registration, but it protects against the game by minors and organized crime. Many rules are imposed by jurisdictions, and casinos must follow them.

When do they hang casino licenses?

It is necessary to know that if the license is suspended or withdrawing to its operator, it does not matter whether the case concerns a company listed on the stock exchange or a one -man company. If the casino is unfair to players, does not pay money or holds it suspiciously for a long time and controls it will confirm it, the license can be suspended. It is similar in the event of a leakage of data from players registered on the website.

Jurisdictions are very restrictively approaching child protection, so stating that the casino allowed minors to gambling for money, will take enforcement actions against the licensee, regardless of the internship of casino. Gambling Commission He is responsible before his government for the actions he undertakes, is settled in the work performed, which is why he conducts a lot reliable controls. Each operator is obliged to conduct game history, so really Everything is to be checked. Platform management companies know what threatens to break the law or jurisdiction conditions. Therefore, they must act in accordance with the regulations.

The license is suspended in the following situations ☝

Why were casino licenses suspended?

Situations when sanctions were imposed on operators have already happened. Today, many casinos are suspended and are waiting for the decision of the licensing bodies. For example, the bookmaker has temporarily lost the UKGC license for failure to comply with his duties related to preventing money laundering and non -compliance Code of Social Responsibility. The company did not meet the license conditions and did not prevent children's crime and play. Operators: Matchbook and Triplend did not fulfill their obligations, as evidenced by the published information.

UKGC also took action against Stakers Limited, which violated the license conditions. Another, well -known operator who had to suspend his activity because of this is the Every Dymatrix Software Limited. Information on the suspension or withdrawal of the license is made public.

It is quite unusual to suspend the license to Addison Global Limited by UKGC, only because of reports of financial problems and suspicion that it will soon become insolvent towards clients. The commission immediately carried out an inspection at the bookmaker, limiting the possible losses of players, in the case of payments if the rumors turned out to be true. The authority found its proceedings justified and, as it turned out, right, because the company was unable to process payments due to financial problems. As a result, the license expired and the company was bankrupt.

Why is the license to be suspended?

License suspension is the only effective way to stop the operator's actions that are incompatible with the conditions of jurisdiction. The commission is thoroughly investigating and if it detects abuse, maybe befitted the withdraw the license, ending the functioning of the casino. The amount of the fine depends on the offense itself. When he detects a crime of money laundering, sanctions are more serious. UKGC punished many casinos for improper implementation of the stages of counteracting this practice.

However, the Gambling Commission does not make hasty decisions. The suspension must be justified, there is always a serious reason. An investigation is also conducted in this matter. Operators do everything to prevent the license to stop, because returning to the normal functioning of the website is simply impossible. For example, Moplaya's website has been extinguished, and every suspension withdrew from Great Britain after hanging.

The Gambling Commission suspended the BGO Entertainment Limited operational license, because it had concerns that the activity could have been conducted contrary to the conditions of the license. Lack of consumer protection was a decisive factor in the suspension decision. The MGA Commission canceled the License for Smart Operations B2C games after the company violated the regulations, not observing the mandatory conditions required by law, did not meet the financial obligations arising from its activities or did not make payments to MGA at a timely manner. These are just a few examples, because there are really many operators who had to end their business

Why are penalties imposed for a lack of self -confusion?

Self -conflation allows the player to refrain from gambling for a certain time or permanently. You should the gambling supplier to exclude the player from gambling on time, usually from six to twelve months or even five years. All gambling suppliers must provide consumers with this possibility. Self -confusion is a free program, available on every platform.

Although it seems that it is not special, jurisdictions, e.g. British and Maltese committees for gambling are very demanding in this respect and impose penalties on operators disregarding such issues. Prophet and Sportito licenses were suspended. The operators did not take part in the general balance of self -closing program - GAMESTOP, in which all licenses from Great Britain participated. They did not join the program and for the absence they suspended the concession and the company's operations were controlled because they violated the license conditions. After the implementation of the software, Sportito regained the license.

The authorities approach the subject very seriously due to the protection of consumers against gambling addiction. This is a problem that many people can't deal with, hence this kind of help so that players do not go further into gambling, losing a lot of money. Internet casinos must also be made available to the addresses of institutions that help people addicted to gambling. Operators are required to support players with problems. However, if they try to skip these issues, they make self -confusion from the game, and thus, they can get rid of the activity license.

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