How can you know that Online casino Is it fair? This is the fastest to check after its license. Casino license - what is it? An internet casino license is a special document that is granted to a page that meets the requirements. Most often They concern the unkind the owner, a separate bank account for transactions with players, the presence of RNG and several other aspects. Each license requires something different. In this article, we will focus on what a casino needs a license for and what licenses he should look for in casinos.

What really gives a license?

Beginner players can loosely approach the subject of the license, they may not consider this aspect important. However, it cannot be hidden that It is the license that is a guarantee of the safety and honesty of the page. Having a license and confirmation of it should be the first information you check. We know that bonuses and a wide game base look more attractive, but they will not provide you with safety.

An institution that issues a license checks the casino data in many respects. Among them there is a way in which players are verified (their age, origin), how the casino intends to help addicts and minors, whether the casino protects the data of their clients well enough. The bonus system and all other systems that operate in the casino are also important.

Another aspect is the knowledge of the owner himself. The license is asked about all details about the business run by a given casino owner. Every detail must be presented to the authorities, it is necessary to determine who will be responsible for finances and for other aspects in the casino. In case of a problem, the institution will know who to turn to and who to expect the consequences from. If the institution notices that not everything is clear or regulated, efforts will be rejected.

An important point is that The license itself costs, often even tens of thousands of euros. In this way, the owner also proves that he has a certain amount of money that he can spend. However, efforts for a license do not end with getting it. A good institution still controls what is happening in the casinos that managed to get it. At any time, the license can be undone if it proves that the casino has ceased to meet its conditions. This means that at the right time the site can be closed so that it is not a problem for any players.

What licenses operate in the world?

Below we would like to describe some of the most important and most common licenses in casinos. At the beginning we will focus on institutions that are responsible for distributing licenses in Europe. Remember, however, that European casinos may also have licenses from outside Europe. Beginners are rather recommended to register to the cash register, which still have a European license. You will learn everything below.

Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA is the most famous and at the same time the most respected license in Europe. It is she who guarantees the highest level of safety to players of a given casino. What's more, the MGA license allows you to provide a very large number of payment methods with its players. This institution was founded in 2001, and draws its principles from British law, which is characterized by simplicity and restrictiveness.

It is an institution that not only issues a license, but later does not cease to control the page. The casino that MGA has under no circumstances can be accepted by players who already have an addiction story, and even more so if they are underage. If you are a player at the casino with this license, you will have the chance to set up limits for the game, a specific time, and you will be able to rule out very quickly.

MGA also does not neglect the issue of finances that must be efficiently regulated. In addition, this license can be acquired by game producers. In this case, games are checked in terms of randomness and honesty. The best casinos win a MGA license, if you were a player a few years ago, maybe you remember Bet-AT-Home. This casino was under the control of Malta Gaming Authority.


The vast majority of casinos on the Australian and European market Works under the Curacao license. The institution that has been publishing it has been operating since 1996, which is longer than MGA. However, this is not the reason why casinos decide to apply for a license. The most important point is that it is cheaper to buy and maintain. Not only the costs are lower, the verification of finances and general casino structures is also lower. Verification is not as in -depth as it is visible in the case of Malta Gaming Authority.

From this consideration, some players prefer to choose casinos that is recorded in the MGA license, because they can be 100% sure that everything is fine. This does not mean, however, that casinos with a license from Curacao are bad. Most often, they allow them a little smaller companies that may not have enough money to buy MGA. However, you must always remember that any problems can be difficult to solve.

UK Gambling Commission

Otherwise, this institution is also called in short as UKGC. This is one of the more respected licenses in Europe. It has been operating since 2005 and was appointed to bring order to gambling in Great Britain. Every casino that wants to operate in Great Britain must necessarily get a license from UKGC.

This institution is quite restrictive and will not give its license a party, which at least bends the conditions for receiving it. So you can be sure that the casino with the UK Gambling Commission license has been very well checked in many ways. Employees of this institution often check whether the casino still runs their business correctly. It is worth knowing, however, that this license has no power to give you wrongly requisitioned money.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

This license was very popular a few years ago, but it must be admitted that it is not as popular as it used to be. This institution appeared on the market in 2000, it can be known more widely as Agcc. Alderney Gambling Control Commission works quite well because he tries to learn everything about the owner of the casino who is applying for a license. He checks if he can provide players with a good playing environment and cares about their finances. Customer service and its high level are also important for AGCC. If you do not like how the casino with this license behaves, you can always turn to this institution, although history has shown that there was no such need.

Online game Regulation Authority

In short, this institution can be called Arjel. It is an independent group that issues a license in France, but casinos operating in this area are not obliged to have it. The institution began its operation in 2010 and at the beginning it was praised, but it quickly came to light that it charges more money from casinos than the owners expected. In addition, players believe that their finances are not well protected enough by authorite de regulation des Jeux en ligne.

Gibraltar Licensing Authority

Players quickly notice that many casinos got their own license from Gibraltar Licensing Authority. It is an institution that takes its function very seriously. Players can be completely sure that their finances and general security will be completely provided by this institution. After issuing the license, Gibraltar Licensing Authority often returns to the licensed casinos to check them again. If a given page has failed in something, you can always turn to the Gibraltar Licensing Authority institution itself, it is known for taking the opinions of players to the heart and is active.

Spanish Gambling Commission

In 2011, Spain decided to create her own institution, which will manage casinos in this country. As many as 17 Spanish regions agreed to such a solution. Players believe that Spanish Gambling Commission It guarantees them quite a high level of security, but he does not deal with finances, because from this Spain he has a completely different institution, headed by the Minister of Finance.

The Swedish Gambling Authority

The Swedish license may not be too close to Poles, but it is worth mentioning it, because it is one of the best and most respected institutions in Europe. As you know, Sweden has a fairly long history with gambling, but only in 2019 she decided to create her own institution giving a license. Creation The Swedish Gambling Authority It was a very good step, because one of the manufacturers blocked foreign casinos to Sweden. By giving a license, Sweden welcomed over 100 new casinos in one year, which likes to play Sweden, who are really a lot.

Gambling Supervision Commission

You may not associate this institution right away, because it is rather known under the name Isle of Man, like the place from which it comes. The government of this small island was one of the first to start issuing an official license, so at the beginning of 2000 there were many online casinos that had an Isle of Man license. Over time, this has changed, because many other licenses have been created, but you can still meet several casinos that wear a stamp from Gambling Supervision Commission. It is an institution where you can rely because it cares about the interests of players and helps them in the event of a casino problem.

Danish Gambling Authority

Danish Gambling Authority It was established in 2012, when the government decided to regulate the case of gambling in the country. Since then, this institution has blocked quite a large number of foreign online casinos, as well as producers, which was met with general dissatisfaction with players and cash owners. Danish Gambling Authority is divided into several smaller institutions, each manage its part. DGA actively protects its players against possible forgery from online casinos.

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

It is an institution that rather deals with a license in Australia. It has been operating since 1999, which makes it one of the oldest in the world. It is quite restrictive, it checks carefully whether the owner has not had any criminal past and whether everything is correct in the casino in terms of finance. Licencja od ACT Gambling and Racing Commission It is important in Australia and has official power. Players believe, however, that help in recovering lost money for a given casino is not always sufficient.

Belgian Gambling Commission

From the very beginning, Belgium had a rather strict concept of gambling. Any random games were strictly banned. Knowing human nature, the ban only made many illegal slots appeared on the market. Finally, the Belgian government decided to create an institution that will decide what games can remain on the Belgian market and what casinos are appropriate. This institution is called Belgian Gambling Commission. She is known for its severity and imposing quite high penalties not only on casino owners, but also on players.

Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies

This institution was established in Italy, where until 2006 the gambling was completely banned. A lot has changed since that year, because currently players can use many Poker, Bingo games, various types of races and others. However, before a given game or casino is made available to players, it must get a license from Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies. This is not an easy task, because this institution is known for its strict approach to games and casinos, as well as quite quick sending of foreign entities to the black list and imposing high fines.

Nevada Gaming Control Board

This is one of the oldest licenses in the world, and was created in 1955. Interestingly, gambling was legal in Nevada since around 1930, but it was not yet well controlled enough. To change this, it was appointed Nevada Gaming Control Board, which works only in this area. This institution checks whether all casinos, online casinos, as well as game manufacturers operating in Nevada are properly checked, and if they fail in something, they are imposed on a severe financial penalty.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

It is a commission that operates in Mohawk and issues official casino licenses that want to operate in this place. Sometimes you can also meet with casinos, which, apart from the license in Europe, also have a document from Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This means that they probably come from North America. Unfortunately, there are many opinions among players that are not very favorable about this license. They believe that it protects players only in theory, so if you think about signing up to the casino, which only has a license from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, we advise you to think twice.

The National Luck and Chance Games Council

This is an example of a license from South America. It operates in Colombia. The National Luck and Chance Games Council She is known for promoting rather national forms of gambling such as horse racing, lotteries or bingo, and preferably if they are organized by the state. Despite this, the license was issued to some online casinos, so players from Colombia can also taste a little different entertainment. With El Consejo Nacional de juegos de surte y azar you can , but any cash problems player will have to solve himself.

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