Craps pro review and experience

Every game in the casino, in order to be able to fully enjoy it, requires some experience from the player. This also applies to free bone game. For example, the Craps Pro (PRO bone) game created by the World Match supplier - This is a high -quality product with a nice design and easy navigation. In this review we will take a closer look at this. You will learn from it how to play, what playing for you and how to find yourself in the bone game at all.

Technical informations

The World Match developer decided to satisfy all real bone fans with the edition of the extended version, which is Craps Pro. This bone game has limits from 1 to 100 min / max. And it is ideal for the budgets of various players. All available bets are saved on a dark blue table of this free version Online bones games. Here you can keep your fingers crossed that you will throw away the natural 7 or 11 and enjoy the winning Pass Line plant, or get bone (result of the throw 2, 3 or 12) and celebrate the winning Don’t Pass line. All you have to do is choose the value of the token and put it in the selected area of the system. The Roll will start the game. As in many free online bone games, the results from previous throws will be displayed on the screen for your convenience.

If you know all the above -mentioned nuances of the bone games, we are ready to offer you something interesting. The first step from bones to fun games is to play bones for real money. Why don't you try happiness now? Internet casinos give bones very favorable bonuses, so it's worth visiting. Nothing prevents you from playing free bones and then prove yourself in the game for money.

Game functions

Free and paid functions do not differ much from each other. In any case, the winner is determined by both the fate and good strategy of the player, combined with his premonition. Craps Pro from World Match is a title that has all the necessary functions, hereinafter referred to as systems, known for ground casinos. Among the plants in Craps Pro we will find a must -have Pass line, around which the whole game is played, in it thrown out 2, 3 and 12 they win, and 7 and 11 losers. Don’t Pass is a similar system, to Pass Line, but in it thrown out 12 gives the so -called Tie and the so -called Push with a crumb. The Come Bet, which can be found in Craps Pro, is similar to Pass Line, but we make the plant when the point on the line has been determined earlier. The player's win occurs here at 7 and 11, and loses after throwing 2, 3 or 12, i.e. opposite to Pass Line. The Don’t Come system is an inverted come, the win occurs at hitting 2 and 3, and the loss when the player hits 7, 11 or 12.

Among the other factories in Craps Pro we will find Zaza On Pass Line, Odds on Come Bet, Field Bet or Big Six and Big Eight. You can read about them in our other reviews and in the rules of the game Craps Pro, which we encourage. It is worth remembering that each system is characterized by a different advantage - some plants give a greater advantage to the player, different casino, and everything is based on mathematical probability.

The plot of the game

Craps Pro is a proposal that is designed to reflect the conditions at the ground casino as best as possible. In Caps Pro we get the same view as in the basic version of Craps from World Match, with the difference that the table board is blue, in place of green. The developer did not try to change what he succeeded - distributing functional buttons, arranging tokens, a corner of the table view. If we feel like playing bones, then Craps Pro is an excellent option, because it will give the most similar feelings from the game, typical of ground casinos.


Craps Pro is a very successful bone reproduction that gives you the opportunity to play at any time, place and on any device with internet access. In Craps Pro we will find all the systems that are needed so that the game is interesting and you can win a lot. However, you should remember the advantage of the casino over the player at the given system, and play so as to avoid the indicated advantage. Strategy is very important in the bone game, so at the beginning it is best to play the free version to get used to the game. Are these the best bones on the internet? No, certainly not. However, this is a good title that it can be recommended with a clear conscience.

Craps Pro od World Match FAQ

How important is the strategy in Craps Pro?

Bones, it's always a random game. In Craps Pro, however, as in all bones, the strategy counts. The choice between the arrangement with the advantage for the player or systems, which, however, fall out, is the key to success.

What is the difference between Craps bones and Craps Pro?

The difference between Craps Pro and Craps lies not only in the color of the table. Games differ in certain plants and RTP indicator.

What is Proposition Bet?

Proposition Bets are bets that can be bet every time. Among these plants we will find, for example, 11 - the plant in which the erected 11 wins; 7 - when we hit 7; Ace of Boxcars - in which he wins 3; Does Horm Bet - the player wins when he hits 2, 3, 11 or 12.

What are the differences between the mobile game on the smartphone screen and the computer screen?

There is no difference. In Craps Pro you play the same from the phone position as a computer. The game has an identical interface, pace, factories and technical functionalities. The only difference lies in the size of the screen, which you need to get used to, and which for worse seeers can be very important.

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