Craps review and experience

Each casino game seems complicated for inexperienced players. Free bone game is no exception. That is why we offer you improving the skills of playing bone with Craps game designed by the software provider, the World Match developer. Thanks to this wonderful game in Online bones You will feel like a real casino. From this review you will learn why the game is worth attention, you will learn several rules and game mechanics.

Technical informations

Firma World Match It is famous for various high -quality games. Playing in the bone is another item on this list and it is your opportunity to explore the rules of this popular table game. The color of the system table is green and you can easily read the names of all bets available here. It is worth reading about them, learn the rules of Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line and other plants on the table. In this free online bone game you can start playing with up to 0.1 currency units and a maximum of 200 units. Even if you play bones for pleasure, it is worth checking the history of previous factories and define those that have achieved the greatest success. You can also do it in this game.

The Roll button in each bone game launches the game. A lot of internet casinos give giant bone bonuses, so it's worth looking around the "Promotions" or "Casino Bonuses" section and choose this casino, which gives the biggest bonus in the bones.

Game functions

We will not find any of the special functions in the game. That is why it is worth focusing on the principles and control panel. The game interface is very intuitive. We will find basic functions and the most important information about the game itself. When choosing tokens, we set our plant, and we roll the bones with the "Roll" button.

In Craps from World Match we will find several popular plants based on standard systems. Pass Line is a basic system in a bone game that needs to be placed. The game runs mainly around this plant and if we do not want to bet it, it remains for us to leave the table. Pass Line is a player plant against casino. His opposite is the "Don’t Pass" plant. At the ground casino, his betting is inconsistent with ethics, because it consists in playing a casino against the player. However, in an internet game, this is fully allowed. In Craps you will find Come and Don’t Come, which are equivalent to Pass and Don’t Pass.

The Against Strzelc plant can be set at any time, it is that we win when he throws 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12, and we lose when the sum of the stitches on the bones is 5, 6, 7 or 8. Payment in winnings always has a 1: 1 ratio, except for two wins. Hit 2, gives a 2: 1 win, and 12, 3: 1. The Palace plant consists in choosing numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Throwing the number smaller than 7 gives a win according to the table. The BIG 6 and BIG 8 systems are similar, in which we focus on appearing 6 and 8, and the hit gives a 1: 1 withdrawal.

It is worth remembering that, as in the casino, in the online game, the dependence of certain plants as to the advantage is the same. Pass Line or Zaz Bet give a greater advantage for the player, while BIG 6 or BIG 8 have a greater advantage for the casino.

You can read more about factories in the slot manual itself.

The plot of the game

Bones are a classic of the Craps game genre - a green table, with a white board with yellow and red descriptions of subsequent games. On the table, a pile of organized tokens and tokens, which the player currently plays. We observe the table at such an angle that we have the impression that we were standing next to it. The World Match studio tried to reproduce the situation as best as possible at the casino table, and it succeeded. It is also worth noting that Craps is a classic, but placed in a modern edition - it looks modern, but it is not exaggerated and works efficiently on every device.


Bones are one of the most popular casino and table games. If players arrange, they wouldn't even need a table. However, it is needed to analyze individual results, and he also talks a lot about the rules present in the game. Craps are a proposal for lovers of the genre, who, however, do not have time to walk on casinos or waiting for a party at the online casino. We run the game here and now, on each device and we enjoy full -fledged gameplay. You can play for money and for free, still enjoying the same impressions.

Craps od World Match FAQ

What is Field Bet?

Field Bet is simply a plant that we bet before the bones are thrown. Throwing 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 gives a win - 2 and 12 in a 2: 1 ratio, the remaining 1: 1. Hitting 5, 6, 7 and 8 is a loser of the player.

What is Pass Line?

Pass Line is a system in which the player wins if the so -called Natural, or 7 or 11, and loses, the games will hit "chaps" ie 2, 3 or 12. Hitting 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 makes them become points on the table. After establishing the point, he throws bones once again, when there are 7 points, then the plants on Pass Line are losing and the round ends.

Craps are better than bone in the casino?

First of all, remember that every video game is a reflection of the original. Therefore, other elements matter if we evaluate the online casino gameplay and in a ground casino. At the ground casino, we feel adrenaline standing at the table with other players. We will not see this in Craps from World Match, but we can play at any time, anywhere, which is not possible in the ground casino. And the "Don’t Pass" bet, in the Craps video game, nobody will be offended by it ...

Can I play a smartphone in Craps?

Yes. World Match has adapted its bones to mobile devices, so you can take your favorite game on a journey and enjoy the unchanging gameplay.

Play Craps in a casino for real money

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