Craps review and experience

Craps from 1x2gaming belongs to the next proposal of popular bones. Bones are a table game with unflagging popularity. From this review you will learn how to play Craps, why you should choose this title and whether it really is worth spending five minutes. It is worth first to get acquainted with the rules and gradually increase the stake to become a champion of this game - to win, you have to practice. From this review you will also learn why Craps are not a typical random game and how to play to win. In the FAQ section there are answers to a few questions that are worth knowing. We encourage you to read the review.

Technical informations

Deweloper 1x2gaming He is a producer of many great vending machines. His slots are known in every better casino. However, the studio also creates table games, such as Online bones. Playing in the bone is a fast game and in Craps from 1x2gaming also the game takes place on two bones. Live and detailed graphics, live animations - all this makes players willingly return to this title. In bones from 1x2gaming we can play pennies, as well as higher rates, having a choice of tokens 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100, maximally able to play for 200 in a given movement. RTP games are incredibly high because it is over 99.5%.

Game functions

Craps from 1x2gaming is a reference to a classic that does not guarantee too many functions. We can play it, betting in the game a lot of factories that refer to classic bones. Among them we will find an opening plant, i.e. Pass line. It is very simple, we throw the bone and when we draw 7 or 11 we win, and if 2, 3 or 12 we lose. Other numbers that are the sum of the points are converted to points on the table and open the way to further play. In the game, we can also bet on the Don’t Pass, which at the ground casino is considered unethical and therefore players should not bet on it, because it is a player. The COME plant, which is possible when points appear on the board, gives a 1: 1 win. Winning in this arrangement occurs when throwing 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

At the same time, throwing 2 stitches gives a 2: 1 win ratio, and 12 points 3: 1. These systems and several others give an advantage to a player that results from mathematical probability. In Craps you will also find casino systems, such as the so -called Hardy. Hardways is a plant in which we bet on dublores, e.g. two threes or two Fridays. It is worth avoiding this type of betting, unless we are already dry players. If we are just starting an adventure with bones, then we recommend sticking to simple systems like One Roll Bets. You can read about these and many other factories in other reviews.

It is often mentioned that bones are a strategic game. The strategy is a way of playing, which is very closely based on the analysis of subsequent throws. In Craps from 1x2gaming, we can easily analyze the history of our plays and winning in placed systems. It is mistakenly believed that bones are a typical random game in a 50:50 win (i.e. I will win or not). However, when the systems enter the game, in the form of Pass Line, Come or Horn Bet, the situation changes radically, mainly due to probability. The probability is already a mathematical calculation and if we add a premonition to it, then we can achieve really great results, and thus winning.

The plot of the game

Craps from 1x2gaming are another proposal of a clutching classic prototype. We will not find deviations from the original game, which is very reasonable - why change something good? The game is like a casino - a graphic design, a pace of gameplay and its principles, make you want to come back to this title. Kone kills, the readability of the game, the clarity of elements are all elements that make an impression from the game complete.


Bones from 1x2gaming are very popular among gamblers, because they guarantee experience almost like in the casino and a high RTP indicator. Graphically, the title is nice and complete. The gameplay itself is more dynamic than in many other slots, but it can still be too monotonous for some players. Nevertheless, it should be considered that 1x2gaming made bones, which simply constitute an option that is worth spending with a clear conscience a few minutes in life.

Craps od 1x2gaming FAQ

Why is bone game popular?

The bone game is popular because it is dynamic and its rules are very simple. Check yourself and see that you will learn all the rules in a short time.

What is Horn Bet?

The Horn Bet plant consists of four plants. Each quarter of the plant is focused on numbers 2, 3, 11 and 12. With hit 3 and 11, winning for the player is 3.75 to 1, and 2 and 12 7.5 to 1. At the others, the player loses.

Can you win a lot in the bone?

You can, but everything depends on the game itself. Some titles, such as Craps from 1x2gaming, allow you to play for low amounts, so you get a high win requires more time.

Co to jest One Roll Bets?

One Roll Bets are a one -line bets, among which you can distinguish, for example, Any 7 - seven wins, Twelve Craps or Two Sixes gives a win when we hit 12 - one throw, one win.

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