Craps review and experience

Playing in the bone is a casino proposition, whose popularity does not weaken, and even more, is constantly increasing. This is favored by various varieties, differing in plants appearing in it. However, to play well and win, you should read the game. From this review you will learn how to play, what playing for you and what they are characterized by. In the FAQ section we have explained some important issues in our opinion. We encourage you to continue reading.

Technical informations

The Nucleus Gaming developer is a producer of the highest quality casino software. NG published Online boneswhich are worth the attention of casino players. By default, for this type of production, the values of the plants between 1 and 100 were set. Standardization in this matter is quite right, because it allows you to plan the game without exploring the differences between successive games. In addition, such a vast fan, from 1 to 100 at the plant makes Craps a proposal for everyone - from players who like the game, as a game, for low amounts, to gamblers, loved a game in which you can win a lot.

The gameplay interface is very simple and intuitive - on the left we have an insight into the height of the plant and our wallet, in the middle we have the zeroing buttons of the board and bone throw, and on the right we have tokens with which we can bet on the systems. Your adventure with the game in the bone, it is worth starting with a demo game, i.e. free. Reading reviews such as this, additionally checking various systems in the demonstration game, we will slowly gain practice and become the champions of the game over time.

Game functions

The table will tell you the truth. In bone vending machines, it is the table with the possible systems that provide us with information on what to expect from a given game. In Craps from Nucleus Gaming we will find a large number of systems (functions) known from bones found in ground casinos. Although Craps is a machine, we will not find here even the option of accelerating the throw (the so -called fast game).

Among the systems we will find the basic Pass Line bet, which is the basis of the whole game that opens the game. In Pass Line, hitting 7 or 11 we win, thrown 2, 3 and 12 are our failure. Other numbers become points on the table, which take away an important role in the COME system - when the point on the table is determined (otherwise we cannot play it), then we can set up a bet, we win when we hit 7 and 11, and we lose with a result of 2 , 3 or 12. In this arrangement, the thrown 12 gives so -called push or tie.

Hardways is another plant that we find in Craps. It can be placed at any time, and its four systems are possible, which consists of four doubles - a four consisting of two two, six consisting of a double three, eight consisting of two fours and a ten consisting of two Fridays. We win when the bet launched in front of the sum of the stitches 7. In this game we also have the One Roll Bets plants, i.e. a one -line betting - we bet on the field, and after winning the plant stays on the table. You can read more about factories in other reviews to learn their rules. It is also worth remembering that some plants like Pass Line give a greater advantage to the player over Krupier, and for example Don’t Pass gives the advantage of Krupier over the player.

The plot of the game

The plot of the Craps game is simply a reference to casino bones. We look at the table from the position straight angle, at a certain angle. The colors are kept in beige, with an admixture of gold and white, emphasized black, and black. It gets the impression that the written systems are not written flat, but they have a convex form. The right play of light and shadow gives the impression that we actually stood at this table. The applied indicator of the possible height of the plants is nice, aesthetic and looks very elegant. Craps from Nucleus Gaming thanks to the performance became the next casino game and therefore it is worth starting this proposal.


Craps from Nucleus Gaming is a must for every bone lover. The gameplay itself does not differ from many other good productions, but graphic performance means that this game wants to run again and watch for the hundredth time how the bones are rolling. Is this the best bone game? Certainly, it is somewhat lacking in the best proposal, just as it lacks a quick game option. For someone who likes to watch bone movement, this is one of the best proposals, for someone who doesn't like it, the gameplay becomes monotonous. Of course, the fast game option is not something common, but if it was here, then Craps from Nucleus Gaming could be called a complete title.

Craps od Nucleus Gaming FAQ

Is bone game difficult?

In fact, it is not - you bet the result that you think will fall and bones are thrown. Then you either win or not.

What are various systems for?

Bone systems make them more interesting, and the game itself ceases to be based only on happiness. Various systems allow you to increase the player's chances, and at the appropriate strategy, even constantly win.

Why can't I bet this field?

You are probably trying to bet on a field that, according to the rules, can be bet later, as in the case of the COME plant. Read the rules so that you don't get nervous unnecessarily.

What are the differences between different bones games?

Bones from different developers are primarily different in appearance. At a later stage, it can be seen that some titles are slightly faster, e.g. when it comes to bones. Not all systems are available in every game. Differences also occur in the indicator, which is RTP, as well as maximum winnings.
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