Craps review and experience

Craps is a classic bone game characteristic of both ground and internet casinos. The supplier of the discussed version is the BetSoft company known on the market, which has been providing high -quality games and machines for the market for many years. Craps is available both in a paid version, where the player wins the opportunity to win real money, as well as in the demo version, which provides the user with fun and emotions, without having to take risks.

BetSoft enjoys unflagging popularity in the casino industry. His games are entertaining and passionate about players from around the world. Each is prepared with high precision and commitment, which is undoubtedly characteristics for this manufacturer. Vehicles and other games operating on BetSoft software can be found in the vast majority of both ground and internet casinos. This is excellent proof that the solutions proposed by the company are appreciated and desirable by fans of the casino world. Next to such games, you never pass indifferently.

Game functions

When deciding on a table game, which is Craps from BetSoft, the player gains the opportunity to choose its version. There are two playing opportunities in online casinos. The first of them, called casino bones, is a typical casino game. To start it, you don't have to wait for a real opponent. In this version, the player's task is simply to win with a computer. However, the second available mode is called street bones. Unlike the previous version, the presence of other players is already necessary.

The great advantage of table games played on the web is the fact that the rules in them are often more flexible than those that are found in ground casinos. In the latter, for example, there are precise requirements for the technique of throws. These should not be made with two hands, and bones must bounce off the edge of the table or cross half of it. On the other hand, the game online gives a lot more freedom and allows you to focus on the result rather than on how to throw bones.

Game rules

The fun takes place on a table typical for such games. Its most important attributes are two standard game bones, whose individual walls were filled with eyes of different numbers - from one to six. In the case of Craps, the most important role is played by the sum of points from both bones, which fell as soon after the player threw the latter throughout the entire length of the table.

Before players make throwing, they bet on their results. In the next step, the said projection takes place (the order runs according to the direction in which the clock's instructions move), followed by the wins. Most importantly, during Online bones games You can make various types of plants. In this case, we are dealing with a basic plant called Pass Line, and with Don’t Pass Line, Come and Don’t Come. These rules, during a classic game in a ground casino, may seem a bit complicated, but when playing on the web, everything is thoroughly written for e-play, thanks to which the game becomes more friendly for beginners.


Bones are one of the oldest games around the world. To this day, it is difficult to precisely determine when it was first played. No wonder that she quickly became one of the basic games that every self -respecting ground casino has been provided. Currently, when this industry successfully moved to the Internet, the famous bones could not be missing in online casinos.

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