The casino is a place of entertainment that has been devoted to have fun in it. There is time to relax, move away from everyday problems, kidnaping the possibility of winning. However, it is worth remembering that each place has its own rules and Casino It is no exception in this case. Not all players behave properly and are asked or simply admonished, which is not the most pleasant experience. If you plan to find yourself in the casino for the first time and play your favorite Slot, we have prepared for you a short list of activitieswhich you should avoid at all costs in this place. We invite you to read.

Stating the game of other players

In films you can see scenes many times in which the main characters play in roulette, bonesor other table games, and when large sums win, it is always accompanied by a wreath of people around the table. While such a solution is not yet the worst, it can peel, but it is acceptable and most people will gladly share their joy of winning. It is worse, however, when in anticipation of a given machine, you will sit behind the player behind, watching the action. This activity is considered a small elegant and do not be surprised if someone draws attention to you.

It's best to wait a little further or just go to another game at the momentto kill time. The player will not sit at one slot forever, so watch the queues and use the machine when he is free. If you observe not out of curiosity, but out of ignorance, to see what the game mechanism is, it is better to ask someone (it can be one of the expectant players or even croupies). Players are usually a group of helpful people, so someone will certainly explain how you can use a given game. However, it is better not to raise one of the issues, and it is it Question about winnings. Players may pick it up badly, because it is very private information, and if they do not share it themselves, it is better not to push.

Sliding too long at one game

This point connects to the first point, only this time the player is on the other side. You managed to sit down to the game you have already been waiting for for some time. You play one round, the second, tenth, hundredths. In the meantime, however, several willing have already appeared for the game, who would also like to try it that evening. FROMBeing long sitting at one game is considered quite rude, so if you notice more and more people waiting for your queue, it's best to go somewhere else.

It is best to determine in advance, How many rounds will be devoted to a given game And you stick to it. It is possible that you noticed that most of the points here correspond to slots. You can read about behavior at the table here, however, especially for our readers we will prepare some important information about the label also related to these games.

Reservation of a place with a slot

Some players use a practice that can be quite annoying to the environment. When I finally manage to reach one of the slots, they know that they can stay on it a bit, so they use their time, they don't have to worry about the queue anymore.

In the seat, they leave one of their things, for example a jacket, to point out that someone plays, and they themselves go to the toilet, to the bar, for a chat with other players. Sometimes they even go to take a queue in a different slot. It is also considered rude because it is taking away the possibility of playing from other players And they really lose their time. This does not mean, however, that you have to sit at the slot all the time, no one will admonish you if you go out to the toilet or you have to ventilate. However, pay attention not to take too much valuable time from other players.

Developing people about your win

It is known that after winning, especially the significant one, you want to tell the whole world about it. This is a completely normal reaction that most people feel. However, it is worth keeping this good news for loved ones, not players from the same casino, and there are several reasons why it is better to leave this information for yourself. One of them is the fact that other players can feel quite uncomfortable when they are still trying to win something good, or worse, they lost everything that day.

The news of your win is unlikely to improve their humor, especially since they are not loved to you. Another reason is simply Your safety. You never know who is in the casino. It is possible that among them is a person who willingly wins your win later, for example in the parking lot. So it's better to leave this information for yourself.


The casino label is not complicated, but it's worth knowing about some things. If you are in such a tabernacle for the first time, you can easily make mistakes, through which you can later be a participant in not very nice situations. In addition to our article, you can still get acquainted with others, where several important points have been added. Watch our entries and you will learn more about stationary casinos, online and valuable tips that will help you implement this world.

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