When a black cat runs our way, misfortune is ready. Although many players probably would not attach importance to such a situation, at Roulette in the casino We avoid a wide thirteen arc on the table when folding the plant and we are more likely to choose the number 7. The superstitions in gambling have a long history and under every latitude we will find interesting examples of customs and traditions that are to bring us happiness. They often tell us a lot about the culture of a given country or region and are associated with various legends or anecdotes from the past. Below are a handful of examples taken from life.

Crossed legs and crossed fingers

Something from the Anglo -Saxon yard. This is a well -known and very popular superstition, which is not limited to casino or gambling. People cross their fingers when they hope to tip the scales in their favor. "Keep your fingers crossed" - Anglo -Saxons ask before the exam or an important meeting, on which their future depends. Rather "He keeps his fingers crossed for someone" - but it's a bit different and tradition"Holding your thumbs"It dates back to pagan times.

The source of this superstition has a darkness of history. Historians believe that it comes from the time when the people were afraid of witches and the charms they cast. Due to the lack of a cross - fingers were crossed. This irrational belief has led to the creation of this contemporary superstition. Today you do not have to cross your fingers, just sit in the right position. When you someday at the casino, look surreptitiously under the table - you'll see for yourself.

Strait -eyed partner

If the crossed fingers are to bring happiness, this meeting at the table a cross -plating player It will definitely reverse fate to our disadvantage. In the time of online casinos, this superstition is rather sentenced to a thing of the past, but he is still doing well in stationary games. We sympathize with eyeglasses!

Only not through the main entrance!

Asians love gambling - it can be said that in many countries of the Far East it is a national sport. It is not surprising that they have a very rich tradition of gambling and the list of popular superstitions from this region is equally long. A real gambler in China to the casino will not enter the main door. So which way? The possibilities are limited: windows, rear entrance, or maybe through the chimney. If this is to bring Jackpot - why not?

Blowing on the bone before the throw

This well -known superstition in Australia is popular in many Western countries. It might seem that blowing or puffing on the bones is a silly custom, similar to rubbing the object bringing happiness. However, he actually came for very practical reasons. Some players are said They covered one side of the bone with a sticky substance that activated under the influence of moisture or heat. In practice, this meant that blowing or puffing on the ankle increased the chance of a throwing - it could help obtain the result in accordance with the intention. Today we puff before throwing out of habit - we saw this custom in the movies, or that's what our fathers and their fathers and fathers of their fathers did.

In the bone with the "virgin"

Relax, we don't mean such a virgin. Some amateurs Bone games They believe that the presence at the table of a woman who has never tried her hand at this game will help us win a great win. Is it really so? Try it yourself. And how to persuade a friend, wife or boss to a trip to the casino? This is a topic for a separate story.

Calculating money brings unlucky

We exchange money quickly to casino tokens, but if we have a few pennies left in the wallet, it is better not to take them out during the game. The point is not that someone will roll them from the nose. According to some people, this will not bring us happiness. Quite the opposite. We have no idea how this superstition has to play in Internet casino, but just in case do not look into your e-portfel during the game and hide credit cards in the drawer.

Regardless of happiness or lack of it, swinging money while playing in a real casino is considered a rude custom. A gentleman and a real lady do not have to flash with money. Their plants speak for themselves.

Unhappy thirteen and other numbers

In addition to the black cat, it is probably the most popular superstition in Australia and in many Western culture countries. However, the numbers have the fact that they gain different meanings depending on local history and context.

Red outfit

Apparently, red panties put on a prom are a guarantee of passing the final exams. In the case of the gambling temple - red wardrobe item He is to bring happiness. However, let's not overdo it with red. Dressed from head to toe in a red outfit, we will certainly attract attention and someone can take us as Santa.

Changing position during the game

Many players freeze in one pose during the game. Those who approached the table are standing to the end. Those who sat down - sit persistently to the last minute. Does the change of position really bring bad luck? Nobody conducted thorough research on this subject. We can guess that all this is rather a rock on springs, although people who won Jackpot after 5 hours of sitting on a chair will probably be of a different opinion.

Itchy hand

In Australia when A hand is itchy, apparently someone thinks about us. Supposedly. In Bulgaria, however, itching of the right hand is a sign that the money will not stick to us in the casino. In turn, itching of the left hand heralds that some money will fall into the wallet. What if both hands itch? Even the oldest Bulgarians don't know that!

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