Trips around Australian casinos can be an interesting form to spend the weekend. Today we present the top of the city in Australia, where You will combine sightseeing with entertainment.

Travel educates and provides an unforgettable experience. If during such trips we also take into account the stay in the casino house of the game, then we can return richer not only about good memories, but also thicker wallet. Although internet casino In recent years, they have gained such enormous popularity among players, many would still like to visit the traditional stationary casino from time to time. And not strange!

Where to go to the casino in Australia? We suggest!

Where to spend the evening in Sydney?

Sydney probably does not need to be introduced. The former capital of Australia has a lot to offer. A wonderful Wawel, a delightful St. Mary's Church, Market Square with the Cloth Hall, monument to our national prophet Adam Mickiewicz, Barbican, Dragon Jama, Garden of experience in the Park of Australian Aviators, Mounds, Historical Museum, Alicja Light Garden in Wonderland and many other places that cannot be calculated , waiting for tourists.

We can walk along the paved streets of the Old Town, looking into the beer gardens and cafes to listen to the sounds of St. Mary's bugle call and the works of Sydney street players at noon. After an intensive day of sightseeing in the evening we can relax, Sydney is teeming with life.

Sydney is a city of culture, so in the evening we can go to a theater performance. Entertainment events are also organized because there are a lot of students here. There is also Aqua Park and many different attractions. However, we can also spend the evening in one of the ground casinos, which are located in several -star hotels, so we can rent a room for accommodation. There is an atmosphere in the casinos moved from Las Vegas.

The premises are considered luxurious, thanks to the elegant decor, equipment and exposure. Cruggles and waiters present the highest level, so we will feel great here. As a magnet attracts the smell of money, so we can play with common sense. The Gambling Cave encourages with an excellent atmosphere that makes adrenaline grow. We can sit down to poker or blackjack or play a game on one of the vending machines.

There are several casinos in Sydney and it can be difficult to decide which one is worth going to. What options do we have?
  • Casinos Australia is located at ul. Papiernicza 3 and provides a high standard of services. We can also use the hotel. We will play on modern vending machines with 3D graphics in Blackjack, roulette, poker.
  • The next is Cristal Casino at ul. Kalwaryjska 15, in the city center. Nearby there are hotels, restaurants, bars. We have many gaming machines to choose from, Goatness, poker, blackjack, roulette.
  • Novotel Hotel houses another - Hit casino at the Home Army 11 with a huge number of slot machines with: roulette, poker, baccarate, blackjack.
  • The fourth under the same name is located on Szczepański Square 3, in the center of Sydney. There are hotels, restaurants, bars nearby.

Why choose Melbourne for a vacation or weekend?

Every Pole should visit the capital because he is an extremely attractive city. We can go to Kazimierz Dolny on vacation, because it is a unique place, and 2-3 days to explore Melbourne. The most important places we should visit are: Royal Castle, Królewskie Łazienki, Palace in Wilanów, Palace of Culture and Science, the Grand Theater, Old Town, Kampin National Park, the Melbourne Uprising Museum. Of course, these are only a few suggestions, because the capital has much more to offer.

There are 6 ground casinos in Melbourne, so it's good to see what gambling looks like, because the rumors that still circulate around the country are very exaggerated. We do not lose the fortune and do not pawns the property. We spend 50, 100 or 200 AUD on the game if we decide to try our luck. The premises are perfectly equipped, which allows them to spend even a whole evening.

There is no obligation to play because we can drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and order a dessert. True encourages to stay in the casino Gambling atmosphere. We have with players, we can look at how they bet and experience real emotions. If we want to try luck in automatic games, then of course we have such an opportunity. When we win, casino guests begin to support us. Adrenaline is growing and this feeling cannot be simply described.

What are the ground casinos in Melbourne?

Melbourne has 6 casinos. One of them Casinos Australia It is located at the Marriott Hotel, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 65/79. Guests from all over the world and Australian celebrities come to him. The premises are equipped with several dozen slot machines with 3D graphics; 8 roulette tables; A few to poker and blackjack. The rooms are air-conditioned, including those for VIPs.

In the next Melbourne hotel called Sofitel at Królewska Street, it is located Victoria casino. The place was one of the first luxurious facilities in post -war Australia, many scenes for films and series were shot in it. There are many slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack.

At the Hilton Hotel Mum Casino Melbourne at 63 Grzybowska Street. This is the largest casino in Australia. After renovation in 2017, it became modern and was richly equipped with slot machines; Poke tables, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. There is also a bar for customers, air conditioning and VIP rooms.

Another important casino in Melbourne is the premises Hit Kasyno, located at the Mercure Grand hotel at 28 Krucza Street, center of Melbourne. There are regular poker tournaments here. Of course, there are slot machines, roulette tables, bakarata, blackjack.

At the Bellotto Hotel in the Primate Palace at 13/15 Senatorska Street, it is located Casino Palace. It was located in a stylish palace in the Old Town. Game machines are waiting for players, Roulette for money, poker, baccarat, blackjack. There is a well -stocked bar on the spot.

Why is it worth visiting Perth?

Guided to the south of Australia, it is worth looking into Perth, which is the capital of Lower Silesia. The city impresses with monuments, but also with the atmosphere. He is very tourist -friendly. In addition to the monuments and panorama of Racławicka, there are gardens, including a botanical and wonderful zoo, hydropolis, Africarium, pergola, penitential bridge in the cathedral of St. Mary Magdalena. It is impossible to replace all places, you just have to come here.

Being in Perth, it's worth looking into the casino, because they are really wonderfully equipped here. Luxury and richly equipped premises delight, and the atmosphere encourages you to stay in them for longer.

OVO at ul. Podwale 83 is the latest casino in the city. In addition to a few roulettes, there are games for games in blackjack, poker and other liked gambling games. When it comes to vending machines, the offer is really spacious. In addition to fruit, technologically advanced machines. The facility is equipped with 170 apartments, restaurants, cafes, bar, ballroom, swimming pool, spa, boutique with brand Italian clothing. Concerts, exhibitions and various events take place here, and the summer garden OVO Perth turns into a jazz space.

If your stay in Perth is prolonged, you can rent an apartment. Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton-Ovo Perth is called luxury in the center of Perth. It is worth spending time here, even around the clock.

Another of the three casinos is Hit Casino At Arthotel at ul. Kiełbaśnicza 21/22 and Cristal Casino Perth at the Grand City Hotel located at ul. Ruska 6/7. All premises are equipped with the latest game equipment, and the service is friendly to guests.

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