Online casinos bonuses work on players like a magnet. No wonder - they were conceived as a marketing procedure that increases the movement of the casino. Thousands of AUD in cash, hundreds free spins, weekly cashbacks, powerful top -ups, tournaments with a prize pool of tens of millions. It sounds really fantastic. There is no shortage of naive who take every promise found on the web to heart. The effects of this are always the same: disappointment.

It is worth approaching all promises made by online casinos coldly - if we stick to this rule, we will avoid various unpleasantness after registration at home online. In this text, we will take a closer look at the Golden Mountains promised by e-casino, we will also tell you what to pay for in particular when searching and whether it is always worth getting caught on a promotional catch.

There is nothing in casinos for free

As the proverb says, there are no free dinners. If a company has a vision of great cash in our wallet, it will probably expect something from us in return. In case of Internet casinos for real money The matter is simple: the bonus in the form of cash or free spins is to stop players for longer. Some of them will play bonus funds and look for another opportunity, and a small percentage of players will stay. The benefit for the casino are subsequent deposits, not the amount of turns and money given away.

If we decide to take casino bonus, we must be aware of the conditions on which he was granted to us. They make not everyone use the start bonus and choose the game without bonus resources for their own money. So what does the casino expect from us after giving cash or turns after submitting the first deposit?


Money from bonuses and bonus spins goes to a separate account. If, let's give it, we submitted a deposit of AUD 500 and got a second in cash, we have a total of AUD 1,000. It looks good. But all casinos require us to play funds from the bonus before the deposit. Which de facto means playing them, we will tell you in a moment. Let's focus on our wallet for now.

The original AUD 500 paid by us remains frozen as long as we keep bonus funds on our account. The casino turns our money until we clean the whole bonus to zero. One takes one day, a few days for another. Until then, wins from bonus funds are illusory, because they are most often subject to quite stringent trading conditions. So what if we won bonus AUD AUD 1000, if they must be turned at best 30x before they reach our second wallet.

In this way we go to the second important issue, which is the condition of trading, i.e. from English Wager.

Bonus rotation condition

We have accumulated 500 AUD on our bonus account, but the casino in the regulations reserves that Wager in this case is 40x - this is the average most common in casinos. Each zloty from the bonus must therefore be turned 40x, which at AUD 500 gives us AUD 20,000 spent at the casino. We wish all players luck, but we do not know many who entered the casino with AUD 500 and left AUD 20,000 in their pockets.

In other words: The higher the wager, the more the chances of anything from our bonus will survive the next rounds of betting. As if that was not enough, some casinos use a double trading condition: for the bonus and for winning with the help of bonus. So we fall into a loop of requirements for betting both bonuses and a potential win obtained from betting on the bonus. We will probably lose both. And by the way we will lose a lot of time. Casino marketing specialists know players' weaknesses and know that after many hours of betting, the player finally decides to submit a second deposit, and then another. If we want to play coldly and we have set limits, sometimes it is better to let go of the bonus and play for our own money.

Additional bonus restrictions

Since we are already at time: suppose our casino tempted us with a greasy bonus in the form of, for example, 150 turns. So what, since the regulations specify a rather twisted policy of their allocation - they will be divided, for example, in 15 installments of 10 spins a day. This means for us nothing less than that our original deposit will wait for another 10 days until we use all bonus spins. Is it worth waiting? Everyone must assess it on their own.

It is also the opposite: the casino forces players to play the bonus rapidly, for example within 24 hours, otherwise it likes the crete. Not everyone has time and desire, so reading the regulations carefully allow us to find out whether the bonuses are worth the West at all.

Is it worth taking bonuses?

So what to do? The above examples are only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes not. If we have, nomen omen, sometimes and we want to play the game in which we are drawn to the marketing department - why not. If we can keep cool, then it is certainly worth using some bonuses.

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