The issue of the number of drums in online machines spends their eyes to players. No wonder - in Australian casinos for money We find thousands of slots, which often differ only in small details, and most often what is different from each other is the subject.

The number of drums is one of the parameters that determine the final combinations that guarantee winning. The most common are slots with 3, 4 or 5 drums. In fact, it's hard to say which of them are "better" - it's a bit like asking a cinema man if thrillers or comedies are better. This is Each His Own, as the Americans say - that is our own matter.

However, to somehow get out of the question in the title, let's take a look at some regularities among Money slots in casinos depending on the number of drums. The following rules are not free from exceptions and please treat them with a distance.

3 drums in machines

Slots with three drums go first:

Slots with 5 drums

Okay, what about 4 drum slots?

Well, we consciously jumped by one eye. Machines with 4 drums are somewhere in the middle. They are intermediate in terms of options, offer average winnings and have slightly fewer win lines than slots with 5 drums, but a little more than the simplest, three -one. Are there exceptions to this? Of course. As from every rule ruling the world of online casinos.

Even more drums

Finally, it is worth saying a few words about slots that do not match any of the above categories. After all, there are games with 6 drums (Germinator from Microgaming suppliers), with 7 drums (quite popular game Reactoonz authorship Play’N GO) and with an infinite number of lines (see Dorado Infinity Reels od Relax Gaming).

How many drums should you choose - summary

Does more drums mean more millions on our account? This question is equally justified as the question about the number of blades in the shaver for men. Those with three are doing really well. So where is the upper limit? 10 drums? 15? 25? This number does not translate specifically into the amount of the prize or how much money will remain in the wallet after the session. Both on the classic fruit and the new one -armed bandit you can hit the maximum win. The most important parameters of the game include the RTP factor. However, this is a topic for a separate story.

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