Unfortunately, Poles are not very common about Poles in gambling. Rather, we cannot boast of too much winners' guard, and some prefer to remain anonymous. However, there are several people who appear in poker rankings, and Among them is one person who surprised everyone, which is Dominik Pańka. He has been a recognizable poker player for several years and from the very beginning entered the world of serious gambling with a bang. Below you will learn how Dominik Pańka changes Australian gambling and what he did, what will bring him fame for a very long time.

Who is Dominik Pańka?

Dominik Pańka comes from Brest Kujawski, he has always been gambling. He quickly came to know the principles of the majority card gamesbut he particularly liked it poker. Dominik's ladies became very loud in 2013, when he began to take part in the most popular poker tournaments in the world. However, nobody expected that a year later he would be able to win one of the highest prizes in the poker world.

Winning for winning

2014 turned out to be one of the best for Dominik, although we do not diminish his later achievements. Certainly many people would like to start their year in the style in which this poker player did. He enrolled in one of the largest tournaments around the world, which was played in the Caribbean this year. It was No Limit Hold’em EPT Season X – PCA. This is exactly called the tournament PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. However, don't let anyone confused this name, this tournament was part of the famous European Poker Tour.

The entry fee for this tournament cost up to $ 10,000, which had to be a huge sum for a new player. Dominik has already won quite interesting sums of money in smaller rank tournaments, but the winnings were not high enough to cover up to $ 10,000. Dominik, however, took a risk and certainly nobody will be surprised, because for no reason we would not write about it, but He managed to win the first place in this tournament, which is a real feat for a very young poker player who is considered not very experienced by many.

Dominik won over $ 1.4 million for first place. It paid off to take a risk of $ 10,000 for such a sum. From that moment you can find many interviews with Dominik, many experienced players praised the winning of such a young player. No one was surprised that Dominik Pańka took part in another important poker event, i.e. No Limit Hold’em Eight Max EPT Season X Deuville. Nobody expected, however, that the same player, or Dominik, would be in the first place. It happened less than a month after the first tournament we described, and what happened was almost impossible.

Dominik surprised everyone, but maybe not himself, because he always looks very laid back and not surprised at all with his high results. At this point, however, not only the Australian some of the lovers of poker, but also the world's world boiled. The next first prize was awarded to the same person, this time its amount is almost $ 400,000. This means that within about two weeks Dominik Pańko won almost $ 2 million, and this is a big feat. This time the entry fee $ 10,000 was invested again at a very good at that moment.

Dominik Pańka as one of the most popular poker players

Dominik did not rest on his laurels, he participates in virtually all important poker events, even the smaller ones. His achievements can be followed, for example, on the website https://www.cardplayer.com/poker-players/262855-dominik-panka/results/overall?page=3& commit=Go. You can see that happiness is quite frequent, although you know how poker it is. It is hard to talk about happiness in this case, they are rather skills that have been acquired over the years of practice. Dominik undoubtedly has them and is one of the most popular poker virtuosos not only in Australia but also in the world. He has been awarded many times in various awards, and he does not slow down. People such as Dominik Pańka confirm that gambling is not only happiness, but also stubbornness and skills.

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