roulette It is considered a relatively easy game. The player's task is simply to choose one of the number or a certain group, put a certain rate on it and find out if the choice was accurate. Video roulette However, this may only look like when it comes to a beginner player. Every experienced person knows that playing roulette at an online casino is something more. So if you want to raise your game level and instead of being a beginner player, become the experienced one, be sure to read our article. You will learn quite a lot about two systems used in roulette in order to get the best results. We invite you to read.

Why use systems while playing roulette?

As we mentioned earlier, many beginner players may feel mistaken too confident when playing roulette. Being confident during the game is very important and recommended, but only when you have enough knowledge about a given gry. Before moving to a more demanding game, especially for money, so try to find out about the roulette of everything that may be important for the player.

In addition to the general rules of the game, it is worth getting to know the game systems. These are some kind of rules that players follow to win as much money as possible from one hand. There are several systems, and each has special rules that are not interrupted for the time of the game. Below you will learn more information about the two most popular systems and why it is worth using them.

System Martingale

This is the most popular roulette system that is most often used by beginners who want to learn how to use systems. It is very simple, so you can easily add some skill to play roulette. The player's task is to choose a simple bet. In this case, it is unlikely to focus on single numbers or even pairs. For example, all red numbers, even numbers, black, odd numbers are involved, less often whole columns come in, although people who like risk sometimes decide on them.

The player enters with a minimal bet and chooses his numbers. Most often it loses, so it focuses on the same numbers or on others (rather the choice is the same) and increases the win by two. If he loses, he increases at 2 again. The logic in this system is that even if the first plants are lost, when the winner finally appears, the player will be in the . The variance of this system is also interesting called the Great Martingale, where the rate increases not by 2, but by 3 times, which can give even more spectacular effects, but in this case, however, be careful, because it can take quite a lot of money.

The disadvantage of this system is that in some roulette games, plants have limits. Players can not just choose too large bet. So it may happen that before you get to the winning round, you will exceed the rate limit and thus lose a lot of money. So find out exactly what the rules of each game are, what you can do, and if you are a beginner, exercise a lot on demo games, it will help you. Players can find more details about this system

System d’Alemberta

Beginner players can very often mistake the Martingale system with the D'Alembert system due to many similarities. However, it may seem only to beginners, because after all, these systems are completely different. In this case, the game is that the player chooses his bet again. This time it does not have to be minimal. The selected arrangement of numbers depends only on the player. When the player loses, he adds to the previous plant the equivalent of the first plant.

So if your plant is 1 and you lost, then in the next plant you put it 2. In the next one will be 3.

Interestingly, however, When you manage to win, you go back with the plant for the value of your first plant. In this case, it is 1. You use this method until the plants are paying back, and you have won something up your sleeve. Hence, it is worth learning more about this system to use it correctly

It is known, however, that There is no perfect system, each of them has its drawbacks and the D'Alembert system is no exception in this case. During the game, the player's chances do not increase at all, as thought at the beginning. They remain the same, so be careful not to undergo this illusion. Many times it also happens that a good run turns into bad when the plant is decreasing and you are still winning. It is also often difficult to catch up in this system.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our detailed guide: Roulette game strategies.

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