Due to quite frequent changes in gambling regulations, you can feel a bit lost. What is legal becomes illegal quickly, rarely the other way around. Being a poker admirer, you are certainly wondering if regulations in Australia do not limit the players of the game. However, it is worth being aware of all regulations to later avoid any problems. So what does the case with poker look like? Can you play poker online in Australia? Learn everything below.

Why changes are introduced

The Australian government quickly noted that gambling, and in this too Poker online, develops quickly. Only a few years ago in Australia you could only be at the table and in various tournaments. However, current access to poker is much easier. There are many online casinos that offer their players the opportunity to play poker automatically and even live. Many people use it, but it wouldn't be so beautiful if all these options were available to Poles.

A few years ago, the Gambling Monopoly in Australia was taken over by the government. He appointed Totalizator Sportowy as the only institution that has the right to organize events and share online games. This means that Poles do not have much choice and can only choose poker games from the collection, which is allowed by Total Casino, i.e. an online casino created by Totalizator Sportowy. Unfortunately for Poles, a poker collection in this casino is not very interesting, and in addition only games are available automatically. This may not satisfy poker lovers who are accustomed to a different type of entertainment.

Where can you play poker in Australia?

Can you play poker online in Australia? As we have already mentioned, one of the exits is to register in Total Casino and use the offer of this casino. If it turns out that it is not very satisfying for you, then you can risk registering to a foreign online casino. Theoretically, this is not allowed, but if the casino has a license that has been granted in the European Union, then officially no one can prohibit players from Australia to use such services. So use various automatic games, games with a real crumb, as well as various tournaments that will certainly suit you.

Another solution is also to use the option, which is placing plants on poker on the website of the legal bookmaker STS. This means that you will not personally play cards, but simply bet on the result. This form is the most allowed in the case of plants, so you don't have to worry about any punishment. You can still participate in tournaments that are organized in Australia stationary, but you need to know that your rate and your possible win will be taxed. So don't be surprised if you have to give her part to the Treasury. If you want to organize a tournament (even among friends) and there will be money in the game, you must also report such an event to the appropriate instances.

What is completely legal?

Games for free are completely legal. It is known that they are often not as fascinating as a traditional money game, but for lack of other options, good and that. So you can easily use all the free games you can find on the web. You can also play live in poker, in a group as large as you want, unless money is involved. Such groups do not need to be reported by any institution and no one has the right to punish you for just playing cards.

We know that the current situation of poker in Australia is not the best, but the most important thing is that it is not completely banned. So follow the regulations imposed by the government, and you will not have to worry about possible penalties that can be up to several thousand AUD. It is possible that regulations will change for the better, because many casinos decide to buy a Australian license, so let's be of good cheer, and in the meantime we wish you good luck in the game.

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