For some time, the gambling rules have been a bit tightened. The government decided to introduce taxes to players who need to stick to it. A lot has changed for several years, and players have to get used to the new gambling. It is important to get acquainted with changes on an ongoing basis so as not to overlook anything. At the beginning, tax regulations may seem a bit complicated, even for experienced players. That is why We have prepared an article in which we explain exactly what fees every player will have to pay and lead to the Treasury. Read exactly what type of taxes you will have to pay so that you don't have any problems.

Who has to pay gambling?

In the new gambling act, it is exactly explained by who the person who pays taxes is. This is not just a person who organizes the possibility of using gambling games or various types of bookmakers, but also ordinary players. This may shake some people, but this is a fact. When you enter the game, you become a payer right away. It doesn't matter if you play gambling, lottery or betting. When you enter a single round, you have a casino account, you are a taxpayer. At the same time, you must be a natural person without legal personality, so it turns out that all players have the obligation to pay taxes.

When to pay taxes

The easiest way to answer this question can be answered by saying that at any time the player must pay taxes as soon as he decides to play in the casino for money. However, the Act does not stiff that it must be gambling game for money, it can also be a material prize. The player is safe when playing demo games. However, when he decides to play at least one game, he enters the moment of paying taxes.

Each player is obliged to pay for plants and winnings in: Games on machines and all random games. The latter can include, for example, bingo, cash and cylindrical lotteries, and even raffle lotteries. In addition to them, taxes are also collected for mutual plants (predicting the result of a sporting event or of a different nature), as well as for playing cards, i.e. bakarat, poker or blackjack. One should not forget about roulette, which is included in the random games.

What is the exact amount of tax during the game

The most important information for the player at this point is that he is covered with tax twice. The first is the general tax that you pay for just playing without taking into account the win. You can find large details on this subject on the official website describing this case, i.e. The amount of this tax depends on what kind of gambling you use. Exactly this sum is:

Players must remember that this is the sum that players pay for just putting the betu. This is not the most comfortable situation for the person who will put and lose. However, if you manage to win, you can enjoy more cash, but you will also have to pay another tax. This is the so -called double taxation. In the event that with the help of any type of gambling you win more or equivalent to AUD 2,280, you will have to give another 10%to the Treasury from this sum.

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