Enthusiasts is one of the the most famous games card around the world. Almost everyone played at least one round of this game, especially because It was placed in Windows software. However, not every player knew her rules and knew how to really play and win quickly. If you want to learn more about this game and improve your skills, read our article, we will explain everything to you.

Pasjans: Historia

He also had no entertainment character before, but divination.It is not entirely clear where the solitaire came from. Some people think that at first he appeared in the Balkans. It was used to predict the future and other activities related to divination. However, he quickly lost his magical character, and he began to be used simply to kill boredom.

Its importance has been changed by Frenchwho liked his rules. Later, he was already in the entertainment version to other countries in Europe, including Australia. Although there are several solid variants, its rules have not changed significantly for decades, so we can play a centuries -old game.

Rules of playing enthusiasts

The races of solitaire are not very complicated, but it is worth knowing a few rules before sitting at the table or to the computer. Those who have only been in with the application by applying on the computer may be surprised that it can be easily arranged from normal cards. Let's start from the very beginning.

Sinans are a game for one person, you can't play it for two, unless two decks of cards are spreading, for everyone separate. The initial arrangement of the cards is very important, so at the beginning focus. Over time, you will get used to it and you will arrange them on the table with each other. Sinans consist of 7 columns. You arrange them from left to right. The first column card is always discovered and the next ones are covered. So in the first column there is only one card and it is discovered. Then in the second column there is one discovered card and one covered.

You complete the next columns in a similar way, always adding one card. The number of cards in each column will correspond to its number in the queue, i.e. in the first column there is one card, in the third there are three cards, seven there are seven cards, the first is always discovered, and the next ones are covered. Cards that you will not spread are located in a pile on the side, then you will use it.

Your task is to arrange four columns of cards, in which they are in the right arrangement, and this is from ASA, which is closest to you to the king, who is at the very end of the poop. The exact arrangement should look like: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, D, K. If you can do it, you win. You need to postpone the cards from one pile to another, you can take one card, you can also move several cards, if you arrange 4 piles in this arrangement.

Exact rules for translating cards

Translating cards has its own rules. You can't translate one card from a pile to a pile, if it is not smaller than it. That is, if the last card is 10, then you can only put 9 on it. If you translate the card under which the card is located, you can automatically discover it. Thanks to this, you have access to another card that you can place in your column. As we have already said, you can translate one card or a few, but only if they are connected to each other, i.e. they are set in the correct order.

Also, do not forget about a pile of 24 cards that lies next to 7 columns. You only use it when you have no opportunity to postpone the cards to fit. However, you can't put these cards as you like. You need to automatically take 3 cards and put them first in the first three columns. You play until you arrange 4 columns, as we described earlier.

Finally, we would like to describe some tips that can help you win. The most important thing is that you set the goal you are striving for. It does not have to be arranging the whole column right away, but smaller goals. Take your time taking cards from the stack, before you do it, look exactly if you really can't postpone the card to a better place. The most important rule is that even professionals sometimes do not finish the game because they no longer have any moves. So do not break down that you cannot win, because it is also largely a matter of happiness to cards. We hope that these tips will help you in the game and we wish you good luck.

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