We have not heard any information about new, big wins in Australia for some time, but we finally lived to see. This is very good news for Australian gambling fans, because it turns out that such high winnings appear more often than you can suppose. Below we would like to provide all information about the matter, as it happened, when and in what game. These can be tips for other players who have not yet been so lucky. This win can also be a kind of inspiration that will awaken the fighting spirit in players. We invite you to read.

Another high win in Australia

September may not be associated very well, many people return from vacation, the weather begins to break down. Especially the date of September 11 is not perceived very positively, but not for one player from Australia, who managed to collect a really high amount that day. The player preferred to remain anonymous, so we do not know who he is exactly or what city he came from, all because of security. However, we know what sum has been obtained, and It is over AUD 96 million. The exact sum of this win is AUD 96 805 666. I must admit that this sum is huge, and the person who won it is amazing happiness.

Details of getting the last high win

The win was captured in Eurojackpot. If you haven't heard of her yet, we can say that it is a very similar game to our Lotto. In fact, Eurojackpot was launched by Totalizator Sportowy, which is exactly the same company that also deals with Lotto and several other popular games. It has also been working recently real online casinowhich is managed by this institution.

Eurojackpot is quite fresh in Australia, it appeared here only 3 years ago. However, during this time the game settled here quite well and it is quite often chosen by Australian players. It has a lot in common with LOTTO, its rules are very similar, maybe even a little simpler. In this case, there are 50 numbers on the blank, and the player's task is to choose five from among them. Next to them there is an additional 10 numbers, and from these you need to choose only 2. The draw is done every Friday, the form can be filled online or in a kiosk.

There is one more thing that distinguishes Eurojackpot from Lotto and other games of this type, and this is the fact that It is not organized only in Australia, but in several European countries. It is thanks to this that the winnings can grow up to such great amounts as the latter. The more participants, the more money can be accumulated to the main win. The guaranteed prize is EUR 10 million, the rest are simply accessories from players. It should also be taken into account that a single coupon for this lottery costs AUD 12.50, which is a sum greater than in Lotto, but the sums to win are incomparably larger, so maybe it's worth the risk.

Winning coupon from Australia

We don't know much about the person who managed to win a dizzying sum of over AUD 96 million, but we know exactly what numbers he won. They were numbers 2, 5, 24, 43 i 45. Two additional numbers were 10 and 4. It is not worth suggesting this set, because there is a very little probability that these numbers will repeat. It is worth trying your happiness in Eurojackpot for such sums. It is also worth knowing that in addition to the main prizes, there are also such further degrees. Winning even the last degree in this case was over AUD 13,000, so even if you don't hit the main win, you can enjoy a fairly large sum.

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