There are many players who decide to play on a given machine only because it offers Jackpot function. Games with Jackpots are one of the most popular on the market. In the article below we will tell you a bit about vending machines with jackpots, how they work, what they can offer. At the end we also have information that most players should please. So read to the end, and you will be armed with very useful knowledge, and you will also have the opportunity to win a quite interesting sum.

The concept of jackpot and its types

You certainly already know that Jackpot is the largest sum that the machine can offer to the player. It is usually much higher than the prizes proposed by ordinary clusters, which can be easily won during the game. However, you must know that the concept of jackpot is not so single. There are many games that offer such a function, but it is presented in a slightly different way. Below you will find out what distinguishes them.

Ordinary jackpot

This type of jackpot is in advance established by the manufacturer of a given game. This means that it has one specific sum and nothing can change it. You can often draw it by special arrangement of symbols (usually those of the highest value). Sometimes, to get it, you only need to draw a scatter. However, you must know that Jackpot does not always mean a very high sum. Some slots offer rates that are not too high, for example, 30 euros. Usually these are classic vending machines, which usually did not guarantee larger sums.

Progressive jackpot

This type of jackpot is the most exciting because its rate can become very high. Slots that offer progressive jackpot have gone down in history and are very popular. No wonder, everyone would like to get the sums they guarantee. The most famous slots with progressive jackpot are Mega Moungah, Mega Moolah Isis oraz Treasure Nile. Each player adds his brick to the main win. Exactly that The money of all players create the main sum, which is often up to several million AUD.

This is also the reason why jackpot machines have lower RTP. It is usually about 97 percent, some slots even have a higher return value. In turn, gambling machines with high main winners have an RTP at about 95 or even 94 percent, which is generally considered low. In this case, however, this is understandable, most of this money goes to the main win, which, as we have already mentioned, can be very high.

Ways to get Jackpot

The progressive jackpot mechanism may be different in each machine. Very often a given sum is guaranteed, and the rest is added by players. Many slots have more than one jackpot. They are most often called in relation to their sum, i.e. they can be MThis is Jackpot, Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and so on. There may be several ways in which you draw a given jackpot. In some vending machines, after drawing special symbols, you are transferred to the wheel of a fortune. Then you shoot and you can either draw one of the jackpots or a given sum, sometimes free spins. Some fortune wheels are multi -level to get to the largest jackpot, you need to turn it off several times.

It happens that Jackpot and its name are simply hidden among the symbols. All you have to do is draw several the same symbols (usually 3) to get it. Some slots order the player to collect some special items that appear on the screen, and after getting the whole set you get the sum of one of the jackpots. There is one more way, namely, after drawing a happy cluster, you are transferred to the screen with many tiles. Your task is to discover them, and if you find two or three identical names of jackpots (mega, mini etc.) or their sums, they belong to you. We hope you will have enough luck to get at least one of them.

Mega Moolah in Kasyno Betsson

At the very end we have a surprise for you, which we mentioned earlier. A cult slot with progressive jackpot, i.e. the already mentioned mega moolah and kasyno Betsson They joined their forces. At the moment, the machine has to offer until 53 million AUD. For some time, no one has managed to draw the main jackpot, so this sum has slowly grown, and now you can get a lot of money.

The promotion in Betsson is that 30 people who played the game immediately before winning the main Jackpot will share up to AUD 120,000, which is AUD 4,000 for each. It is not known when someone can draw a jackpot, which is why this promotion has no official end. So let's keep your finger on the pulse and playing in Mega Moolah, which, despite the very poor RTP, can bring you a millionth win.

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