Registration at the online casino is based on entering personal data about yourself in empty fields in a special form. The procedure seems simple and fast, which is important for players who want to go to their favorite slots as soon as possible and play in the casino for money.

Casinos ask for only real data and have a reason for this. If you want to find out what will happen when you enter the incorrect data, what are the consequences and how you can fix it, be sure to read our article. We placed all the details of the incorrect entering of data to Online casinos.

What data is needed when registering at the online casino

Registration at the online casino is usually limited to completing a fairly short form, in which the most important information is:

Sometimes additional questions arise, for example about gender, but usually the answer is not required. Of course, each player can set his own login and password, here the imagination can bear the player, and even should, because in the popular online casino it may turn out that simple logins are already occupied. It is also worth thinking about a particularly strong slogan that will not be broken by anyone. The player's data in online casinos is particularly well encrypted, but if someone guesses your password, it will be hard to protect your account.

Entering incorrect data when registering

It may happen that you accidentally make a mistake when entering your name, e-mail or other information. If it is an ordinary typos, this problem can most often be solved very easily. It is often enough to inform customer service about a given error, which should quickly fix this error. It is worse, however, if it turns out that you have entered the wrong date of birth or a completely different name or surname. In this case, the casino may be suspected that your mistake was deliberate and may be suspicious of you. You can read more about it here: It is worth getting acquainted with such accurate information.

Sometimes you will have to immediately send them your documents, for example a photo of an ID card, to confirm that what you say is true. This behavior may seem a bit invasive, but it turns out that in the long run it is really needed, because thanks to this you can protect you and other players from any cheaters. Do not be afraid So send a selfie with a document or other ID card, it is made for safety and your good. Fortunately, most of the cases can be easily explained, so after some time after a mistake you will be able to use a casino normally.

Consequences of a serious mistake in registration

Returning to the previous paragraph, sometimes casinos treat such mistakes very sharply. In this case you will not get any warning, the player's account is simply blocked. If you haven't managed to send any money yet, you are lucky because you can just complete the new form and register your account. Worse, when the casino detects irregularity when you have money on your account, and before you just didn't notice a mistake. Then there is a confiscation of money, winnings and account lock. If you are innocent, just the service and prove that this is only a mistake and the data agree with what you present.

When you decide to register with a false name, surname and other information about yourself, and then you will play for money and want to pay your winnings, you can wait for you a rather unpleasant surprise. In the vast majority of cases you will not be able to pay your winnings, and that's not all. Other money you have in your account, They can be blocked, just like your entire account.

If the casino supposes you tried to cheat them or other players, he can report the case to the prosecutor's office. This also happens when it turns out that you are an underage player. Before the first payment of the winnings, you must necessarily give scans of your real documentsSo the truth will come to light sooner or later. The sharpest casinos can forever prohibit a person to create an account on a given page, and even in all casinos belonging to a given network.


A mistake in registration, if it is visible as a mistake, can be relatively easily explained. It is best to report to customer service as soon as possible, and one of the employees will allow the player to make changes or enter the appropriate data to the player's account. In some cases, you need to react in a slightly different way, especially if the whole name or date of birth was a mistake. It is best to report an irregularity as soon as possible, because the casino can react first through blocking the account and imposing other restrictions. It is best to be careful when entering your data so that you don't have any problem later. However, if you do not want to register in a gambling center and play for money, read our article about Casinos without registration.

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