The new gamblers can be waiting for challenges. Using online games is simple and becomes more and more simpler, but this does not mean that everything will be very easy. Many player frustrations are related to bonuses and promotionsthat are not always used correctly. In this article we will try to explain why sometimes you don't use a given bonus, despite the fact that it still appears on the casino website as active. If you are a beginner player, be sure to read this article, and you will certainly save yourself a lot of stress.

Reasons why you can't use a given bonus at the online casino

Sometimes it may turn out that the bonus or promotion set on the website do not want to work, despite the fact that you have completed all possible conditions. However, it may turn out that it is really the fault that you have not read the rules of the promotion very carefully. Many people omit the regulations of the bonus, because the information it contains does not seem important, and especially not very interesting. However, this is a mistake, because the most important information is included in the promotion regulations.

It is in the regulations that you will find information, who can take advantage of a given promotion, what games enter into a given bonus, what conditions must be met. Players can sometimes skip this type of information. Below we include a list of the most common information that turns out to be the most important for a player who has not launched the promotion.

The bonus is not available to people from a given country. Sometimes it happens that for some reasons casino reserves a certain promotion only for people from a given country or excludes a given country from the bonus. You need to pay attention to this first, because you will meet the conditions and then you will not be able to use the promotion.

Games participating in the bonus are not available to players from a given country. In this case, it is a matter of a game manufacturer that releases them on the market of countries. In this case, the casino sometimes gives games or a replacement game. Sometimes, however, he doesn't do it, so you have to be careful.

Failure to meet the conditions for using a given promotion. Many promotions do not include special conditions (except for the turnover of winnings, which is actually part of almost every bonus). Sometimes, however, you need to pay a deposit, and if the casino does not support AUD, internal conversion can reduce the amount you need. This is why We always advise you to check how much money was paid to the casino. It may also turn out that the promotion is intended only for people who paid money last week, not just before using it. In addition, some bonuses are intended exclusively for people at a given level of casino, so you may simply not qualify.

Some also do not pay attention to the date of starting a given promotion and its completion. It is also the fault of the casino itself, which may take off the offer too late, and players have the right to think that you can still use it. Of course, this is not a very good situation, because the player can focus on using the offer, which is no longer available. However, it is especially worth looking at the dates, because they say a lot about whether you can still take part and whether you can do a given task. So do not count your abilities, also estimate whether you will be able to turn this bonus at a given time. The bonus can take more time, besides, you can also get more money, be aware of it.

Not taking into account some of the conditions starting the promotion. Sometimes a player with momentum can forget about the conditions he must meet before promoting. Sometimes you have to enter bonus code, which is given in the regulations, so the omission will clearly mean that you will not be able to use the bonus. In some cases, you need to the service to start the bonus. So let's be careful and read the entire regulations and everything related to the promotion.

Universal solution to the problem

If you have any doubts or in your opinion, something does not work as it should (for example, you have not been awarded a bonus), do not hesitate the service. Employees should explain exactly what you lacked and what you should do to activate the bonus. It is known that this will not always be possible, but know that you have where to turn and solve your problem.

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