Success online casinos is indisputable. More and more people are moving away from the traditional form of gambling in favor of the online version. This is a natural process, because it turns out that online gambling is much more comfortable, less demanding and generally more satisfying than its traditional version. That is why we are not very surprised by what conclusions the Totalizator Sportowy came to, about which we would like to say more below. It is worth knowing the details of the undertaking, which at the moment does not look good, players can think about the matter themselves and learn more about the gambling market in Australia. We invite you to read and expand your knowledge of gambling.

Totalizator Sportowy plans

From 2017, a very intense pogrom of places with vending machines began in Australia. For many players, this information was good, because in a short time you could get rid of illegal places where slots were often marked and had software that was difficult to trust. Confiscation of such machines can only come out for players for good, because no one will be cheated.

However, it turns out that not only places were closed, and the machines were also confiscated from legal places. According to Totalizator Sportowy, they proved to be illegal because they did not have a license purchased from this institution. Lack of license, in accordance with current gambling, is an offense and may result in a confiscation of vending machines or at least a warning. The owner has two options: he must get rid of machines or buy a license. This one is not cheap, so many owners decided to give up gambling, especially since having a illegal machine is threatened by really high penalties. The amount of such a penalty often exceeds even AUD 100,000, so it's not worth exposing yourself.

Implementation of the plan for vending machines

After thoroughly cleaning the area, Totalizator Sportowy decided to create many places with vending machines that belong to this institution, and he allocated to this action until AUD 200 million. The plan seemed very good, because illegal slot machines without a license brought their owners really high profits. Replacing these vending machines would make all this money go to the institution and the Treasury. It was estimated that this sum could reach up to AUD 1.5 billion, which would significantly supply both these institutions.

Unfortunately, a manufacturer of vending machines with which a misunderstanding occurred in the road of Totalizator Sportowy. The company does not want to tell exactly what was motivated to break the contract, but the fact is that 35,000 promised machines did not stand anywhere. People associated with this project report that the machines did not pass the tests, so they were not fit for the use of them by players.

Totalizator Sportowy quickly had to find another manufacturer who would fill the gap after the previous one. Fortunately, a German manufacturer appeared on the horizon, whose prices of machines turned out to be quite high for the company's budget. As a result, after agreeing the details, 3,500 machines were purchased, i.e. 10 times less than it was in the plan. It is hard for such a number of machines to generate AUD 1.5 billion profits, and other problems arose that apply to the cosmetics of the machines themselves. They are not as perfect as the manufacturer described. Some machines generate quite serious technical problems, so some of them cannot be used freely.

This is not the best situation for new machines. It is worth reading more details about new machines from Totalizator Sportowy, and information can be found, for example, on the website

The effects of changing plans

All this meant that instead of the expected 1.5 billion, the profit from vending machines in 2019 was just over 16 million. The difference is very large, which can not be hidden. Totalizator Sportowy, however, does not give up and does not pass its chance. This year, machines are a little better for machines, because in the first half of the year the core of them was a little over 11 million. We will observe with curiosity what the results will be after the whole year, and meanwhile Totalizator Sportowy announces another investment again of about AUD 200 million. New places for vending machines are prepared.

It is possible that the LOST machine from Totalizator Sportowy will change, but we doubt that they will be more popular than Online vending machines. First of all, you can use them in the most convenient time for yourself, you do not have to leave the house, and most importantly, even the smallest online casino is better equipped than a game salon. Just look at the page for example Unibet And see how many games are offered there. However, there are fans of a more traditional form of gambling, so it is possible that machines will have their time. We will inform about the situation of gambling in Australia on a regular basis.

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