In this article, Best-aucasinosites experts explain what the procedure is about Know Your Customer In internet casinos, which is generally such by politics and how it is related to the GDPR we know. KYC policy in the gambling industry and everything you should know about it. We invite you to read!

The game in the casino is combined with financial transactions. All money related to money requires special caution and compliance with legal provisions. To increase the safety of both sides, the operators of gambling implemented at home Additional safety systems, of which the most important is procedura Know Your Customer.

You should go through the KYC procedure when verifying the account. Registration itself requires the player providing your data, including names, names i address. Internet casinos, before they allow you to play, also have to examine your identity, including agebecause the gambling is allowed only for adults.

Such an in -depth analysis can arouse some distrust in players. Finally, the online casino asks us to provide personal data that requires adequate protection. Don't worry, however - This is a regular processwhich one it is practically impossible to avoid, and every player must go through him. Our data is always secure and casinos are used only for internal operations.

As part of KYC practices, it is also sometimes verified using the payment method, which is to help determine the source of income. Thanks to this, casinos will avoid abuse. The KYC procedure is an extremely wide topic that we would like to bring closer.

What is kyc?

Know Your Customer, czyli KYC, this is a procedure aimed at properly and thoroughly verifying the identity of customers. It can be said that gambling operators create a kind of customer base. First of all, the origin of the money they use. KYC policy is applied by all financial institutions in the world in order to counterfeit, money laundering and even terrorism.

The need to check the identity of customers by the Internet casino is top -down by specific legal provisions. Without the use of KYC policy, the online casino will not receive a license for legal provision of gambling services - It is now a condition required by casino jurisdictions. Actually, the need to provide certain information is a sign that the casino works in accordance with the law.

The use of KYC policy in casinos is required legally.

The KYC procedure may appear at various stages, always at the beginning of establishing a casino relationship with new clients. When exactly the verification is carried out, it is determined by each online casino individually. It may take place during or immediately after registration, but only later, during the first transaction.

How to go through KYC verification?

Actually, to successfully go through the KYC procedure, you don't have to do anything complicated or particularly demanding. Verification of your data lies with the casino. So you will remain enter your details i present the relevant documentsif the need arises. The online casino you choose will safely lead you through this process to maximally reduce the waiting time for the possibility of playing or withdrawing.

Everything is limited to a few steps, which may slightly differ depending on the casino:

What documents are required?

Each internet casino has a different way of analyzing its potential customers. Therefore, various documents can be accepted.

It is best if you prepare the relevant documents and photos before payment, i.e.

As a rule, the above evidence should be enough to correctly verify the account.

Sometimes, however, the casino may need more information to be able to state the legality of the funds you pay. In this case, there may be a need to buy additional documents.

Additional documents that you can be asked for when verifying at the casino:
photo of the bank card
Screenshot from e-portfel
Episode with payout
account photo (for example, for electricity, water or gas)

Each of these documents can be used as proof of the place of residence, which you can also ask you online casino.

How much do you have to wait for your account verification?

Some gambling operators need only a few hours at the end of this process, while others can verify documents for several days. It all depends on the individual approach of the company and the quality of customer service available in it. At this time, the casino analyzes three elements: the identity of the account owner, his place of residence and the source of income.

Kyc a GDPR - is there anything to fear?

According to Data Protection Regulation (Shows), All information about natural persons is protected. All companies operating in the European Union must stick to strictly defined provisions regarding the rules for storing and using data. Passing through the KYC procedure, you need to provide a lot of data, but the GDPR provisions protect it accordingly.

Such Legal online casinos They must also use specific security, thanks to which the data will never leak outside the inner base. After obtaining and checking information, casinos archive the received documents and photos, and update them if necessary.

In principle, every transaction should be checked, but in practice the verification takes place only once, at the very beginning. At the same time, gambling operators undertake to keep data about their clients until a specific time after closing the account (for example for several months). After this period, the data is deleted and disappears from the system.

Is it possible to bypass the account verification?

Kyc verification only in theory sounds dangerous. Thanks to the gathered given, the internet casino can be sure that the player is not trying to apply for a welcome bonus a second time, which is actually treated as extortion. If any of the casinos does not ask you for any documents, be careful, as this may indicate his dishonesty.

You don't have to worry about verification, because it is a standard procedure. Your data will not get into the wrong hands. If the casino rejects the documents, it may result from poor quality photos or conflicting information. Perhaps additional explanations that you can send by email will be needed.

Is it possible to bypass the verification of the account, yes, there are also ways. For example, you can risk your money and choose Online casinos from black lists Without a license. They do not care about verifying their users, but playing there is associated with a number of threats, which is why you eat it very much We advise against. Every now and then, users encounter advertising on the Internet casinos without verification. Usually, all decent gambling operators carry out the KYC procedure. The national law and bodies that issue a license require them from them.

If the casino asks you to share documents, there is no escape from this process. If you register at the casino, you must play on its terms. Otherwise, your account may be suspended and you can lose access to the deposit paid.

KYC policy - summary

In this article, you had the opportunity to find out what the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is at and how the KNOW Your Customer (Know Your Customer) is at online casinos. We sincerely hope that it turned out to be helpful for you. In fact, kyc is nothing terrible. If you are not trying to cheat casino, you should not be afraid of anything, and your data is completely safe, if you choose a trusted subject.

Policy Know Your Customer in casinos → Frequently asked questions

1️⃣ Does every casino require documents verification?

Yes, every casino with a license requires KYC verification for the new user at the first payment.

2️⃣ Is there a way to play at the casino before the age of 18?

No, legal casinos never accept juvenile players. You must prove with your documents that you are of legal age.

3️⃣ What documents are needed for kyc?

Each casino has different requirements in this matter, some require an identity or driving license document. Sometimes you need a media or bank statement.

4️⃣ Are kyc bonuses to the deposit?

Yes, the casino in this way checks your identity and makes sure that one person receives only once a deposit bonus.

Remember that the results of gambling and factories are partly or completely dependent on the case. Play responsibly.

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