Unfortunately, not all online casinos work honestly. There are games houses where players will not only win anything, but also those that will gladly sell personal data to external companies or ... clean their credit cards to zero.

Domelid casinos assumed by fraudsters are usually not registered and quite quickly go to black lists of online casinos. Pretty quickly, but not quickly enough, because some of the unconscious Internet users will lose their money in it. There are websites that specialize in tracking this type of e-cassin-before registering, it is worth checking a specific brand in such a database.

Let's only play in proven casinos.

Therefore, it is very important to use only proven, payable and legal casinos online, because this is the only way not to expose your nerves, time and money. It is worth trusting portals specializing in verifying and reviewing the game houses on the Internet, which is the Best-aucasinosites portal.

Why do casinos go to the black list?

There are several reasons why the casino can be on the black list. The casino does not have to be unregistered so that it has bad opinions - unfair business practices or lack of support from a registered casino can also cause it to be on the index. However, most online casino operators must be registered in the countries where they want to operate. That is why there are national gambling regulating bodies (and the licenses they issue).

All casinos, whose domain is in a country where electronic or online games are illegal, should be treated as those you should be avoided.

Let's use reliable portals reviewing Best-aucasinosites, where casinos are verified and thoroughly checked.

Another issue is the legality and credibility of the software that the casino uses. Games must be thoroughly tested, and their random number generators should have an appropriate certificate. If this is not the case, the chances of winning at the online casino are slim at the start. Pirate games should make a red lamp lights up.

Next, we should only choose reputable online casinos. A player who does not check the credibility of a given site and deposits cryptocurrencies or cash in it, he is asking for trouble. Domesome casinos use various tricks to make it difficult to pay the deposited funds. Sometimes the money simply disappears due to unexpected technical faults that prevent access to funds. Some simply refuse access and steal cash.

What to do when we fell victim to fraud?

If we have already come across a dishonest or suspicious side of the casino and deposited our money there, not always everything is lost.

Although recovering money from an unregistered or dishonest online casino can be difficult, the first steps to take are:

  1. Contact first with the online casino support team. Remember to keep emails and any confirmation of payment transactions.
  2. Sending a report to an online gambling regulator that can help you see the casino operator.
  3. Submitting an official case to the police regarding fraud, if possible; Appropriate evidence is important here.
  4. Finding a lawyer who can help in the initiation of a court case against the operator. This is not always possible because of international law - and unfortunately many operators know it.
  5. Complaints to the bank can sometimes help in investigation, and in some cases it may cause the transaction to be withdrawn, as a result of which we lost money. Proceed quickly if possible.

Casinos that should be avoided

In the table below we include those casinos that every player should avoid. These are services cheating on their users, not paying money, using illegal software or characterized by the fatal opinions of players.

EuroMoon Casino, Atlantic Casino oraz Deuce Club ❌ These casinos belonging to one operator use Pirate Netent software, which was revealed by the investigations of several foreign portals
Vegas Amped Casino ❌ Problems with payments, suspending funds for no reason, no reaction from customer service
Tropica Casino ❌ unfounded confiscation of large winnings
Crazy Luck Casino ❌ Payments problems, no customer service response
WinBig21 ❌ suspending payments stretching for months, terrible customer service
Royal Ace Casino ❌ Huge problems with payments, Helpdesk's tardiness
1×2 Gaming ❌ unfair advertising practices and fictitious offers that are not covered in reality
Cirrus casino ❌ Negative opinions of independent audit companies, questioning the honesty of installed software
Oceans Online ❌ suspending payments without justification, fatal opinions with players
Raging Bull Casino ❌ Settleness problems and very long waiting times for paying winnings
Super Casino ❌ Many players complain about problems with enforcing bonuses. Additionally, payments problems
Disco casino ❌ Another game house that hinders the payment of due wins
VIP Golden Club Casino ❌ This casino uses illegal software
Prism Casino ❌ Inability to enforce the win
Orange gamez ❌ Problems with payments and the implementation of bonuses. Bad customer service
Casino1 ❌ has been on the black list of many portals for using Netent pirate software
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