Roulette is the most popular casino game, because it is also a very simple game that provides a lot of extreme emotions - from euphoria and satisfaction, because sadness and frustration. However, the principle is very simple - we choose a field where we think that the ball will stop and watch the wheel turns and the ball with it. Only so much and so much. Can you want something more? Yes! Strategy! Of course, in this case we will talk about solutions that increase the chances of predicting the fate of the ball. However, we have no influence on it in any way. Remember that the roulette is fully random. There is nothing more here. Many tried mathematically to figure out this game and they had to give up. So how do you win? Just put it well. But what exactly? Nobody will ever tell us this, but the appropriate strategies related to the plants minimize the risk of failure, which is still high and let's not forget about it.

Game variants

Like the classic roulette, when we can stand at the table, so much more and more, if not bigger, it enjoys ruletka online free and paid. Both options are exactly the same entertainment, but with the difference that playing for free, we do not risk and do not win money, and the options paid on the contrary. However, this is the only difference. The internet variant and ground variant differs in the place of the game. In the traditional installment, we have to go to the gaming room, stand at the table, bet and watch the fate of the ball. In the remote option, we can play wherever we have access to the Internet, watching the digitally developed ball rolling around the wheel - We bet on the numbers in roulette And we are waiting for the result. The second possibility is very convenient, because we can play at any time of the day or night, but it does not reflect the emotion as well as the stationary variant.

Ready strategies

We already know that it is not possible to select a hundred percent number on which the ball will stop. However, nothing prevents you from using ready -made solutions referred to as strategies. And some of them are interesting and quite effective.

System Martingale

This strategy is based on double rates. This is a way to minimize failure by doubling another plant. In this way, with each subsequent plant, in the case of winning, to recover money. However, this method at some point exhausts the casino or player resources.

Golden Eagle Roulette

A very effective strategy of the game is the Roulette of the Golden Eagle. It requires betting only 8 fields, and at the same time allows you to win in 85% of cases. For example, betting 10 AUD, with this strategy we can draw up to AUD 100 per hour. It is based on a defensive and convenient system. This means in the most simplified that we play bravely and intercep the amounts, in defensive mode we withdraw in moments of obvious failures.

System Andre Martinez

Another strategy worth attention is the one developed by Andre Martinez. It is based on opportunities and possibilities. The rule is very simple. If the chance to win a win is 1/35, then as a player we should bet the same 35 times. This is not an effective strategy, but it is certainly an idea for a game.

Silver Tiger

The strategy of the Silver Tiger is an even more effective option, because it is primarily based on the likelihood of a victory based on certain sequences. The key here is playing three bets at the same time with the same value. It is said that the right hands, this strategy simply becomes the key to success. And although it can be disregarded and bring a smile, this will not change the fact that it is very effective - the low rate of entering the game in relation to the possibility of achieving considerable winnings is what speaks for her.

Black/red or even/odd

Players are also trying a simple strategy focused on choosing between black and red fields or between the unnecessary even numbers and can play this way all the time. Is it effective? Some ... 50%.


The banal strategy is to bet on the fields blindly. It is based on the natural regularity that something completely different may fall out. So it is not so unreasonable at all, because although we put the ball on something else every throw, our chances are basically unchanged. This strategy, however, has such a minus that in roulette the same fields can fall out several times in a row - you have fate ...

Author's strategy

There are also many original strategies on the Internet. One of the most interesting is variant 3-2. It means that if we bet on black/red and focus on black, we bet to a maximum of three losers. Then we put on red. However, if we win, betting on black fields twice in a row, then we immediately go to red. We make three such queues and no matter what results we have achieved, we leave the table or turn off the game.

The most effective strategy

What strategy is worth choosing? There is no uniform answer here. I think it's best to be guided by a premonition. In the end, the ball is managed by a mass of variables - from the speed of the circle, its own mass, the strength with which the roulette is thrown into the walls, the angle at which it flows into it, the location of the casino, the rush of wind, and in the case of online games a random number generator, in which happens what he wants, like in real life. It is important, however, to know when to withdraw.

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