Roulette, which is one of the most popular casino games, due to its simplicity - we bet on the number and wait for the ball to stop in the selected field. Regardless, however, whether we mean a ground casino roulette or whether free roulettes online We must always remember that this is a fully random game. Nobody can guarantee that this number will fall exactly, and not another. Of course, if we are not talking about a circle and a ball that is modernized by fraudsters or something has not been uploaded in the software. As for the game that is honest and nobody tinked with it, then she is fully random. Therefore, only legal places and games that have obtained licenses should be chosen and can boast of various seals of the right, independent and objective institutions. However, everyone wants to win, hence they are developed Numerous strategies and roulette systemswhich are to minimize the chances of losing. But remember that this is only enough. How much we should bet on roulette numbers to win something? Let's check!

Does the number of fields matter?

Depending on the roulette version, in which we play slightly, the number of fields changes. Each placed plant is another investment. And although there is no limit to betting on numbers, you should still not overdo them. Why? Well, for example, in French roulette, all factories, except for these individual numbers, lose when the ball falls on 0. This means that even if we bet all the fields, the drawn "zero" simply takes away all the tokens set from us. So it would be very unreasonable. There is also no clear answer what to bet on and what variant is certain. It is worth remembering, however, that of course the next field increases our chances, but we must also bet on the plant for a higher amount and thus the size of failure increases if we do not hit the number.

Game for fun

If we play for pure pleasure then it doesn't matter how many numbers we play. Game for fun is the best opportunity to try various ideas and strategies. It costs us nothing, so we can combine factories, play one number, what turn off the fields or leave them. We can bet half of the fields or almost all or stick to a single. In the game for fun, we can simply afford it because we don't lose anything. However, what does it look seriously in the game?

Playing seriously

A game for fun is an ordinary game in which we just bet on something. This is an opportunity for training. However, if we run it and just click, then we do not feel real fun and emotions associated with it. Only playing for even symbolic amounts becomes more interesting. Then we focus more on the bets, which really makes sense. How many fields should be bet? Remember that the chances of getting exactly what we bet will always be 50:50. And regardless of what we bet. However, it is worth knowing the general principle that prevails with each roulette - if we bet more numbers, we simply gain less. For example, if we bet 1000 AUD for one number, we will win more than if we bet 1000 AUD 10 numbers. In general, even if we win, AUD 800 will return to our pocket from a given 1000 AUD. In a straight line, it means no less that our pool will gradually melt, even if we hit the next numbers. Also in roulette it does not always mean gaining, remember that. Casinos apply this practice because the more fields there are, the player the player's chances grow. And the more reliable it is, the more for the casino the plant loses its meaning.

How much to bet?

In fact, a lot depends on ourselves - we only want to play a single number? Please, the chances are 50:50, because we will either win or not, but we can win more. We want to play Black-Red tactics? Nothing easier! Much depends on ourselves, how we like to play and what vision we have for the game. There are various strategies at professional level, among which the bias of the circle can be distinguished, among others. It is based on the disadvantages of hidden circles, a completely natural phenomenon, as a result of which 6 to 12 fields usually fall, which from time to time repeat. This is obviously not the rule, because in some it will be equal to two fields, and in some slightly higher. In the case of online roulette, this is out of the question. It is a good way to bet on sectors. Then we divide the shield, for example, into 4 parts and place one issue in the central one. Then the plant goes to 4 fields. Another way is to play zones, where we bet numbers that occur side by, e.g. 32, 15, 19, 4 and 36, 11, 30, 8 and 29, 7, 28, 21. In this way we bet a total of 16 fields , increasing your chances of winning, but reducing profit. It is important in all this not to overdo it. If we have fun, we put more, if we want to win money, we choose less fields. Good luck!

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