Among many gambling games, roulette enjoys unflagging popularity. It doesn't matter if it's an option for real money, for matches in the comfort of the house or free roulette online. Everyone provides a lot of fun, although it must be admitted that if we bet on anything, then the emotions are greater. Although this is a fully random game, there is still no shortage of daredevils trying to increase their chances of winning. But what's more, it works! Among the many different options with which we can meet on the web, the best five should be mentioned! We start!

Route system based on physics

Although this may seem unthinkable, this system is based on the analysis of the variable circle, and also adds victorious numbers. In this way, the principle of the cause-effect provides where the bullet will stop. Thus, it increases the player's chances by up to 10% and works on most wheels. And although it is simple in theory, the number of variables is quite large, so the analysis is not the simplest. However, for the chances of assessment to increase, a need for 50 to 200 revolutions to be able to derive some regularity. In this way, the risk factor is eliminated, and the game itself loses its randomness. This type of analysis assumes that nothing is accidental. And the result is the result of the laws of physics. This does not mean, however, that in this way we will always be able to select the numbers flawlessly. However, if we could win 1 at 100 revolutions before, and now we have a chance for up to 10, the difference is colossal. It is worth bearing in mind that although the effectiveness of this method is high and can analyze so many variables, it is something that seems against other solutions, it is an unsurpassed option. However, we warn you to approach the topic with caution.


Bias analysis is an extremely interesting strategy. It is a way of playing on the tendency of the roulette circle. It is nothing more than some predictable aspects related to the mechanics of the game itself. The key to this method is to search for errors in the game, and basically in the wheel itself. Of course, with the internet version, such a thing can take place. We look at the game, check how the ball rolls and how it turns the roulette. In this way, we gain knowledge about whether the mechanism has hidden defects, which we turn into our win. Searching for a mistake is the essence of the entire analysis.

Visual ballistics

Although it is said that the sight is wrong, this type of strategy can be very effective. It is based on our own observation. As long as the ball is in progress, preferably when she is left from five turns to the end, we can estimate where it will fall. However, this requires practice and good eyesight. It is best to train it on a free internet roulette. In this way we do not lose money, and we can train, practice as much as we want and more importantly without stress to make mistakes.

Krupier signature

The strategy, which is very similar to visual ballistics, is the signature of the dealer. It is based on a certain repeatability, which results from the permanent system of the circle. For this reason, casinos try to change the dealer every 20-30 minutes. This is due to the fact that at some point and the relationship just appearing on a specific circle repeats - a man turns with a comparable roulette force and in a similar way adds a ball to it. Therefore, a regularity is created in this way, which allows you to estimate with each subsequent plant, where it will fall. Not very thoroughly, but effectively enough to increase the player's chances. Already after a few throws we know at what moment the ball will hit metal deflectors, and in this way it is increasingly simpler to adapt the plant to the actual result.

Computer before roulette tests

A type of device for playing and which significantly increases the chances of victory, and which is also a fraud for half the casinos and for which we can be washed from the casino is a computer used to analyze roulette. It is similar to the roulette system based on physics. However, it is the computer that at a short moment analyzes the shoots of balls, wheels, various variables, takes into account the original location of the balls relative to the fields, the movement of the dealer's hand, the time between setting the wheel in motion and adding a ball and several other variables. Based on the collected information, she assesses where she will stop. This will not be done by any man, wanting to approach the subject in a similar way. However, it is worth remembering that it still does not guarantee a win.


We presented five systems and strategies that actually work - because it is. It is a separate matter how effective they are, what the issue of errors and the ratio of profits to losses look like. Let's always have the information on the back of the head that the roulette is random, and all strategies and systems are to increase the player's chances, but they do not give confidence. Familiarize yourself with the article Fr. Possibilities of cheating the wheel for roulette.

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