There is little strategy in roulette and we don't really have to have special skills to play. We just need to choose the right title and properly manage your means. It is good to read a few reviews to learn about the best websites that offer excellent titles of this game and get acquainted with their rating, so that it is easy not to lose money. There are many websites with online roulettes that provide players with amazing variants of the game, both RNG and live casino. Online roulette is not falsified. Uses the so -called A random numbers generator, which ensures that every result of turnover is random and external factors are not influenced. All casinos legally passes regularly tests and controls, to be sure that their games are fair. Free versions without download online roulette games They allow an easy transition to test variants to try many titles. There is also a table with basic game information, such as the minimum and maximum bet and software supplier. You can also play on a mobile device, which is very convenient.

Can you cheat roulette?

Fractioning in roulette is of course illegal, especially when it comes to arcade tricks or a wheel manipulation. However, these are very simple methods, as with the rest of the game itself, which involves placing the tokens on the victorious number, and after stopping the circle a winner is selected. This is definitely a simpler game than poker or blackjack. You need a perfect sense, impulse and quick movements. There are some forms of gaining advantage in roulette, which can be considered by players as a fraud, but in fact they are completely legal. The most famous way is tracking numbers, which you need to spend a few days. You can then bet those that have a better chance of appearing, be sure that they will win for a long time. Another way is Past Posting/ Capping a Bet, that is, adding tokens to the winning number when the ball has already settled in the pocket of the roulette circle. It is simple, but requires a rapid response. Similarly with the rest Pinching, i.e. removing tokens from the losing number. This requires proper sense that nobody would notice live in the casino. There were several masters in history who practiced this in ground premises, earning a lot of money. For example, Richard Marcus, had cleverness and a flair in this type of tricks and in many others. Together with the team, they used a rather complicated method to replace 5000 tokens with a higher value with low value, after losing. If she won they left a pool on the table. He earned a fortune on this, still developing new techniques, but unfortunately he was caught and was banned from entering all casinos in Nevada. He currently cooperates with casinos, helping in detecting fraud and shares his knowledge.

What are other methods worth using?

It is worth looking for a plant - low, where any number from 1 to 12 wins. As for the average, numbers from 13 to 24 come here, one of them can win. In a high plant, each number from 25 to 36 wins. Casino services are trying to set programs so that low, medium and high numbers do not appear more often than in 16 subsequent games, which means that at least one of them will appear only in so many turns of the wheel. You can use a programming error. You should create a table and save the game results after selecting bets, i.e. numbers and low (n), medium (s), high (W) and zero (z). At the first game, we do not bet all factories. This requires patience and determination. Playing with a few people, we have to wait for them to put up the plants and a wheel of roulette several times, i.e. we check a few more games (5). If no low number appeared in the next five speed, then there is our time. We focus on low and similarly, we do with medium and high, we must first of all stick to our strategy and implement the initial plan. We bet No. 1 for AUD 1 and spin the wheel. We don't win much, because 2 AUD. Let's not stop betting on a few rounds until what we assumed. When we lose, we should not be discouraged, but put on the number 2 - 2 AUD to low. In this way we continue to play, even when we get any payments. When we bet all, we start again, even if we lose at the beginning of the game. In 16 consecutive speeds, the number should appear at least once. It may not be a lot of money, but if we convert it on the time devoted, it is still paid. Starting with this strategy, we start with low rates, but over time, we increase them, which intensifies victory - explains Aleksandra Maj.

Is fraud legal? Summary

Fraud in online roulette is legal. We can earn money on it. The casino server generates random numbers in real money mode. It is worth using software defects, replacing an online casino error into a profitable business. Let's use the progressive scheme of betting, which provides good payments. It is progressive plants that give a guarantee of winning in the long run. Such a curiosity, Albert Einstein worked out the roulette game to find a way to beat the casino. He realized that it was not possible to do this. Finally, he added that the only way is to steal tokens when the dealer will not look. When there were no cameras in casinos that would record every incident. It was possible to compare with a crumb, share the win with him. Unfortunately, those times have gone into oblivion. Even if there are probably situations and fraud in ground casinos, everything goes to light. Smart gamblers check various possibilities, but if they use them, they become criminals, prosecuted by law.

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