Keno is one of the games you can meet in almost everyone online casino. It is not as popular as before, but players still decide to party from time to time. There are also many fans of this game, for a reason. Keno is an easy game, no beginner gamblers also reach for it, because it does not require knowledge of complex rules or designs. Below you will learn a little more about this game and whether it is worth playing Keno, maybe after learning the details you will want to try this game. We also share our tips, How to play Keno.

The best online casinos where you will find keno online

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A few words about Keno

Keno is an international game that is known in many countries around the world. Sometimes it is known under other names, but its rules are usually the same. You certainly heard about LOTTO the Multi lot. Keno has rules very similar to this game, a Totalizator Sportowy He took the rules of the game from Keno. If you've ever played Lotto or just know what it is about, you won't have any problem understanding how to play Keno, Rules of playing in Keno They are not complicated.

How to play Keno?

If you think Keno - how to play and worry that you can't do it, we can calm you down. Keno rules, especially the online version, are very simple. Each user gets a special board with 70 or 80 numbers depends on the version. These are numbers from 1 to 80 or 70. It is worth noting that the 80 numbers version is more common and it is more popular because it guarantees higher Keno won. After getting acquainted with the board, the player himself sets how many numbers he wants to choose. However, it must be one number and a maximum of 10. Do not forget to choose the right bet in the game either. Knowing Keno, you won't have a lot of choice, but control your game and don't get too much. When the player has already finished choosing his numbers, there is a draw. 15 or 20 numbers are drawn, it depends on the Keno version.

The purpose of playing Keno is that as many numbers drawn as possible correspond to the numbers that the player marked. Along with the next corresponding number, the chance for a large Keno won increases. This means that the more the same numbers drawn and from your choice, you will get more payment. Before you could play online, players had special paper boards otherwise known as Keno Blank (something just like the Lotto form). Just select the numbers of your choice and confirm your choice. It is interesting that they are often not marked with a pen, but with special pawns. This is a much more ecological way.

It happens that selected numbers and keno results are also printed by a special machine. The next only numbers on this small cardboard with numbers are marked with a pawn in order to draw these numbers that have been drawn by the machine and at the same time are the choice of the player. Often, Exactly as in Lotto, the numbers are drawn with the help of special balls with numbers. Currently more often you play online, and Keno results are visible on a special Keno table. Many people choose Keno because putting numbers is not too expensive. If you are wondering how much you can win in Keno, and you think that the amounts are quite small, you are wrong. It is also worth being aware that if the player manages to draw most of the numbers, he can count on a fairly large sum. Quite often, you hear about jackpots in this game.

Why System 1

There are various varieties of the game, but we would like to mention a bit of a strategy that enjoys quite a lot of interest among Poles, and this is Keno System 5 .

as mentioned earlier, by playing keno we can select one to a maximum of 10 numbers. in this system, 5 numbers are bet. 20 of all 70 balls available are 20. we count on the fact that among these 20 there will be 5 of these selected numbers. you might think that keno system 5 will not significantly thicken our portfolio, because the possible winnings are not too high with only 5 numbers, but many players estimate that despite the lower wins, this is The chances of winning are greater.

What is the easiest way to win in Keno?

It is important to get to know the game, feel confident in it, and then you can create your factories, choose the numbers and the preferred Keno system you only want.Many player wonder how to play Keno to win. Keno is a completely random gameSo it's hard to find any Keno system. Each number should appear in a similar number of times. You can try to create statistics and choose numbers that you think appears more often. This Keno System really works sometimes, but it may turn out that this type of work will not bring effort. There are a lot of numbers, so it's hard to find a connection between them. You can also rely on intuition, it is possible that it will be the best tactic.

However, remember to do not put too much on individual roundsBecause, although the game is not too expensive, a few empty rounds can cost you quite a lot. It is worth noting that in a single round Keno online is up to Over 3 quintillions of possibilitiesSo there is no chance for the right tactics. We can tell you that real Some players use tactics that are called KEN systemso. One of them is to choose only those numbers that have not been drawn for a long time. These numbers can be called cold.

Others, in turn, prefer to focus on numbers, on the contrary, were drawn very often, i.e. Keno most often falling numbers. These, in turn, are called hot numbers. It is also worth remembering that in Keno numbers like to walk in pairs. This means that if 32 is drawn, there is a good chance that 33 will also appear on the screen. You already know what numbers to choose in Keno, but there is something that is even more important. Always pay attention to your bankroll And think well if you can afford the next round of Keno, also take into account the Keno rate. In addition, playing for free is a good hint, and only later in Keno for real money. As you can see, there is more than one Keno System. It is worth trying what suits us best, first trying out one of the free Keno version online at online casinos.

Play Keno's demo live!

Which keno should you choose?

We have already answered the question of whether you can play Keno online and the answer is affirmative. Each manufacturer has its own style in producing games of this type, and this is an advantage of the fact that this is Keno plays online. Some of them stay with the classic, i.e. you will only see the board with your numbers, on the side you will see how many rounds you have already passed and whether you managed to struggle. Some producers approach Keno a little more modern and try to smuggle a motif in this game, thanks to which Keno's game becomes more exciting. So if You are bored with the classic version of this game, you can be tempted to check other versions. The most popular producer Keno is 1 x 2 gaming. This supplier has prepared such pearls like Jackpot why, why the lab, contraction i Why kick off. This company's games are suitable for people who are just crawling in the subject and experienced ones. They will also satisfy fans not only Keno, but also football, chemistry and high amounts. You can also use In the mind, i.e. a game prepared by Quickspin. It has gained popularity because this producer combined Keno with the subject of the jungle, in which unruly monkeys live. So if you're looking for something interesting, choose In the mind. It is worth adding that you can also play Keno live, and the producer of this game is known to all lovers of the game live, Evolution Gaming.

Oath w polsce

It must be admitted that Keno is not so popular in Australia. This is the result of the fact that a very similar game is available in a stationary version, of course we are talking about LOTTO. Keno and Lotto numbers are very similar, just like the rules of the game Keno and our Australian game. Keno draws the draw today are not as common as Lotto, because it is not so common. The Keno win table is often intended for one person or group. However, there is a group of people who often choose this online gambling game, especially since Keno is available on the Internet at almost every online casino. When it comes to Keno System, which is popular, it is worth mentioning Keno System 5, which many Poles play with inflammation.


If you are tired of complex games in which you have to make effort to win something, you can try Keno. This is a not very demanding number game in which you only need to choose a few numbers. When it comes to Keno System, we have several DDO choice variants here, because it depends on the player how many numbers he will bet. This is where your task ends, the computer will do the rest for you. Try one round on one of the most popular boards and you will see if it is something you expect, or maybe you like it. At Keno online, you can play a demo version or in gambling for real money. So you don't have to reach for cash immediately to check the game. We wish you good luck in getting to know the new game, which Keno will be for you.

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Keno Online - Frequently asked questions

1️⃣ Is Keno online available for free?

Yes, Keno can also be found in a demo version, i.e. free.

2️⃣ What kind of game is Keno?

Keno is a numerical game, it is very similar to Lotto.

3️⃣ Can you only play stationary in Keno?

No, Keno is available mostly online and free online casinos.

4️⃣ Why is it worth playing Keno Online?

Keno is an exciting numerical game in which you can win high prizes.
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