Monkey keno review and experience

Monkey Keno is a game available at online casinos, which proves that real emotions are waiting not only for video machines or live roulette. It is worth choosing Keno Online to see how well you can have fun and win large prizes. The Monkey Keno Online game offers a good 95% RTP and a maximum win of 100,000 euros, which makes it stand out from many Keno games that you can play on the Internet.

Platforma Quickspin This is a solution developed by Microgaming, an online giant to improve playing casinos immediately in the browser. Thanks to QuickSpin, we can play over 400 titles, not paying attention to whether we do it on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Game functions

Because Why online It is not as well known as other casino games, here is a brief explanation of the rules. On the 8 × 10 board, on which there are numbers arranged from 1 to 80, we delete up to 15 numbers. The drawing machine chooses 20 numbers and the more it coincides with our type, the more we win.

In Monkey Keno, the numbers are drawn for players by malicious monkeys, which does not change the fact that it is certainly Money machine. The minimum plant is 0.10 and the maximum 10 euros. Playing for 10 euros, after betting 15 numbers, gives you a chance to win Jackpot 100,000 euros. Not bad!

Game options

Undoubtedly, every gambler knows these roulette numbers. This is a small hint for the player, which numbers are worth paying attention to. This is a section of 10 most often and the least drawn numbers. Clicking Hot or Cold numbers will use all numbers as a player's choices. You can think about what strategy to choose. Whether to play "behind the crumb" (behind the random machine) by betting the most common numbers or against selecting numbers that have not been drawn for a long time.

If you have fun playing in Keno with monkeys, you can rely on blind fate and use a Quick Pick. On the board, as many numbers will be marked as he had previously bet. Like in Totolot, the plant came to the ramparts.

Allows the player to choose a predetermined number of games on the same principles as in Video machines.

This is a bit hidden option, thanks to which you will learn the basic statistics of the game session played. Displays the number of games played during the current session, the length of the session and the average number of games per hour. There you will find three highest amounts of winnings during the current session.

ProducerQuickspinMax win (tokens)10 000
Date of game release01.05.2015Scatterno
RTP95%Free turnoverno
Board10×8Bonus roundno
Winning linesWin multiplierno
Number of rowsProgressive jackpotno
Number of drumsGamble optionno
Auto Play optionsoFast game optionso
Min Bet0,10Max bet10

The plot of the game

Monkey Keno Online takes us to a tropical island. Palms, ocean and slightly cloudy sky are such a well -deserved vacation for us. You just have to watch out for malicious monkeys, which they put in tourists with coconuts. With each of our press, Play shakes vigorously with palm, and falling coconuts fly straight on us. Fortunately, great fruits do not land on our head, and on the board determining the drawn numbers.


Undoubtedly, Monkey Keno can compete with other popular online casinos. Despite the funny animations, the player will be seriously enriched when he wins 100,000 euros. And it is not so difficult, because the rules are simple and the game is addictive.


I launched Monkey Keno, why are there no hot and cold numbers?

Hot and Cold Numbers appear only after 5 games. The more games played, the more accurate the Hot and Cold statistics.

Can I play Keno for free?

There are no obstacles to start a demo mode and try Monkey Keno for free before making a deposit and playing Keno online for money.

Is it better to mark 15 or fewer numbers?

Choosing up to 9 numbers each hit gives a payment. By choosing 10 or more prizes are larger, but the first or second hit does not give a win.

Play Monkey Keno in the casino for real money

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