Do I have a problem with gambling? Am I addicted to gambling?

Gambling addiction is a serious threat. Keep special attention if you notice the symptoms of gambling addiction in yourself or in a loved one.

ten Test hazardowy It consists of 16 questions. Participation in this test will help determine whether you or someone of your loved ones show signs of addiction to gambling.

Best-aucasinosites Test hazardowy was developed based on Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (BBGS), TEST Nods-in, and DSM-5, which are the basic tools and criteria confirmed by psychologists to diagnose mental health.

We would like to inform you that:

This test is not a diagnostic tool. Best-aucasinosites gambling test is designed to help you better understand the impact of gambling on your life.

the answers given are not a diagnosis, they do not show clinical or scientific value and are not the equivalent of a professional diagnosis. as the test results should not be treated as a professional diagnosis, for further information and instructions you can turn to your doctor or psychologist specialist.

We care about your privacy:

We highly value your privacy, which is why the test is completely anonymous. Answer questions according to your conscience to get a credible result.

We sincerely believe that:

The gambling test we have prepared can be the first step towards improving your mental health and determining whether you need the help of a specialist in the fight against gambling addiction.

Below you will find for organizations that you can offer you help:

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